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Any user with the Odin software is able to run native Win95/98 and WinNT applications directly under OS/2. Of course it is not possible to use OS/2 specific features like WPS. However, they can profit from a rock-stable system with better multitasking, mutlithreading and memory managment.

The software is subject to the provisions of OpenSource and is free for anyone.
If you can determine errors while testing Odin please report them to the developer team.

Gute Neuigkeiten

Die neue Alpha 5 Version ist verfügbar. Unter der Obhut von OS/2 Netlabs Odin wurde in den letzten Monaten sehr viele Änderungen, Verbesserungen und Erweiterungen eingebaut, so daß nun einige neue interessante Programme getestet werden können.

Good news:

Alpha 5 of Odin is now available. There have been included lots of enhancements and changes in the last months, so that you can now test some new programs.

If you have any questions, please use the HelpDesk.
This is a project.

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