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OS2.org News (www.OS2.org): 04/06/2006
OS2World.com Gaming Site Relaunched !!! (from http://www.os2news.com)
++ From the VOICE OS/2-eCS News Service http://www.os2voice.org ++ From: Martin Iturbide (martinDESPAM@DESPAM.os2world.com) We had relaunched the OS2World.com Gaming Site using the Joomla CMS script.
Now I will be able to update the site in a more dinamic way. All the games of the old site had been migrated to this script and fixed a lot of dead links.
I also enhanced the Java and Odin games section, hoping that it will grow on the future. Plus I had added a new Emulation section that will eventually replace the OS/2 Emulation Site.
Let me know if I"m missing any game or any other Java and Odin game that you want to add on this site.
Any other help will be welcome too (like a little help with the Xfree86 games) Thanks Martin Iturbide.
Url: http://www.os2world.com/games
Submitted with the form on http://www.os2world.com/submit_news.php

-> URL: http://www.os2voice.org

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