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OS2.org News (www.OS2.org): 08/06/2006
New PMMail Project Mailing Lists (from http://www.os2news.com)
++ From the VOICE OS/2-eCS News Service http://www.os2voice.org ++ From: Walter Metcalf < walter.os2DESPAM@DESPAMrogers.com > Hello everyone,
In order to lessen confusion in VOICE"s New PMMail Project, the mailing lists for the project have been changed as follows.
1) NewPMM changed into NewPMDis and made unmoderated.
Anyone can join by sending the following email to MajorMajor@os2voice.org:
SUBSCRIBE NEWPMDIS {email address) END This mailing list is open to anyone interested in supporting or following the New PMMail project.
2) There is a new, controlled NewPMDev list.
Closed List; restricted to Developers only.
"The new mailing list, NewPMDev is in fact UN-moderated, but CONTROLLED.
The VOICE NEWS is an example of a moderated list: the moderator, Mark Dodel, reviews, and sometimes edits, every message before posting.
There will be no such reviewing of messages posted to NewPMDev, so it is UNMODERATED.
It is CONTROLLED because the SUBSCRIBE command can only be used by the list"s owner, i.e. me: meaning that you have to send me a message to be added to the list. (Technically, it is the SUBSCRIBE command that is CONTROLLED.)
The mailing list NewPMDis is unmoderated and uncontrolled."
Everyone who was a member of NewPMM at Midnight June 7, has had their membership transfered to NewPMDis. NewPMM is now defunct.
*Moderated means that to join the list, you must email the moderator at walter dot os2 at rogers dot com, and ask to be added to the list.
If you have any questions about these new lists, please send an email to newpmdis at os2voice dot org or, as a last resort < g > to walter dot os2 at rogers dot com.
Thanks, Walter ***************************************** Walter F. Metcalf VOICE Vice-President Warpdoctor Co-ordinator walter dot os2 at rogers dot com *****************************************

-> URL: http://www.os2voice.org

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