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PMFax v4 News (from Joerg Sievers)
A mail from Mark Ahlstrom mark@kellergroup.com (Kellergroup) with some news about PMFax:
(...) I regret to announce that Bruce Keller has decided to leave Keller Group for personal reasons. Because Keller Group consists of a development half (Bruce) and a business/support half (me), this will have a significant impact on the company.
To provide ongoing support and product availability for PMfax products, I have arranged for an experienced OS/2 software vendor, Computer Data Strategies (www.cds-inc.com), to assume the support, distribution and development of the PMfax products. Our web site will keep everyone informed of these changes as they happen over the coming weeks. Bruce's departure will unavoidably impact PMfax development plans for PMfax Pro for OS/2 v4, and I'm specifically contacting you in advance of the transfer to CDS because you may have purchased your copy of PMfax Pro for OS/2 v3.2 with the expectation of also receiving the OS/2 v4 upgrade. While CDS plans to continue PMfax development, the details and schedules are not known at this time and I can't promise that PMfax Pro
for OS/2 v4 will be available. (...)

-> URL: http://www.kellergroup.com
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Merry christmas (from Webteam OS2.org)
The OS2.org webteam wish all OS/2 users and their families a merry christmas.

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Betatesters for SafeFire & ISDN (from Head of PPP development group)
We are glad to announce that Link Guard Solutions is looking for beta testers for new function of SafeFire PPP - ISDN (CAPI 2.0) support. If you wish to take part in beta testing, feel free to contact devppp@lgs.kiev.ua. For you to be included in beta testers list you need to pass next information:
  1. ISDN adapter name
  2. CAPI driver maker and version
  3. Your ISP name and URL
  4. SafeFire PPP modules (like NAT or CCP) you are using (or is going to use) in ISDN environment.
  5. Country and timezone you are located in.
P.S. Since number of beta testers is limited, event if you will pass all the information above, this won't guarantee you beta tester status.

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OS/2 Netlabs troubles (from Adrian Gschwend)
I'm sorry for all the troubles you might have if you are trying to connect to OS/2 Netlabs the past days. It looks like Murphys law shows it's power right now...
After Warpstock Europe our CPU fan on the server was broken, the machine began to trap from time to time. After I changed that it was somehow better, at least for a few days. Later it started to trap again and again, the reason was a broken fan in the power supply, oh well.
After I changed that it was better for about a day but later I realized that the machine is trapping about 20 times a day, not really what you expect from a server.
The past two days I spent in trying to find out what's wrong with the machine, I think I exchanged almost everything but without success, the machine is still traping.
The good think is that we got a new server, a real one this time. So far we just had a normal mid-tower home user pc, without any hardware watchdogs on it.
Thanks to a dutch OS/2 user group we bought a new IBM Netfinity 5500 server, the machine is online but it will get a new ip before I can switch to it. This might happen today (Friday) or at least this weekend. I will announce that as soon as possible.
It will be hosted on a much faster backbone in germany thanks Arne Blankerts and his company! This should bring some major improvements especially for CVS repositories at OS/2 Netlabs.
Again, I'm sorry for all the troubles, especially for the CVS which is not reachable right now. I did my best but it looks like this machine is simply dead (at least I can still read the data).
I will announce the new IP as soon as the server is online, give me some more time and then hopefully the problems are gone!


Adrian Gschwend
@ OS/2 Netlabs (quite frustrated about the old server ...)

-> URL: http://www.netlabs.org
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Special offer for PMMail/2 and 2000 (from Reinhart Gruhn)
Just in time for chritmas new Versions of PMMAIL/2 and 2000 have been released. Additinally Southsoft Software Works announces a german update that will be free of charge for owners of a version 2 license.
Look at the pages of joshua communications for further information.

-> URL: http://www.joshua-com.de
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ODIN: Dreamweaver and Fireworks 4 (from Filip Molcan)
I tried to run new Macromedia Fireworks 4 and Macromedia Dreamweaver 4 under Odin and I am amazed! Dreamweaver works really nice! Fireworks starts but you cannot open/new file and there are some problems... but in Dreamweaver you can open files, work with them, save... Great work! Screenshot will be on OS/2.cz soon... Thanks to Odin people!

-> URL: http://www.netlabs.org
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HOBLink X11 V3.5 for private use (from Janek Schwarz)
Until the CEBIT 2001 exhibition you can buy HOBLink X11 for 80 DEM (+ taxes) for ptivate use. If you need an easy to use X11 server to run e.g. GIMP as a window-application on the WPS it is a good choice.

-> URL: http://www.hob.de/news/news3100.htm
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DVD Hardware Driver Contest Updated (from Jason R Stefanovich)
The pages for the DVD Hardware Driver Contest have been updated.

I have included more information for potential users, more references for potential programmers and some tying up of loose ends on the FAQ. I've also donated a copy of BlueCAD to the contest. I am, as always, looking for people who are interrested in this endevor and are willing to sponsor (every bit helps). I am also looking for programmers who might, at least potentially, be interested in doing this. For people who would like to talk more about the subject or ask questions, there has been a lively discussion going on in comp.os.os2.multimedia.

-> URL: http://home1.gte.net/vzn05zki/contest.htm
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OS2.org News in Warpzilla's Sidebar (from Joerg Sievers)
At the moment with Warpzilla (the OS/2-port of Mozilla) you can not use Java/Javascript. It is impossible to add automated the OS2.org News to the sidebar of Warpzilla but you can do it by editing the PANELS.RDF manually:
  1. In the section <RDF:Seq> add the folowing line:
    <RDF:li resource="urn:sidebar:3rdparty-panel:http://en.OS2.org/news/mysidebar.html"/>
  2. At the bottom of the file add a whole section like this:
    <RDF:Description about="urn:sidebar:3rdparty-panel:http://en.OS2.org/news/mysidebar.html">
    <NC:title>News OS2.org</NC:title>
Now you should have an OS2.org News panel in you Sidebar of Warpzilla.

With the newest Mozilla/2 build dated 12/01/2000 (get it from ftp://service.boulder.ibm.com/ps/products/warpzilla/) the OS2.org Netscape 6 button for adding the OS2.org Sidebar entry works, and you don't need to make these settings manually.

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JPDA and JDK 1.3 (from Gili Tzabari)
For those of you who've experienced problems using JPDA-enabled applications with JDK 1.3, this might be because OS/2's JDK uses abnormal filenames. The normal JDK distribution uses dt_socket.dll for its JPDA library, while OS/2 uses dtsock.dll ... Try substituting this name within your application to get JPDA working.

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Team.CD 005 (update) (from Istvan KOVACS)
Through WarpCast and OS2.org, Team OS/2 Hungary announced its intentions of making Team.CD international. We didn't get many responses... I guess lots were frightened by the fact that the CD's index is in Hungarian. Now, we have a utility that tries to generate a listing in English, based on the file database of Hobbes. Of course, using file and directory names as the key for comparison is not perfect, yet it could save you lots of work in generating the English index. You'll still have to check the descriptions, fill in missing ones and correct what's wrong, but that is a lot less work than doing everything by hand. The resulting file (generated from the current Hungarian index) is now available. Lines that are _known_ to be wrong are marked with '@@@' at the end of the line. Please see if you can do something with the file, and if you can help, please let us know, so we can all get a high-quality and cheap ($2) CD!

-> URL: http://emil.alarmix.org/kofa/generated_english_index.txt
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