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REXXMail in 21 Steps (from Marcus de Geus)
The RexxMail information files are a set of HTML files containing a tutorial and background information for the RexxMail e-mail program, which I hope to make available soon. The information can be read on-line or downloaded as a ZIP file.
The purpose of publishing the RexxMail information in advance is to give you an idea of what RexxMail looks like and how it works, and to encourage feedback.

-> URL: http://www.degeus.com/rexx
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MAMERun: German..Italian? (from Jason R Stefanovich)
I am thinking about nationalizing MAMERun in German and possibly Italian. This would also apply to the MGL version of MAMERun which will be a frontend for native MGL MAME. If someone would like to see a version of MAMERun in their language, I encourage you to write to me so I can count heads.

-> URL: http://home1.gte.net/vzn05zki/mamerun.htm
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Together Control Center 4.1 & OS/2 (from Carsten Hintz)
With the Java 2 (1.3.0) also the newest version of Together CC runs again under OS/2. Together CC is the follow-up-application of the round-trip-engeneering tools "Together/J[/C]" for Java / C++" written in Java. The last version which has been run with OS/2 was the version 2.2. The "Whiteboard-Edition" is a free download - only classdiagrams works. After the first (free) registration you can reach via e-Mail a 21-90 days trial key for the full product.

-> URL: http://www.togetherj.com
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Warpstock Europe 2000: Looking for feedback and photos (from Christian Hennecke)
The Warpstock Europe Team is asking you for feedback. What did you like in particular and what not? Do you have any suggestions for improvements? Constructive criticism is always welcome.
Please use our online-forum at the Warpstock Europe homepage at http://warpstock.os2.org/en/forum/ to submit your comments.
Please provide some details. Of course we also like to hear comments like "Simply great!", but they won't help us much in improving things for next year.
We are also collecting photos for publishing on the Warpstock Europe homepage. Please submit thumbnails of the best ones or URLs to access them to: christian.hennecke@ruhr-uni-bochum.de. (Please DO NOT send photos in their original size!)

-> URL: http://www.warpstock.de
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New official PMMail/2 mailing list (from Jimmy S. McCorquodale, Jr.)
There is a new, official support and discussion mailing list for PMMail/2, PMMail 2000 and PMMail 2000 Professional. This list is hosted by Blueprint Software Works, Inc., the producers of PMMail. To subscribe to the list, send a message to: mdaemon@bmtmicro.com with the first line of the message body being: SUBSCRIBE pmmail-list@blueprintsoftwareworks.com
You should then receive a verification message and then a welcome message with posting and unsubscribe directions.

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Warpstock Europe 2000: For all, who could not attend. (from Philipp Buehler)
Short, of course you all have missed something. Within the pretty good support from Fiducia it was possible to offer a very professional meeting for the about 500 visitors. Some of them had to travel from far away (Scandinavia, Portugal, USA, England, Netherlands, ..) but as you can see right now they had no reason to regret the journey:

As before there was a splitting to exhibition, workshop and presentations.
Beside the sponsors IBM, C&L Verlag (publisher), HOB, Hydrografix Consulting and VTS-Datensysteme there have been following exhibitors: ARTem, Deckarm, Hypercope, Mensys, Epson, Lexmark, Norman Data Defense, Novastar, Starfire and
last not least Sun.

For example IBM showed a 4-CPU SMP box under Warp, which was used as a server for Workspace on demand.
Sun was showing the StarPortal, which brings office applications via network to any client, e.g using a webbrowser. So even StarOffice 6.0 will be useable under OS/2.

The workshop part was pretty well too and showed up new features from Warp too. While the problem determination workshop it was shown that Warp can now do kernel debugging via TCP/IP.

The presentations have been numerous and outstanding. Next to the keynote of IBM about their OS/2 strategy, the Mozilla project by Mike Kaply, a lot of people attended to the multiple held presentations about the ODIN-project. The ODIN-crew was showing some demonstration of Notes R5, MS Word, Adobe Framemaker, Netscape v4.7 and some more.
Even more interest was spent on the presentation and panel discussion of the eComStation. Based on the convenience pack this client will bring some uproar after release in beginning of 2001. OS2.org will preview/test this client and give you information in time before release. Of course the whole 3 days there have been discussions on warpstock europe about this new client.

The saturday night event was booked out with about 130 attendees. Besides gastronmicals there have been a lot of discussion. Additional to the above written topics there have been discussion about the visitors. Most of them were developers and home endusers. Also the exihibitors havent been very happy, that not more visitors from the main usergroup, banks and insurances, havent been there.

The auction of one of the last OS/2 Warp flags in Germany was pretty amusing. Bob St. John and Esther Schindler made a great and funny job. Daniela Engert was wrapped into it while the auction was in progress. After a lot of fun the result was 800 DM (about 350 US$) and was paid without pain from Eirik Overby. The money was donated to the Warpstock Europe organization.

We would really say Thank You! for the 1st price in the OS/2 World Award for the best OS/2 website: OS2.org !!

Alltogether Warpstock Europe was a pretty good made up event and you would have been able to see a lot of satisified people in a very professional area.

BE THERE IN 2001 !!

-> URL: http://www.warpstock.de/
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Team Trier Collection Vol.7 out now (from Thorsten Thielen)
Finally: The Team Trier Collection Vol.7 CDROM for OS/2 is now available!

For only DM 10/EUR 5 it includes (among lots of other share- & freeware, demos, etc.):
  • Fixpak 14 for Warp 4 (German and English)
  • Fixpak 4 for DB2
  • SmartSuite 1.51 Update (German and English)
  • StarOffice 5.1a Update
  • CrystalSpace 0.17
  • Virtual Pascal 2.1
  • WSeB Fixpak 1
  • The GIMP/2 1.1.25

Two comfortable menu-systems, a HTML interface that can be used with any web browser and a PM program, developed specially for the TTC, support you at selecting and installing the programs.

As always the Fixpaks may be most easily installed directly from the CD.

For more information and the complete list of contents see the webpages of Team OS/2 Region Trier e.V. at http://www.teamos2.ipcon.de/

(Note: This CDROM may be of interest only to German-speaking or at least European customers: Though most of the documentation and the installation-programs on the CD are now also available in English the shipping charges may get really steep outside of Europe ...)

-> URL: http://www.teamos2.ipcon.de/
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HowTo: Netgear PS105 print server (from Bob Mclellan)
I have uploaded to Hobbes a note describing how to get the Netgear PS105 print server to work with OS/2. Many print servers do not claim OS/2 support, however with a little knowledge most will work perfectly well.

-> Hobbes-Search: netgear.zip
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StarOffice source code now available (from Andreas Linde)
The source code for StarOffice "6.0" is now available.The source code contains about 9 million lines of code and even takes on a high-end computer over 20 hours to compile.

The OS/2 Code is still in there, but according to Sun employees it is NOT (!!) possible to provide a OS/2 version. Talking to several people at Warpstock Europe brought the conclusion that the only doable way is using the Odin libraries to get a new version of StarOffice for OS/2.

-> URL: http://www.openoffice.org
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OS2 World Award Winners! (from Kim Haverblad)
OS2 World.Com together with Warpstock Europe 2000 is proud to announce the winners in each category:

Best Supporting Company:
SciTech Software (for Display Doctor)

Best Event of the Year:
Warpstock Europe 2000

Honor Award to Individuals:
Daniela Engert (for her work with DANI-drivers)

Best OS/2 Site of the Year:

Best Commercial Software of the Year:
SciTech Display Doctor

Best Individual Software of the Year:
pmView 2000 (by Peter Nielsen)

The OS2 World.Com award is a cooperation event between OS2 World.Com and Warpstock Europe 2000. We also want to give our biggest thanks to the companies that sponsored this event. Sponsors for OS2 Award 2000 was: IBM Svenska AB, SciTech Software, Inc., Keller Group, SnowStorm Software, Stardock Corporation, Inc., The GhostBoat BBS, Cristie Data Products, PillarSoft and RSJ Software.

-> URL: http://www.os2world.com/award.shtml
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Warpstock Europe 2000 - First Impressions (from Andreas Linde)
Warpstock Europe 2000 opened its doors yesterday to all visitors. About 80 visitors already attented the first day and where all overwhelmed by the excellent location at Fiducia.
Some more informations will follow later. But so far, everyone really enjoys the time being at Warpstock Europe 2000. If you want to know something special, please feel free to write comments to this article, and we'll try to get answers to your questions !

Here are some first pictures from Warpstock Europe 2000 taken at the first day.

Keynote with Oliver Stein from IBM

SUN presenting StarPortal

TeamOS/2 Trier e.V.

Round Discussion about eComStation

People attending Round Discussion

-> URL: http://www.warpstock.de/
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Warpstock Europe 2000: Non-commercial exhibitors (UPDATE) (from Frank Berke)
Here the latest changes for the non-commercial exhibitors at Warpstock Europe 2000 in a summary:
  • Daniela Engert - DaniS506 & DaniATAPI with device driver development "live"
  • Wolfram Schmid - PTime, time count for projects under OS/2
  • Zsolt Kadar - UpdCD: Launch of the version 1.0 and the possibility to Update your Warp4 CDs
  • Team OS/2 Hamburg e.V. - Demonstration of applications from members (Tyra/2) and partners (WorldClock, Units and ConfigTool)

-> URL: http://www.warpstock.de
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Warpstock Europe 2000: eComStation (from Christian Langanke)
After the last session on Friday, there will be a Birds of a Feather session to discuss Serenitys eComStation, today and the future direction, including the fit with IBM's OS/2 strategy and the computing industry trends and directions. Because of the time, refreshments will be available. A panel discussion will take place and panelists will take questions from the audience. In addition to Serenity Systems, the event is sponsored by IBM, Mensys, Warpstock Europe organizers [Team OS/2 Deutschland e.V.], and Starfire Technologies, which will be introducing their new Titan product, a new tool for network management. On the panel qill be Bob St.John of Serenity Systems, Achim Hasenmueller of Innotek, Joachim Benjamins of Mensys, Oliver Mark of IBM, and Richard Spurlock of Starfire Technologies. Serenity plans to clear up any confusion regarding what people can expect from eCS by the end of the year, in the next 18-36 months, the next 4 to 5 years and hear the observations and insights of industry participants and experts. The organizers look forward to meeting as many Warpstock Europe attendees as possible. While we attempt to make generous arrangements, we must caution that seating will be limited. Get more details on Warpstock Europe 2000 at warpstock.de.

-> URL: http://www.warpstock.de
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Warpstock Europe 2000: Updating Warp 4 CDs (from Christian Hennecke)
Zsolt Kadar, who presents his tool UpdCD for updating the Warp 4 installation CD in one of the sessions at Warpstock Europe, will also be present in the non-commercial exhibition area and help visitors to create an updated CD. If you are interested in obtaining such a CD please take a blank CDR(W) and your original Warp 4 CD as proof of your license with you. Unless you prefer more "exotic" fixpaks you can leave those at home.

-> URL: http://www.warpstock.de
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Warpstock Europe 2000: Warped Jeopardy (from Christian Hennecke)
Having fun at Warpstock Europe: The gameshow "Warped Jeopardy" that is well-known for raising the fun-factor at Warpstock USA, now goes to Europe. On Saturday evening, after the exhibition has closed, three candidates will put their OS/2 knowledge to the test. Just in case you don't know: The candidates are given choices of answers to which they have to find the right questions. The gameshow takes places from 6.15 PM to 7.45 PM. As a result, the beginning of the social event had to be postponed to 8 PM.

-> URL: http://www.warpstock.de
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Warpstock Europe 2000: DaniS506 Trouble Corner and Device Driver Development 'live' (from Christian Hennecke)
If you are experiencing troubles running DaniS506.ADD or DaniATAPI.FLT on your system, and this cannot be addressed from the remote, just bring your "trouble box" over to Karlsruhe to Warpstock Europe 2000. All means to hopefully solve the problem will be available on site. In addition this is a good opportunity for developers to discuss problems developing device drivers and "borrowing" code snippets.

-> URL: http://www.warpstock.de
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Warpstock Europe 2000: Sessions (3) (from Christian Hennecke)
As last year Warpstock Europe 2000 again offers a large variety of sessions and workshops related to all kinds of topics:
  • OS/2 in General
  • OS/2 Applications
  • The Internet and OS/2
  • OS/2 in Local Area Networks
  • OS/2 Development
Everyone, regardless of being enduser, developer or businessman, will be able to find something interesting.
There are currently 23 sessions and workshops, all of which will be held in ENGLISH language. Further information on each session and workshop, the speakers, and a timetable can be obtained from our homepage at http://warpstock.os2.org/en/program/http://warpstock.os2.org/en/program/">http://warpstock.os2.org/en/program/>.
Have a look at the following small selection from the program:
  • The OS/2 Convenience Paks (by Oliver Mark)
    Exciting news for all OS/2 users: IBM will refresh both Warp Server for e-business and Warp4 once a year now, starting in November 2000. This presentation covers the major enhancements in these so-called "convenience packs", such as TCP/IP updates, new device support, Pentium III SpeedStep support, etc.
  • OS/2 Device Driver Update (by Oliver Stein)
    This presentation gives an update about the current Device Driver situation and shows some new developments in this area, e.g. USB, Infrared, Bluetooth, IDE, PCMCIA, etc. Furthermore, some new devices with OS/2 support will be demoed.
  • VOICE - a different kind of OS/2 usergroup (by Christian Hennecke)
    This lecture gives an introduction to the international virtual usergroup VOICE and its objectives, services for the OS/2 community and what is going to happen in the future.
  • OS/2 Netlabs - OS/2 Netlabs: Past, present and future (by Adrian Gschwend)
    Find out everyhing about the OS/2 Netlabs (founded in 1997) and the various OS/2 internet projects being supported by Netlabs. Beside plain webspace for the homepages of the projects the OS/2 Netlabs provide CVS repositories in order to let developers access the their projects' shared source code from all over the world - an important prerequisite for the success of internet projects. More, future projects and upcoming enhancements to the website of OS/2 Netlabs are discussed.
  • Using Windows 32-bit Applications via Java and Windows Terminal Server (by Patrick Oliver Graf)
    Main focus of the presentation is a Java client for Microsoft Windows Terminal Server. HOBLink JWT (Java Windows Terminal) is a 100 % Pure Java product, running on any platform and enables OS/2 clients to use Microsoft Windows 32-bit applications remotely. Prerequisite for using HOBLink JWT on the client side is simply a web browser. This solution is based on the central use of Microsoft Windows Terminal Server (WTS) an the protocol technology RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) and competes against CITRIX ICA and ODIN.
Stay tuned for more information!

-> URL:
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