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OS2.org News (www.OS2.org): 23/08/2005
Unix to OS/2 Build System Mailing List (from http://www.os2news.com)
Hi Everyone The Unix to OS/2 Build System Mailing List has been resurrected at http://unixos2.org/ you can also find more information and archives at http://unixos2.org/sw/pub/list/ux2bs/ these are not complete but I will be going back through my emails and updating these archives.
This is an email list for those interested in helping, testing and developing the Unix to OS/2 development build system to create a Unix like enviroment under OS/2 to ease compiling and porting applications to OS/2.
To subscribe to the list, send an email to "list-request at unixos2.org" place in the body of the email :-
subscribe ux2bs end You can also email "list-request at unixos2.org" and place the word "help" in the body of the email for help on list commands.
Cheers Ian Manners http://www.os2site.com/ WINERR 013 - KEYBOARD ERROR; USER MUST LEARN TO SLOW DOWN

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