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OS2.org News (www.OS2.org): 14/07/2009
Bootable JFS (summer 2009) (from Eugene Gorbunoff)
Evgeny Kotsuba is making research of JFS.IFS driver.

Test (debug) version of JFS.IFS is released -- BETAZONE -- http://betazone.ecomstation.nl/


* Trying to fix the trap of flash disks

* Mode detailed messages in case of errors

* Updated documentation

* Updated FAQ (on the site)

What to test?

* Use this build on test computers only.

* read readme.jfs, section: Instructions for beta-tester

* Do you have trap on eject of flash disk?

more information about this problem


* Does it work as previous version or you feel a degradation of JFS.IFS?

Plan of work:

* Show more detailed messages

* fix some traps

How to post bug-reports? link to bug-tracker:


We are going to collaborate with Sjoerd Visser which is going make a

report related to JFS cache at Warpstock Europe conference


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