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OS2.org News (www.OS2.org): 25/06/2007
Panorama VESA updated (from Eugene Gorbunoff)
What is Panorama VESA? \"Is this a base for a future or a strategic withdrawal?\"

Panorama VESA is the first project which:

* answers to your questions -- Panorama FAQ -- http://ecomstation.ru/projects/panorama/?action=faq

* gathers information for developers -- http://ecomstation.ru/projects/panorama/?action=links

* removes the restrictions to hardware until 2009 -- http://ecomstation.ru/projects/esway/?action=roadmap

Please download updated Panorama VESA from eComStation beta-zone. New version of the video driver brings better support for Dive applications.

If using Widescreen LCD monitor then pay attention to Widescreen activators created by Robert Lalla for Intel and ATI ATOM video adapters.

New sections at the site: Benchmarks (send us your benchmarks; run sysbench All Video tests and All DIVE tests, save as html; zip to .ziq; subj: Panorama benchmarks;)

Do you have clear examples how to use Dive, VMAN, fullscreen? We are ready publish this information and distribute it among all developers of eComStation applications.

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