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Happy Easter (from Webteam)
The OS2.org webteam wishes all OS2.org visitors a happy Easter.

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Data Representations to Exhibit at Java One (from Sal Danna)
Data Representations are the makers of Simplicity, a RAD tool for Java that runs on OS/2 and eCS.

Come see the latest Simplicity RAD tools, at JavaOne in the Data Representations booth, #1606. We will be demonstrating all of our tools to meet your needs.
If your programming combines J2ME and J2EE your dreams will come true when you see Simplicity for Mobile Servers. Simplicity for Mobile Servers consists of special versions of Simplicity Enterprise and Simplicity for Mobile Devices allowing them to build both the front and back ends of a program simultainously.

This visual, component-based, rapid applications development environment comes with a built-in development server leaving your mission critical server free from development chores. Developers can add functionality to their servlets including working with JDBC/ODBC databases, XML documents, selecting form data, and interacting with Enterprise JavaBean Technology.
Its open API lets a developer create their own components for adding
custom functionality to servlets.
Component modules such as Form, DataBase, Table, EJB, and XML Export are
selected from a tool palette and then dragged and dropped onto the composer in a logical order. Next the developer highlights what properties of a component to export and instantly generates and exports XML formatted code.

It's that simple!

However, creating a dynamic servlet and exporting XML data is only the
beginning. The next tool is an enhanced version of Simplicity for Mobile
Devices for creating midlets in MIDP for PDA∆s, phones and pagers. For
communication purposes it includes the Simplicity XML Transaction Caching Engine. The XML Transaction Caching Engine eliminates the need to write a custom parser that accepts and sends XML data communication between a server and handset. It automates the transfer of data between the server and mobile device. First it parses XML data and maps it to the integrated MIDP application. Then it caches requests and responses to the server in the handset if the server isn't available. All the while it offers features that automate the development of the midlet. Features such as "execution on the fly" and "Code Sourcerer" make designing a breeze.
Come see us and we will be happy to demonstrate how you can use these and our other RAD tools.

Sal Danna
Vice President
Data Representations, Inc

-> URL: http://sdanna@datarepresentations.com
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IBM: Porting OS/2 Software to Linux (from Timur Tabi)
There's an article on IBM's "eServer Developer Domain" that talks about porting OS/2 apps to Linux. What makes it interesting is the discussion of differences between OS/2 and Linux, (especially the weaknesses in Linux compared to OS/2.
Slashdot has a discussion on this article here and they also have another idiotic discussion about the "death" of OS/2 here. I ask all OS/2 users to remind those morons that in order for a product to be declared dead, it would make sense if it were no longer sold, updated, and supported.

-> URL: http://www-1.ibm.com/servers/esdd/articles/linux_c.html?t=gr,l=805,p=OS2toLinux
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The Sad Parable of OS/2 (from Adrian Gschwend)
Once again there is an article about IBM and OS/2 on slashdot. This one is quite interesting because it tells quite a lot about the historical events that resulted in the current situation of our favourite OS.

-> URL: http://slashdot.org/articles/02/03/17/2131216.shtml?tid=136
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The 2nd Annual OS2 World Award (from Kim Haverblad)
OS2 World.Com are happy to announce that the official voting process for the 2nd Annual OS2 Award has started. Votes will be accepted between the 9 of March until 30 of March. During the nomination process this year we got a high number of nominees. So it hasn't been easy this year to pick out the nominees for this final round. Since of this we have increased the number of nominees in each category from 5 to 6. Last year we had a total of 6 categories and this has been changed to 5. The category for "Best OS/2 Event" has been removed since of the lack for OS/2 events.
Here are the final nominees for the 2nd Annual OS2 World Award in each of the categories:
  1. Best Supporting OS/2 Company:
    • BMT Micro, USA (for supporting OS/2 & hosting OS2Ezine)
    • InnoTek, Germany (for Co-Standby Server, VPC/2 and Flash/2)
    • Mensys, Netherlands (for supporting OS/2)
    • SciTech Software, USA (for Display Doctor)
    • Serenity Systems, USA (for eComStation)
    • Sundial Systems, USA (for Mesa/2)
  2. Honor Award for Individuals:
    • Platon Fomichev, Russia (for many ports of *nix software)
    • Brian Harvard, Australia (for the OS/2 Apache port)
    • Sander van Leeuwen, Netherlands (for SB Live Drivers)
    • Ulrich Moeller, Germany (for XWorkplace and WarpIn)
    • Tom Nadeau USA (for Perspective presence of OS/2)
    • Holger Veit, Germany (for XFree86/2)
  3. Best OS/2 Site of the Year:
    • eComstation.org (USA?)
    • eComstation.ru (Russia)
    • Hobbes.nmsu.edu (USA)
    • OS2.Com (USA)
    • OS2.Org (Germany)
    • OS2.cz (Czech Republic)
  4. Best Commercial Software of the Year:
    • eComstation (by Serenity Systems, USA)
    • Golden Code (by Golden Code Development, USA)
    • Lotus Smartsuite (by Lotus, USA)
    • NetDrive (by Blueprint Software Works, USA)
    • RSJ CD Writer (by RSJ Software, Germany)
    • ThirdEye (by Russia)
  5. Best Individual Software of the Year:
    • DFSee (by Jan van Wijk, Netherlands)
    • Ghostview (by Russell Lang, USA)
    • pwICQ (by Perry Werneck, Brazil)
    • RexxMail (by Marcus de Geus, Netherlands)
    • UpdCD (by Zsolt Kadar, Hungary)
    • XWorkplace (by Ulrich Moeller, Germany)
We will this year also draw a winner among who votes, so fill in Your e-mail address to participate! The winners in each of the categories will be announced Sunday the 31 of March. To cast Your vote, please enter the Voting Area.

-> URL: http://www.os2world.com/award.shtml
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CeBIT: OS/2 will be there! (from NewsFlash EWWS - Issue February 2002)
IBM's "Enterprise Warp & Workspace Services" division will show OS/2 at Hannover fair "CeBIT 2002" (March, 13. - 20.) and also InnoTek.
  • EWWS @ CeBIT
    We will present our offering portfolio with a demo setup derived from a customer scenario that shows
    • how to integrate different platforms
    • a Thin Client Scenario using the WorkSpace On-Demand 3.02 Technology
    • Server based Computing
    • WebSphere Application Server Load Balancing & Stress Testing
    We'd be happy to welcome you at the IBM Booth in Hall 1 (4g2 / 5d2), Demo-Point 90.
  • Innotek's e-Business solutions will be shown in Hall 4, A04 (IBM Partner Booth), Demo-Point D03.
    Presented Products are
    • Virtual PC for OS/2 and Windows
    • CoStandBy Server for e-Business
    • Macromedia Flash 5
    • SECOND (Security On-Demand)

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    News while CeBIT at OS2.org (from Webteam)
    While the CeBIT exhibition in Hannover, Germany (3/13 - 3/20) the news at OS2.org will be not published as fast as you know from us because we are all very busy in that time. We hope you understand it and after the exhibition we will be as fast as you know it now! Thank you in advance!

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    Warpstock 2002 Public Polls (from Stanley Sidlov)
    Warpstock is looking for your feedback about Warpstock 2002. Please vote in our polls on the nitty gritty about Warpstock 2002. If you are not a member of Warpstock-Public the mailing list, maybe you should be. Warpstock 2002 -- Our 5th year bringing Warpstock to OS/2 and eCS users.
    Warpstock, Inc.
    (We know our web page is sporadic at this time.)

    -> URL: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Warpstock-public/polls
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    eCS (DE) promotion pricing extended (from Alexander Beyrer)
    The promotion pricing for the german eCS has been extended until end of march 2002.

    -> URL: http://shop.mensys.nl/catalogue/mns_eComStation.html
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