OS2.org News (www.OS2.org): 14/03/2013
PCI Dock updated (from Eugene Gorbunoff : eugenegorbunoff@mail.ruDESPAM)

New version is available from eCo Market.
Use PCI Dock to view computer configuration after eCS installation.
Start the utility to resolve the conflicts of controllers
(If you have installed new adapters / attached more SATA devices / USB devices)

Homepage of PCI Dock: http://ecomstation.ru/pcidock

PIC: http://ecomstation.ru/projects/pcidock/pics/pcidock-20130301.png

btw, (not related to PCI Dock),
Please share your experience, what system information do users need today?
For example,
* Dive/OpenGL presence
* Detailed information about laptop battery
* Applications which were started on system startup

[1] -> URL: http://ecomstation.ru/pcidock
[2] -> URL: http://ecomstation.ru/projects/pcidock/pics/pcidock-20130301.png

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