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Cirrus Logic wants money for drivers (from Kristian Durvin)
If you own a Cirrus Logic video card then you may want to know that it appears that you will have to pay to get your drivers now! It appears that Cirrus Logic farmed the development of their drivers out to another company, and that company is now wanting $5 per download of any Cirrus Logic driver for any operating system. So hold on to those Cirrus Logic driver disks that you have, or else it may cost you to get them off the web.

-> URL: http://www.cirrus.com/
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OS/2 and Cable Modem (from Charles Jefferson II)
Here is another link for Cable Modem, to include a blurb for OS/2.

-> URL: http://www.cablemodemhelp.com/os2.htm
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Junk Spy price next week (from Joerg Sievers)
In an eMail from Rollin White (Sundial Systems) he has written:
>And: What have I to pay for JunkSpy?
We will announce that next week.

-> URL: http://www.sundialsystems.com
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Update of MIDI Station sequencer coming soon (from Joerg Sievers)
In a mail to me the author of MIDI Station Sequencer wrote this:
Also let me take this time out to say that there will be an updated version available very soon. I'm just finishing up the audio pieces of the sequencer which now allow for audio streaming from/to hard-disk. What that means is users will be able to record and playback audio pieces that are as a big as their hard-drive can hold! So keep your eyes peeled for it. It should be out during the first week of December.

-> URL: http://www.dinosoft.it/~midistation/index.html
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JAVA releaseplans from IBM (from Craig Benbow)
Those with an interest in Java on OS/2 should take a look at this. Interesting for an OS with no future!

-> URL: http://www.ibm.com/java/jdk/other/portingplans.html
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WarpGLOBE project is frozen, Source free under GPL (from Sergio Costas)
The WarpGLOBE project is frozen. After the declarations of IBM I decided to migrate to Linux. The source code is now available under GPL license, in the hope that somebody will want to continue it. (...) Sorry. WarpGLOBE is a program that puts an earthglobe on the desktop, and paints the cities with some OS/2 users.

-> URL: http://raster.cibermillennium.com/globeeng.htm
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Donating sources (from Cristiano Guadagnino)
Recently I contacted two former OS/2 developers, whose (very good) products are mostly forgotten now. They are no longer interested in continuing development, and they gave me the sources, which I'm now donating to anyone interested, because I have no time to do it myself.

Ideally, I would give the sources to Netlabs, but I thought it would be good to let it be known to other developers.

*I'll choose who to give them to.*

The first program is PageMage, a very good and very promising (at the time of its demise) virtual desktop program. At the time of its demise, PageMage was at the fourth beta, quite useful and quite stable. The sources include beta 3 (more stable) and beta 4 (more features).

The second program is WPSBackup, a very good program to archive you OS/2 Desktop. WPSBackup was a shareware program, but I'll donate the sources ONLY to someone who gives me warranty to remove the locking code and release a freeware version (NOTE: I was a registered user). WPSBackup is works well with many Warp 4 installations, but in some cases it fails reporting a failure in copying OS2.INI. The real error message is "Failed to enumerate keys for appl:PM_Workplace:Location". Since WPSBackup is a good and snappy tool (had to recover my Desktop a couple times: it worked very well), I'd love to see it revamped.

Both the authors of Pagemage and WPSBackup ask that they're remembered in the docs of the new (eventual) application, and that they're not held responsible for what people may do with their sources.

So, contact me if you're interested at: criguada@tin.it

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CAPI 2.0 Deverlop Kit (from Gerhard Arnecke)
AVM released a Common ISDN API 2.0 Application Development Kit in C.

-> URL: ftp://ftp.avm.de/develper/capi-adk/
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WarpStock Speakup! (from Abel McClendon)
Speakup Live!
Monday, November 22, 1999 @8pm EST [0100GMT] with the new members of Warpstock Board of Directors!
VOICE invites you to attend a special Speakup dedicated to our favorite and yours Warpstock!

This Speakup is in #voice on the WEBBnet.
For irc servers around the world see http://www.webbnet.org.

VOICE Liason officer Judy McDermott reports the Board is excited and intent at the prospect of providing the International OS/2 Community a rather unique and informative session with the following Topics:
  1. Introduction of the new Warpstock Board of Directors
  2. Warpstock 99 wrap up
  3. Discussion of Warpstock 2000 bid process

Should you need more information on using the webbnet or IRC assistance in general, information is available at http://www.os2voice.org/meetinginfo.html 24hrs a day!

VOICE would like the thank the Warpstock Board of Directors for taking their valuable time on Monday, November 22 @ 8pm EST [0100GMT] to be our guests for a Speakup!

So Hookup! Speakup! Remember that's Monday , November 22 8PM EST [0100GMT]
This speakup promises to be a power packed session so come early and get your front row seats in #VOICE on the WEBBnet for a list of servers.

-> URL: http://www.os2voice.org
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Announcement: XWorkplace (from Gerhard Arnecke)
The new version of XFolder will be XWorkplace and it will not just freeware it will be open source.

-> URL: http://www2.rz.hu-berlin.de/~h0444vnd/frames/xwp.htm
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ODIN started ACROBAT DISTILLER (from Harald Altendorfer)
I downloaded release 19991112 of ODIN32 and had succes with ACROBAT DISTILLER 3.02!!! Typed PE ACRODIST and Distiller Window showed up. Loaded a Postscript File and converted it to PDF in OS/2. Thank god odin! Great Work!

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Babylon survey (from Sven-Uwe Kusche)
You will find a survey at http://www.babylon.com, asking you on which platforms you want to have this translation utility. The choices are Linux, Mac and "others"......

-> URL: http://www.babylon.com
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Athlon Patch (from Wolfgang Haas)
Daniela Engert wrote a patch for the Athlonboards. This patches the OS/2LDR. After applying the patch OS/2 should also be able to acces the memory above 64MByte.

If you want to get this patch, please write an eMail to Daniela Engert.

-> Hobbes-Search: patchldr.zip
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Joystick Device Driver Contest (from Jason Stefanovich)
Write your own joystick device driver for OS/2 and you could win a Gravis Gamepad Pro and earn the respect and gratitude of OS/2 gamers around the world! With the many new games available and the advance of game controllers there arises a need for a better joystick device driver than IBM's advanced joystick device driver. Support for new controller features, such as 8+ buttons, will greatly enhance the OS/2 gaming experience for gamers as well as developers.

-> URL: http://home1.gte.net/stefanj/contest.htm
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OS/2 conference in Mexico (from Micho Durdevich)
This is a first preliminary announcement about a business OS/2-conference in Mexico.

All OS/2-related presentations/contributions are welcome.

We hope the conference will help promoting OS/2 in Mexico. The focus of the conference will be on specific business solutions where OS/2 is absolutely the superior platform.

In particular, the Managed Client Solutions will be a cornerstone topic of the conference.

We are very happy to announce that Serenity Systems is willing to participate as both exhibitors and presentators, and to support us in all important aspects of the event!

The conference will take place in Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo, a beautiful resort on Mexican Pacific Coast, during approx one week of the next spring or autumn (say May/June or September 2000). We would like to avoid the high tourist season.

We plan to publish the proceedings of the conference. We also plan to organize some OS/2 mini-sessions in Mexico City, after the main conference.

If you feel enthusiastic about coming to Mexico and participating in this warped event (any way you like) please feel free to tell us! We would like to make a preliminary estimate of how many people would come.

We are in the process of negotiating the best pricings with the hotels (if everything goes fine, do not expect to pay more than 90USD per day in an excellent hotel, food included).

For any questions, you can write either to me or Carlos de Luna from Mati a Mexican ISP organization.

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VisualAge for Java users' request (from Thibaut Regnier)
IBM asks the users of VisualAge for Java to request new features and to vote for their favorite ones.

Once you have accepted the licence, click on "View requests" on the left to view and vote.

I've posted the #237 request to ask IBM to give us the same functionalities of VA Java on OS/2 as on NT.

Currently there is no support for JSP and EJP in VA Java OS/2 and there is no plan for supporting Java 2.

If you are interested in developping Java programs on OS/2, please vote for my request.

Note: you must register to Visual Age Developer Domain to access the pages. It's free, but very valuable!

-> URL: http://www7.software.ibm.com/vad.nsf/Data/Document3522?OpenDocument&SubMast=1
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Metabox with OS/2 (from Andreas Linde)
The Settop Box from Metabox, that is using a special embedded OS/2 version, is now in production.

-> URL: http://www.metabox.de/
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VMware and OS/2 (from anonymous)
VMware has a "internal" beta that supports OS/2 as client system on the Linux or Windows NT host.

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Smack! version 2.0 development on hold (from Judy McDermott)
Contact: Robert Rosenwald

Smack! version 2.0 development on hold.

Perfect Niche Software, Inc., was eager to provide Smack! 2.0 beta fo demonstration at Warpstock 99, but due to the serious bugs discovered in IBM's development environment, was unable to meet this goal.
Development of Smack! v. 2.0 for OS/2 has been put on hold until these bugs in IBM's development environment have been fixed.
Several of our current Smack! customers have expressed that they are 'looking forward to v. 2.0 with great anticipation'. We regret that we have had to take this step in the final development stage, but in order to maintain our high standard of quality software, Smack! v. 2.0 will not be released until these standards are met. Smack! has been described as a 'must have' software tool. Smack! v. 2.0 will be a FREE upgrade for current users of Smack! v. 1.0 and above.

-> URL: http://www.perfectniche.com/html/smindex.html
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More open source drivers (from Steve Wendt)
In addition to their sound drivers, Creative Labs will apparently also release the source to their dxr2 DVD decoder drivers. It will be posted at: http://opensource.creative.com/

Not to be left out, Aureal will be releasing source for their sound card drivers also: http://www.ga-source.com/all/news/bits/10+01+1999/15:44:17.shtml

Looks like there will be plenty of opportunity for OS/2 device driver programmers to gain the respect and admiration of their fellow users.

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New SAP-Client for OS/2 (from bernd hohmann)
SAP is working on an new Windows-Frontend and a "Platform Independent GUI", that should be available by the end of 1999.
This "SAP GUI for Java" needs the "Enjoy-SAP"-Release R/3 4.6, which is being announced for december 1999.
(Sources: SAP, CoWo).

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Informations about VisualAge for Java 3.0 (from Gerhard Arnecke)
This information announcement for "Visual Age for Java 3.0" is available.

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VA C++ redbook (from Gerhard Arnecke)
"Unravelling the Mysteries of VisualAge C++ Version 4.0" is the title of a redbook for the VA C++ 4.0.

-> URL: http://www.redbooks.ibm.com/redpieces/abstracts/sg245489.html
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MainActor/2 V3.0 Cancelled (from Isaac Leung)
Development on v3.0 of MainActor/2 has been cancelled due to software tools problems. They do seem to still be keen on OS/2, so I'm sure any help they can get would be appreciated. Below is the discussion at MainConcept's site posted 31 October 1999 11:58:
sorry to say that you are right and we have cancelled v3 due to many problems with VisualAge v4 for OS/2.
We are focusing on Qt for later MainActor versions.
Sorry, maybe there will be a way to get the Qt version running under OS/2. There are ways to get X Applications to work and we will look into this.
Markus Moenig

-> URL: http://www.mainconcept.de
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Aurora Client - Clarification (from Steven King, IBM USA)
A clarification about the Aurora Client from Steven King:"The posting was not reviewed by us and is a bit misleading. We do offer customized installation services for Warp Server for e-business where we can assist the customers in installing only those components that they need. In some cases, the customers want to kernel, LVM, and JFS .... but not much more. So we assist them in the use of custom install (attended and unattended) to achieve the desired end content. But ..... the pricing for the software license is no different than the normal server. They may qualify for discounts based on Advantage points but the tables are no different than for the server solution. We do not have an Aurora client pricing model. Sorry for the confusion!!!!!"

-> URL: http://www-4.ibm.com/software/os/warp/services/
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Test for JunkSpy (from Carla Hanzlik, Sundial Systems)
Junk Spy has a new web site feature as of today that lets you send yourself test messages and watch as they're filtered out of your email. 'Users of the free prerelease version of Junk Spy can now run this instant junk mail demonstration of what Junk Spy can do,' says Randell Flint of Sundial. 'And if you don't yet have Junk Spy, you can download the prerelease right now.'

-> URL: http://www.sundialsystems.com/junkspy/
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