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OS2.org News (www.OS2.org): 01.05.2013
Release of eComStation 2.2 German and English (von http://news.warpevents.eu/)

The release of eComStation 2.2 German and English GA (general availability) was planned for the second week of April. During the public beta cycle however bugs have been reported that have caused a delay in the release of eCS 2.2. Most of the bugs that have been reported with problems of the eCS installer have been resolved.

We expect another 2 to 3 weeks are needed to resolve and confirm the following issue’s are fixed.

1. OS2AHCI.ADD hangs on some systems or has problem(s) detecting the
proper disk size on *some* systems.
This is currently being worked on.

2. DANIS506.ADD did not work on some systems but most issue’s seem to
be resolved. We are currently waiting for feedback from people who
received access to
an internal test ISO to confirm that all reported issue’s with the
DANIS506.ADD have been resolved.

3. On 10 to 15 percent of the systems USB support is not working at
all. We are currently working on tracing and fixing this.

To a large extend the above bugs have surprised us to some degree as
the OS2AHCI.ADD driver has been part of eCS 2.1. Also the updated
DANIS506.ADD driver and the OS2AHCI.ADD where tested
on more then 50 different systems Mensys had access to. The
DANIS506.ADD and OS2AHCI.ADD have been part of the new bootable eCS 2.2
demo CD released in March. This demo CD was released before he eCS 2.2
DVD was released for public testing. Also before the release of the eCS
2.2 public large disc support (up to 2TB) was also re-tested and
confirmed to work.

A new public beta might follow. However this might also not happen if
all the people who have reported bugs confirm the bugs are resolved.

Best regards,

Roderick Klein
Mensys B.V.

-> URL: http://news.warpevents.eu/de/start/neuigkeiten_archiv/aktuelles_im_detail/archive/2013/may/article/release_of_ecomstation_22_german_and_english.html

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