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rcp last change: 03/24/1999
Category File Size Date
Internet rcp11.zip 44454 Byte 06/25/2000

Description Rcp (remote file copy) copies files between TCP/IP connected machines. This is a port of Berkeley 4.3 rcp for OS/2. The source is from FreeBSD 1.1 (\'red demon\' CD-ROM, May 1994).

Status Release 1.10

last details The program requires the following (in this package not included ;-)) parts:
  • OS/2 2.x or OS/2 Warp 3/4
  • TCP/IP for OS/2 (IBM V2.0/3.0, Warp IAK) or compatible tcp32dll.dll and so32dll.dll
  • EMX run time package (emxrt.zip)
For IBM\'s TCP/IP you should use (at least) CSD level UN64092.
This product includes software developed by the University of California, Berkeley and its contributors. For further information and copyright see the documentation \'rcp.inf\'.



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