OS2.org News (www.OS2.org): 26/12/2011
SeaMonkey 2.6 unofficial (from http://news.warpevents.eu/)

Merry Christmas,

I’ve (hopefully) uploaded an unofficial SeaMonkey 2.6 to http://class='extlink'ftp://ftp.netlabs.org/incoming/mozilla/seamonkey-2.6.en-US.os2.zip

/>No OS/2 changes in this version besides the README so it probably has all the same problems as 2.5. So far I’ve had one font related crash, otherwise quite stable.

I also screwed up so this build depends on gcc432.dll.
I’ll upload Thunderbird, Firefox, lightening etc over the next few days. These will also be unofficial builds.


[1] -> URL: http://class='extlink'ftp://ftp.netlabs.org/incoming/mozilla/seamonkey-2.6.en-US.os2.zip

-> URL: http://news.warpevents.eu/en/home/news_archive/newsdetails/archive/2011/december/article/seamonkey_26_unofficial.html

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