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OS2.org News (www.OS2.org): 19/04/2007
New fast VESA video driver for eComStation (from Eugene Gorbunoff)
eCo Software and Mensys BV have reached an agreement to create a generic VESA driver for eComStation.

This driver is called \"Panorama VESA\", and supports all VESA 2.0 compatible video adapters, which then can be used with the eComStation operating system. Until now some modern chipsetswere not properly supported by the Scitech SNAP driver that is included with eComStation.

The driver is currently under active development. The goal is to achieve maximum performance, support multi-core computers, allow users to work normally with their web-browser, watch DVD and to generally use their PC for everyday work.

How to obtain this driver

An early preview of this driver is available via the eComStation BetaZone to customers who have an active Software Subscription Services.


Panorama VESA may be installed over GENGRAD, SDDGRAD or SNAP. To get maximum performance on a Core 2 Duo or AMD X2 based computer, the ACPI subsystem should be installed. ACPI can be obtained seperately from the eComStation BetaZone but is also an install option with eComStation 2.0 (beta 2 and higher).

More information

Homepage of the Panorama video drivers -- http://ecomstation.ru/panorama

Software Subscription Services: http://www.ecomstation.com/subscription/

About Mensys BV

Mensys started out in 1993 with filling the gap that IBM left open with regard to OS/2 software. Developers had great difficulty making their OS/2 product visible on the market. Mensys started to contact OS/2 resellers and distributors worldwide and built an extensive distribution network. Mensys has obtained worldwide distribution rights to eComStation and is actively supporting it\'s further development.

About eCo Software

eCo Software is a small group of professional developers creating drivers, WPS applications and system utilities for eComStation.

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