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OS2.org News (www.OS2.org): 12/12/2012
OS/2 Book at Hobbes (from Sergey Posokhov)
OS/2 API Research book, written in Russian (cyrillic), is available from Hobbes:


Now it\'s version 4.4.4, released at 2012-12-12 :-)

This is the complete reference and tutorial for Control Program and Presentation Manager programming. Alongside with CP/PM API, this book describes modern Warp 4.5 Addendum API, eToolkit / libKVA / LANGE API and low-level DDK functions. Moreover, it shows possible roadmap of OS/2 development towards functional programming and microkernel architecture.

Latest changes: more about Rexx language (generic calculations, higher-order functions, macro commands), more about microkernels (such as L4 from the University of Karlsruhe).

The book is distributed in two file formats: INF (the original OS/2 e-book file format) and FictionBook2 (plain XML with embedded pictures).

-> URL: http://os24.org/about/
-> Hobbes-Search: os2book
-> FTPSearch: os2book

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