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OS2.org News (www.OS2.org): 26/10/2011
eComStation 2.1: share your experience (from http://news.warpevents.eu/)

eCS 2.1 was released in the spring,

Check out some of new features of eComStation 2.1:

* (RUS) eComStation 2.1 - the next step (Russian) -- http://ru.ecomstation.ru/showarticle.php

>* Review in english language? ops..


Share your experience:

* does it work with your computer? Post a report --



Don’t forget:

* How to activate New File Open Container?

* eCS 2.1 is equipped with AHCI driver. But test Danis driver with SATA controller switched to AHCI mode first.

* Unofficial fixpak for eCS 2.0 and 2.1 -- Unofficial Fixpak 1 for eCS 2.0 and 2.1 --


Installation, Known issues:

* Downgrade OS2KRNL is going test ACPI 3.14 .. 3.18 (it’s easy install other kernel via eCo Market, .wpi packages)

* Switch SATA controller to Compatible mode (via BIOS Setup). Later try switch to AHCI driver.

* If the PC hangs, works slow or .. then disable USB controllers

* Other known issues -- http://ecomstation.ru/ecs-rus/>

-> URL: http://news.warpevents.eu/en/home/news_archive/newsdetails/archive/2011/october/article/ecomstation_21_share_your_experience.html

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