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Apache/2 Here you can find the latest ports of the webserver Apache to OS/2.
CandyBarZ You want some candys for OS/2? Then you should have a look at CandyBarZ. This is the first tilebar enhancer for OS/2.
CDRecord/2 This is the OS/2-port of cdrecord the cd-burning program from *nix.
EverBlue EverBlue intends to port the XWindows library to the Presentation Manager of OS/2.
GIMP/2 The first project at the OS/2 Netlabs. The Gnu Image Manipulation Program is a great Linux application, GIMP/2 is the OS/2 port of the program. If you are interested in image manipulation, this program is a must!
Gnome/2 The main idea is to organize an international project GNOME/2 to port all GNOME applications to OS/2 (XFree86/2). We do not plan PM versions right now but our sources may be used later with Everblue project.
Icecast/2 Icecast is a MP3 streaming server developed on Linux. Check the homepage for more informations. The OS/2 version is available via ftp.
M.A.M.E. M.A.M.E. stands for Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator, and currently runs 1000 classic (and even some not so classic) arcade games! If you are an arcade freak, don't miss this!
mSQL OS/2 Netlabs is supporting the effort to provide a complete port of mSQL for OS/2.
mySQL Another great database with web frontend: MySQL
OS/2 Starter Kit The primary goal is to create a free CD wich can be used to Setup a plain installed OS/2 into an Up-To-Date power OS/2. At first this means, there has to be a \"Disk1\" creator, to create a working Disk1 for this special machine (for large disks, ZIP/LS-120, but also for the SCSI/IDE-sequence, USB-Keyboard, ...). That also means it should not only include things like Fixes, Driver and usefull apps (there is enough out there), but include a ONE-STEP installation.

The CD also includes a complete directory structure, to prevent that the Harddisk turns into a mess.
SEAL SEAL is the SynthEtic Audio Library, it is used in MAME for sound support.
WarpIn The goal of this project is to provide a complete new installer for OS/2.
XFree86/OS2 Here you can find all informations regarding the port of XFree86, the free and optimized X11R6 implementation to OS/2.

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