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Examples (to be worked over)

How will the results of the OSK look like?

The CD should be like this: You put it into your drive, start the Maininstaller, choose your packages (inlcuding Warp Fixes) get asketd a few questions and let the system installe everything without any questions after the beginning of the installation.
Of course you can also install single packages. This is how it looks like after you entered warpin archivers.wpi wich will install a bunch of archivers.

After the installation you'll find the ICONs for the program (if any needed), the Documentation (if any exists) and for the QuickDOC as described on trhe Folders on your desktop.
With the example of the archivers this means an QuickDOC about Archivers is in the folder QuickDOCs\Archiver and others for every's apps QuickDOC is in the same folder.
The QuickDOCs will look like this:
Bzip2 is a single file archiver. That means you should uses it together with
Tar (->archiver/Tar) if you want to compress a whole directory.
To compress file "test" into "test.bz2" and "test2" into "test2.bz2" write:
bzip2 -zkv test test2

The "k" is for keeping the original file. Without it will be deleted.
As noticed is everything catalogued into sections. The install-directories (under \Apps) is for ConnfigMaint/2 (a config.sys editor) under \Apps\Admin\CfgMaint. The Programm ICON is under Administation on the desktop and the DOCs are under Application DOCs\Administration on the Desktop. And the QuickDOC is under QuickDOCs\Administration of course.

The Data is as said under subsections to \Data. You can make your own section e.g. \Data\Compressed for your archives, but there are already some sections. SANE (Scanner Access Now Easy) for example will leave it's Data under \Data\MM\Scanned. But there are also subs like \Data\MM\Grabbed or \Data\MM\MP3
The Link-Collection will be included in the Netscape package as the Bookmark file and also be available as a separate file.
As soon as the first Collection is online, we could need your help: Ssubmit us some links that are not on the list. For this goto the Link-Collection page on the workers part.

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