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PMCDRec last change: 07/02/2001
Category File Size Date
Utilities PMCDRecV010.zip 314781 Byte 06/26/2001

Description PMCDRec is a frontend for mkisofs and cdrecord.

You need:
-cdrecord (tested with 1.10a15)
- TVFS für OS/2 (optional)
- leech (optional)

this freeware programs are available on www.leo.org or hobbes.nmsu.edu.

Status Beta 0.10

last details New since 0.02:

- Including TVFS
- Show size of Images
- TWjscsi.dll bug fixed
- mkisofs parameter fixed
- including readcd
- TVFS autostart including
- pipeburning bug fixed
- priority of burn thread change to +28
- cancel button
- statusline
- burn unlimited audio files
- add blank all force
- add delete image after burn
- add audio grabbing with leech
- fbug wit os/2 warp fix14 or greater fixed


Markus Hannig mkh@os2.org http://www.os2.org
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