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IBM OS/2 Strategy for 2000 (from Mercedes Puzio)
IBM presents a detailed text about its OS/2 Strategy for year 2000 on a special webpage. This article is a must read for everyone interested in OS/2.
IBM plans to continue OS/2 support in 5 areas:
  1. e-business enabling enhancements
  2. Convenience packages
  3. Hardware and Device Driver Enhancements
  4. Transition and product enhancement services
  5. Defect support
For more detailed information, please check out the full article.

-> URL: http://www-4.ibm.com/software/os/warp/strategy/
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OS/2 e-Zine! looking for writers (from Christopher B. Wright)
OS/2 e-Zine! is looking for writers to contribute to our online magazine. Writers will review OS/2 software and cover the latest developments in the OS/2 operating system and associated community.

Writing for OS/2 e-Zine! will initially be voluntary (i.e., you will not be paid) but this will hopefully change soon.

If you are interested in writing for OS/2 e-Zine!, please contact Christopher Wright at wrightc@dtcweb.com.

-> URL: http://www.os2ezine.com
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KDE/2 will be continued (from Christoph Vogelbusch)
Byron Miller reported that the porting of KDE and KDE2 to OS/2 will be continued.

KDE is a Xfree86OS/2 environment, wich a HUGE bunch of software. Even a integrated Internet browser and an Office is available. And with everblue we hope all this will be available for the WPS in the future.

NOTE! KDE is NOT a WPS replacement! And it's NOT AGAINST native software, but it's a good way having up-to-date Linux software for OS/2 available free with a minimum of expense.

-> URL: http://birdy.hpage.net
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Flash/2 Beta 2 delayed (from Achim Hasenmueller)
Due to a number of open problems and difficulties with the latest Netscape releases, the developers of the Flash/2 plugin decided to delay the second beta even though Beta 1 will expire on 04/30/2000. The developers are sorry for any inconveniences caused by the nag screens that will appear from this date on. Please check by regularly at Innoteks website or at OS2.org for the release date of Beta 2.

-> URL: http://www.innotek.de/flash/
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VMware suspended OS/2 client support (from Jörg Pleumann)
VMware sent a email to some OS/2 users telling them that the experimental OS/2 client support in VMware will be suspended.
So Odin is the last chance, to run Windows and OS/2 Software at the same time on the same computer.

This is the full email:
Dear VMware Customer,

We are contacting you because you have expressed an interest in VMware
support for OS/2 or have downloaded our experimental release of VMware with
support for OS/2 as a guest operating system. You and many other VMware
customers responded enthusiastically to the freedom our virtual machine
technology gave to run OS/2 applications on Linux and Windows PCs. We
greatly appreciate your sharing of your OS/2 requirements and your efforts
made in testing and reporting OS/2 experiences with VMware.

However, VMware users have high expectations of our products and we do not
feel, given our present strategic directions and commitments, that we can
support OS/2 as a VMware guest operating system. Therefore, we are
suspending our OS/2 experimental release and further OS/2 product

We have been very grateful for the interest shown by you and the rest of the
OS/2 community in testing our experimental OS/2 release. We regret that we
will not be able extend VMware support to include OS/2, but we hope you can
find applications for VMware technology with the other operating systems you

Thank you again for your interest in VMware.

The VMware Team

-> URL: http://www.vmware.com/
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Team Trier Collection Vol.6 OS/2 CDROM available (from Thorsten Thielen)
Finally: The Team Trier Collection Vol.6 CDROM for OS/2 is now available! For only DM 10/EUR 5 it includes (among lots of other share- & freeware, demos, etc.):
  • FP 13 for Warp 4 English
  • FixPak 12 for Warp 4 German
  • XFree86/OS2 3.3.6
  • XFree86/OS2 4.0 alpha
  • The GIMP/2 1.1.19
  • CrystalSpace 0.15 (free 6DF 3D engine)
  • FixPak 42 German for Warp 3 Server
  • Visual Age for Java 3.0 Entry
  • First release of the Open JFS sourcecode for OS/2
  • ODIN Alpha 5 (of course the most recent day built!)
  • Povray 3.1g
  • Ghostscript 6.01 and Ghostview 2.9
  • Current Pentium optimized GCC (PGCC)
Two comfortable menu-systems, an HTML interface that can be used with any web browser and a PM program, developed specially for the TTC, support you at selecting and installing the programs. The FixPaks and XFree86/OS2 may be most easily installed directly from the CD! Note: This CDROM may be of interest only to German speaking or at least European customers: Though most of the documentation and the installation programs on the CD are now also available in English the shipping charges may get really steep outside of Europe...

-> URL: http://www.teamos2.ipcon.de/
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OpenJFS for OS/2 source code available! (from Achim Hasenmueller)
Based on the GPLed source codes of JFS for Linux (that are actually taken from the OS/2 source code with some Linux adjustments and some stuff removed), the first source code release of the free JFS file system for OS/2 has been made available at the Netlabs public CVS server. The repository information is:
SET PSERVER=:pserver:guest@www.netlabs.org:d:/netlabs.src/openjfs

user: guest
password: readonly
A source code snapshot can be found at: ftp://ftp.netlabs.org/pub/snapshots/openjfs/openjfs_20000421.zip

There is no binary distribution available right now because there are still some problems to resolve. It works quite well without the lazy writer but with it, it can cause lockups. Shutting down the file system also causes some problems. Most of the utilities (like chkdsk) are not compiling yet. It should be usable on Warp Server for e-business and also Warp 4 with at least Fixpak 13 installed!

The goal is to fix the remaining bugs, build some stress test tools (a file system should be tested quite well before daily use) and to add new features that IBM is also working on or that are completely unique (lazy commit, disk quota, bootable file system, support for removable drives, performance optimizations, ...).

Therefore we are looking for talented developers that want to help working on this great file system!

Kudos go to Knut Osmundsen for getting the initial version working and especially Dave Kleikamp (lead JFS developer at IBM Austin) for being so helpful. According to Dave, the Linux JFS will be specifically supporting volume sharing between OS/2 and Linux!

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Tyra/2 project changed (from Joerg Sievers)
"Due personell problems have I (Oliver Poggensee) no more time to work on Tyra/2. Tyra/2 is now maintenanted by Jörg Sievers. Please contact him him by problems, whishes ..."
The new home of Tyra/2 and the CONFIG.SYS-homepage will be http://www.warpsite.de (in progress) and for questions now use the eMail-address jogi@warpsite.de (available). You can also get a copy of Tyra/2 on Hobbes or BMT Micro. Tyra/2´s development is going on and I am working on the 1.91 release of Tyra/2.

-> URL: http://www.warpsite.de
-> Hobbes-Search: tyra190e.zip
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New Developer Contest (from Jason Stefanovich)
The second MAMERun Developer Contest has just begun. Write a graphical frontend for GCC and earn the respect and gratitude of OS/2 programmers around the world! This is something that may really open the door for budding OS/2 developers and make life a heck of a lot easier even for the old hacks.

-> URL: http://home1.gte.net/stefanj/contest.htm
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Sessions Filled, WarpTech Looks At Expansion (from Daniel@WarpTech.org)
The three days of OS/2 sessions at WarpTech 2000 are now completely scheduled, and a more-sessions-than-timeslots situation may force WarpTech to expand.

"We're looking at adding more meeting rooms" reports Craig Greenwood, the WarpTech Captain. "We planned for three full days and the schedule is already full."

"We may add evening sessions," suggests Esther Schindler, the WarpTech Program Chair for the show. "Participants will be able to attend more sessions if we start earlier and end later each day."

The Exhibitor Hall hours would also be lengthened "with an after-dinner hour," adds Craig Greenwood. "That would give some extra time for attendees and vendors to be together."

Three expanded days of OS/2. Come to WarpTech!

WarpTech 2000 is a 3-day OS/2 technical conference taking place May 26-28 at a pristine 463-acre desert resort in the beautiful Southwest. Come to Phoenix, Arizona USA for three full days of OS/2 -- the biggest OS/2 conference ever held.

Visit the WarpTech web site at http://www.WarpTech.org.

To volunteer or just to watch the goings-on, subscribe to the WarpTech 2000 planning list by sending mail to steward@bitranch.com with the following text in the body (not subject!) of the message: subscribe w2k

Hosted by the Phoenix OS/2 Society, Inc.

-> URL: http://www.warptech.org/WTSessions.html
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IBM OS/2 Convenience Packages announced ! (from Oliver Poggensee)
IBM announced the OS/2 Convenience Packages in hat in its newest issue of the IBM Announcment Letters. The release date is planned for 30th November. This package will only be available via Software Choice!
Continuing Support and Features for IBM OS/2 and IBM OS/2 Warp Server for e-business
All Yours Via IBM Software Choice

With OS/2® customers in mind, IBM plans to expand delivery of enhancements via IBM Software Choice .

Software Choice now consolidates OS/2 offerings in Convenience Packages which include:
  • Refreshes of OS/2 Warp 4 and OS/2 Warp Server for e-business components
  • Software Choice features, such as Browser, Java  Virtual Machine (JVM), and TCP/IP enhancements
  • Updated collection of device drivers

OS/2 Warp Client and Server updates will be delivered with available fixes (FixPaks) already applied. The most current e-business enhancements will be included as well.

The Convenience Packages are additional offerings available to customers who have either a Software Subscription under Passport Advantage or an IBM Software Choice subscription.

Over the next two years, the Convenience Packages will be provided annually. The Convenience Packages will only be provided on CD-ROMs.

The first Convenience Package is planned for November 30, 2000. There is no additional charge.

Support will be provided for each annual Convenience Package effective with the initial availability through December 31 of the following year.
Planned Availability Date
November 30, 2000
Convenience Package for OS/2 Warp 4
  • Uni-Processor Kernel
  • Latest Base Device Drivers
  • Unique SYSLEVEL information
  • OS/2 Warp Developer Kit, Java Technology Edition, Version 1.1.8
  • Digital Video Disc (DVD)/Universal Disk Format (UDF)
  • SpeedStep (Geyserville Power Management) and Universal Serial Bus (USB)
  • Remote Initial Program Load (RIPL) support.
  • Logical Volume Manager {LVM (not FDISK)} and Glocale Localized WIN-OS/2®
  • Boot Manager
  • Video enhancement for: NeoMagic, S3 Savage, Trident, Matrox G200

National Languages
The convenience packages for both OS/2 Warp 4 and OS/2 Warp Server for e-business will initially be available in English, German, Spanish, Japanese, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Brazilian Portuguese, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish, French, and Italian.

Our intent is to make the other languages supported by OS/2 Warp 4 available for the Convenience Package for OS/2 Warp 4.

Convenience Package for OS/2 Warp Server for e-business:
  • Latest Base Device Drivers
  • Unique SYSLEVEL information
  • OS/2 Warp Developer Kit, Java Technology Edition, version 1.1.8
  • Video enhancements including: NeoMagic, S3 Savage, Trident, Matrox G200

-> URL: http://www.ibmlink.ibm.com/usalets&parms=H_200-082
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GNOME/2-project direction change (from Christoph Vogelbusch)
Now the gnome/2 project is quite some time old, but it stil did not get that attention it deserved. There for we will try mainly to produce NOT the standard GNOME/2, but the progs that are urgently needed for OS/2 and hope that next Everblue will be available soon. The PROBLEM is that Orbit's port is still not complete, due to some errors that haven't be found yet. And we have the same problem is with some other libs. Before this problem was a voided by only porting what is possible. But for most important apps we need these. So you can help by two things:
  • Help finding the errors in the lib-ports (Platon Fomichev)
  • or by suggesting apps, that are missing under OS/2, but available under GNOME (mail to the gnome-os2 Maillinglist on eGroups).
You can find a softwaremap for under www.gnome.org/applist. That does also mean, that there won't be much new ports for the next time, till the base libaries are finished.

-> URL: http://birdy.hpage.net
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new Java 2 OS/2 roadmap (from Andreas Linde)
IBM's Java Porting Plans web site has been updated. It now says that we can expect JDK 1.3 (Java 2) in both preview and GA form in 2Q 2000.

-> URL: http://www.ibm.com/java/jdk/other/portingplans.html
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OS2.org most popular OS/2 portal on the internet (from OS2.org WebTeam)
In March, 2000, OS2.org has set a new all-time record in popularity. Over 400.000 pageviews have been logged, making OS2.org the most popular OS/2 portal on the internet.
The OS2.org team is proud of the success and will further invest in making OS2.org an even more interesting place to be.

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