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Warpstock Europe 2009 - 13 to 15 November

In 2009 Warpstock Europe will take place for the tenth time in ten years. The anniversay will be held from November 13 to 15 at the Hotel Rügenblick in Stralsund, Germany.

Stralsund lies in the north east of Germany, directly at the coast of the Baltic Sea and near to the island of Rügen as well as the border to Poland.

For this special occasion, a community afternoon with special activites in Stralsund has been planned for November 12 prior to the actual event.

Since the whole hotel has been booked for this event exclusively, a special arrangement could be made for a very reasonable price.

The historic city centres of Stralsund and Wismar have been accepted into the UNESCO World Heritage in 2002.

For information about the location and the agenda please see the related pages. http://www.warpstock.eu

The group that has submitted the bid consists of members of the local German user group Team OS/2 Ruhr e.V. who have already been involved with previous events up to a certain extent.

This bid is currently being evaluated. Since Stralsund is not located in a conurbation or metropolitan area, we have prepared a small survey to learn about the visitors\‘ needs and limits:


The event location would be a hotel. Since it is part of a public network for integration of handicapped people into the vocational world, it can offer decent rates for seminar rooms and accomodation while being of the 3 star type. A few dates in November 2009 have been reserved.

Please help us to improve the Warpstock Europe experience and take the time to complete the survey! (Note that you first have to enter a captcha string to access the survey.)

Warpstock is an annual conference for the OS/2 and eComStation operating systems and related technology. It is dedicated to information, education, support, and exchange and addresses users, developers, and software vendors. To achieve these goals, the event offers seminars and workshops, exhibition areas, and room for personal exchange.


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