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Tips to use JDK 1.3 r3 (from Gili Tzabari)
JDK 1.3 release 3 (co130-20010212) comes with a buggy JFC implementation, as a result many things like Netbeans break and don't run well under it. The new executables, however, solve some major bugs found in the previous release.
Here is what I recommend:
  1. Install JDK 1.3 r3
  2. Backup /java13/jre/bin, /java/jre/dll and /java13/bin
  3. Uninstall JDK 1.3 r3
  4. Install JDK 1.3 r2 (dated Oct-27-2000)
  5. Overwrite /java13/jre/bin, /java/jre/dll and /java13/bin with the files found in r3
Now you get the best of both worlds; fixed EXEs and non-buggy JFC implementation.

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Dan Casey has passed away (from Jeremy Workman)
Dan Casey, who has been the president of VOICE for three years, suddenly passed away. Mark Dodel has written some words about it on VOICE.

-> URL: http://www.os2voice.org/
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Warpstock 2001 to be held in Toronto, Canada (from Luc Van Bogaert)
The Board of Directors of Warpstock, Inc. is pleased to announce that the location and dates for Warpstock 2001 have been selected. OS/2 users and developers worldwide are invited to join their kindred in Toronto, Canada from October 6-8, 2001.
You read that correctly - this year's Warpstock will be a three-day event. For the past four years, the Warpstock organizers have tried to squeeze over two dozen presentations into a weekend. Unfortunately, this tight schedule meant that an OS/2 enthusiast was often unable to attend all the presentations he wanted. This year, some presentations will be repeated throughout the three-day event to allow attendees to see more presentations than before.
The Toronto site was chosen this year for a variety of excellent reasons. The Toronto team presented a well-planned bid and should do a stellar job with all of the arrangements for the conference, partly because there is an active OS/2 community in Toronto.
The Warpstock Committee also feels that Canada will be a nice change of pace, and Toronto is one of the most interesting of Canadian cities. After New York and London, Toronto has the largest concentration of live theater in the world. With eighty ethnic nationalities, Toronto is also the most multi-cultural city in world. There are also over 5,000 restaurants and over forty other major visitor attractions. Finally, the exchange rate for the Candian dollar should remain favorable throughout the year, thereby allowing attendees and vendors significant savings compared to previous years. The Warpstock Committee and the Toronto Warpstock Team are looking forward to making Warpstock 2001 the best OS/2 conference ever!
Warpstock 2001 will be held in the Holiday Inn Select Toronto Airport hotel, which is one mile from the airport. As with all prior conferences, the hotel contract offers significant cost reductions if enough attendees stay at the hotel during the conference. In other words, staying at the Holiday Inn is not only very convenient for you, but it also supports Warpstock 2001 and makes more money available for other things, including Warpstock 2002.
The rate for single or double occupancy is $104.95 Canadian, which is approximately $70 US. This makes the hotel about half as expensive as last year. The rate is available from October 2 to October 11, allowing you to make Warpstock 2001 part of a week-long vacation. This rate is guaranteed if the reservation is made before September 17, 2001, and if you use the rate code "Warpstock" (or "Warpstock 2001"). You can make your reservation in one of three ways: More information about the hotel can be found at http://www.toronto.com/E/V/TORON/0020/15/70/1.html, but here are some highlights:
  • The Holiday Inn Select Toronto Airport is located 1.5 km (1 mile) east of the Pearson International Airport, Toronto.
  • A complimentary shuttle service from the airport to the hotel is available. This service runs every 15 minutes.
  • Parking is complimentary for registered hotel guests. Registered guests will receive a voucher for parking.
  • For other Warpstock attendees, parking will be $5 per day by showing their Warpstock 2001 registration badge.
  • The Holiday Inn Select Toronto Airport features 11 floors with 445 guest rooms. Each guest room has two phones, voice mail, data ports, remote-controlled cable television, in-room movies, coffee-maker, hairdryers, ironing boards and irons, work desk with lamp.
  • For a map, visit the hotel's website and click on "Map".
  • There is an ATM (Automatic Teller Machine) in the lobby for anyone needing to access money. The front desk will also exchange currency should that be needed.
  • The hotel accepts payment in any of the following forms: American Express, Cash, Debit Card, Diners Club, Discover, Gift Certificates, JCB, MasterCard, Money Orders, Travellers Cheques, and Visa.
  • The in-house restaurant, the Metro Bar And Grill, is located adjacent to the meeting rooms.
  • There are at least 10 restaurants within 1/2 mile of the hotel. A list and map will be provided in the registration package.
The Warpstock Committee hopes that you will make your reservations at the Holiday Inn Select Toronto Airport, since doing so will make your stay in Toronto much more enjoyable and make future Warpstock conferences better.
The 5th annual Warpstock conference will be held October 6-8, 2001, in Toronto, Canada, and is produced by Warpstock, Inc., a North Carolina non-profit corporation. The Warpstock annual conference is a gathering of OS/2 users and vendors from around the world for the purpose of education and advocacy. More information is available at the Warpstock 2001 web site: http://www.warpstock.org or its mirror site: http://www.ibmforum.com/warpstock/.

-> URL: http://www.warpstock.org
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Comment from HOB about the HOB X11 Server (from HOB-Marketing)
To all OS/2 users and those who are affected!
Regarding the current discussion about HOB Link X11 on the OS/2.org webpage we would like to clarify our position, to prevent misunderstandings to come up.
Some participants of the discussion already pointed out that a company has to make profit to make a living. Due to the small demand for X Servers for the OS/2 operating system we cannot invest more resources into this product right now. This does not mean that we are instantly dropping the product because our HOBLink X11 is a very good product with all commonly required features (see product-test: Network Computing 6/2000, UNIX Open 11/2000). Currently we do not plan to develop a new version. If a new run for the HOBLink X11 server should come, we will continue development for the OS/2 version. Anyhow, we will continue our support to those customers who have a support contract. The ongoing best offer-pricing for our product (80,00 DM, EVK 495,00 DM) is not a try to get rid of the products that have remained in our store too long, but was merely a try to get this product to the universities and homeusers to make our product better known.
Translated by jsk

-> URL: http://www.hob.de
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HOB X-server for os/2 no longer being developed (from Paulo Dias)
This is what HOBLink answered to my question about a new, updated x11 server for os/2:
Dear Mr Dias,
I thank you for being interested in our software products but I have to tell you that there will be no further version of our product HOBLink X11 for OS/2 because we don`t have any prospects in the OS/2 operating system. If you buy HOBLink X11 and have any problems they will be fixed, of course. Hoblink X11 is a good and established product so you can be sure in the use of it. If you have any further questions don`t hesitate to write me.
Now we need to wait for everblue to become usable.

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wxWindows (C++ & Python GUI toolkit) (from Markus Neifer)
If you want to have a look at wxWindows the portable C++ and Python GUI toolkit featuring OS/2 check my article at developerWorks.

-> URL: http://www-106.ibm.com/developerworks/library/l-wxwin.html?dwzone=linux
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