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OS2.org News (www.OS2.org): 13/11/2013
SysInfo, new generation (from Eugene)
eCo Software is working on new version of SysInfo utility.

Download beta version:


Please share your experience, what information do you need?

* Resellers of eCS computers: what system parameters do you demonstrate the customers?

* Developers: what system information do you need?

* Home/Office users?

* Administrators of eComStation computer farms: what information about computer do you check?

Yuri Larin talks:

\"Current target is collect useful functions in libraries so the developers can re-use SysInfo/2 functions in own applications.

Target #2: We should sort information on the pages of the utility and make it human friendly.

Target #3: Add additional (modern) information about your computer to SysInfo/2.\"

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