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Die Hardware
OS2.org Server The hardware is a Asus P2B-S board with 384MB Ram and a Intel Pentium II 300MHz processor.
This system provides in combination with two SCSI harddisks (20GB) a powerful solution to provide the webpages very reliably.

Die Software
OS/2 Warp This webserver runs on a OS/2 Warp Server for e-business system.
A big thank you to IBM Global Services, Germany for sponsoring the operation system.
Apache/2 We use Apache/2 1.3.9 with PHP3.0.12 for serving the web pages.
MySQL The OS/2 version of MySQL is our database backend.

Der Provider
Xlink This computer is located at our ISP Xlink in Karlsruhe, Germany.
We can provide the highest possible speed with the excellent and direct connect to the 155MBit backbone of Xlink to nearly any place around the world, combined with a very high availability of our webpages.

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