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OS2.org News (www.OS2.org): 24/09/2011
Admin: Problem with VOICE News submission address (from http://news.warpevents.eu/)

There has been a problem for several days now where news submissons to the submit@os2voice.org email address are not being processed by our News system. We are not sure when the problem began, but we had hoped this would be cleared up quickly. Unfortunately that is not the case. This problem also probably affects posting to comp.os.os2,announce. For now the only way to submit news that is working is the submission form at http://http://www.os2voice.org/SubmitNews.html ; If you absolutely can not use this form, then send the announcement directly to http://madodel(at)ptd.net but because of the large amount  of spam, this may be missed.  

 When this problem is fixed we will put out an announcement. We apologize for any missed announcements do to this problem.


-> URL: http://news.warpevents.eu/en/home/news_archive/newsdetails/archive/2011/september/article/admin_problem_with_voice_news_submission_address.html

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