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Large OS/2 Customer List

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Other information behind the LOS2CL

27. February 1999

1. My ideas behind the LOS2CL
  • There are a lot of large OS/2 customers and specially NEW customers.
  • As far as large customers are using OS/2, OS/2 has a good future.
  • As far as large customers are using OS/2, there will be good and enough applications and drivers available, because they need them.
  • As far as large customers are using OS/2, it's a good joice for SOHO users too, because it's professional and highly productive.
  • A lot of large OS/2 customers are thinking more and more about Windows NT. If they understand, that NT is only a »hype« and that there are many other OS/2 customers, they will still use it and enhance it's use.
  • The biggest mistake IBM ever made with OS/2 was to position it not longer for SOHO users. But I hope that they will recognize this in the near future and reposition it.
  • I'm a OS/2 SOHO user and I'm using OS/2 at my work in a large company. I'ts great for both.
2. Reasons, why large customers SAVE a lot of MONEY, by using OS/2 instead of Windows NT (95)
  • Windows NT is a problem for the national security. NSA study (Show report)
  • Compaq talk about OS/2: «The sometimes-overlooked IBM OS/2 Warp and OS/2 Warp Server provide customers with a state-of-the-art 32-bit multi-tasking operating system for Intel platforms. The OS/2 market is large and by some estimates comprises as many as ten million seats« ... (Show report)
  • Think about the Windows NT 4.0 architecture and protection implementation (GDI in ring 0) and then read about an 100% pure Java applet, which kills Windows NT 4.0 with an blue screen.
  • The USS Yorktown was dead in the water for about two hours and 45 minutes - Problems with Windows NT... (Show report).
  • Read what HP think about NT: »HP now has understand, that Windows NT is NOT the answer for customers which need mission critical applications«. HP interview (Show report) with the german magazine Computerwoche.
  • Read about a disaster, in which a large OS/2 customer is running, by migrating to Windows NT (Aberdeen Case Study 1, Show report).
  • Read about another disaster, in which a large OS/2 customer is running, by migrating to Windows NT (Aberdeen Case Study 2, Show report).
  • What do you think are the reasons why companies like Banco S. Paolo, Allianz, Sumitomo, NatWest and Commonwealth Bank are run into serious trouble when they tried to migrate from OS/2 to Windows NT? They all come back to OS/2, they all run mission critical environments.
  • Read about the very poor I/O throughput of Windows NT compared with OS/2 and think about what impact this has for mission critical environments (FastEthernet adapter test in the magazine c't 9/97, Show report).
  • What do you think are the reasons, why mission critical customers like ITER (International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor), AT&T, MCI Telecommunications Corp., US WEST Communications, USA, Hewlett-Packard Healthcare, US-Navy, Lufthansa Airlines and nearly all ATM's are running OS/2 instead of Windows NT.

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