OS2.org News (www.OS2.org): 28/02/2007
Let's gather solutions based on eComStation (from http://www.os2news.com)
* PBX on eComStation -- private phone network of arbitrary size with a central controlling unit (Germany, WS IT-Service and Logic Consult GmbH) -- http://ecomstation.ru/showarticle.php?id=152
* Oz. Of Prevention System -- Computerized Maintenance Management System (Aviar, USA) -- http://ecomstation.ru/showarticle.php?id=151
* eComStation is more favourable for enterprises than Windows (russian text).
* The largest interactive FM radio stations in Russia are using technology based on eComStation. Here is the overview on russian language: Interactive FM radiostations in Russia. 'Interactive' means that listeners are sending SMS/email/phone messages to RadioDJ and his guests. SMSRC32 and eComStation are used to gather & process such SMS messages. (russian text, look at screenshots) -- http://ru.ecomstation.ru/showarticle.php?id=150

OS/2 (eComStation) is alive while people are using and improving the system. The developers of solutions ensure long life for our operating system because computers with OS/2 make money for their customers year by year. The developers bring new industrial technologies to OS/2, feed support service, fill OS/2 with unique features to keep the solutions competitive.

Examples of solutions based on OS/2: ATM, sound processing (speech, digital restoration of sound), training devices (astronauts, oilmen), technical appliances (measuring, medical), virtual machines (mainframes, SVISTA), CMMS, restaurants, etc.

Why should you write the story today?
* You should do this to protect your investments made into OS/2 platform.
* OS/2 users are located in different countries and cities. They will read the story because of OS/2 word :) And spread the information about your company and products among own colleagues.
* The developer of the operating system will get information about your requirements and improve OS to satisfy them.
* Your story gives stimulus to thousands of users, developers and companies.
* It's easy. Solution story is based on usual product flyer.

Where to collect solutions? www.ecomstation.ru site is hosting Solutions list since 2002. Yyou can publish german, dutch, english texts there.

How to write Solutions story? Take the flyer of your product, add Introduction, add one-two paragraphs about advantages of OS/2 usage, add 2 advertisement photos/screenshots, 2 screenshots of back-end demonstating usage of OS/2. Send the story to e-mail: support (at) ecomstation.ru

Welcome to homepage of solutions! -- http://ecomstation.ru/solutions/?action=solutions

[1] -> URL: http://ecomstation.ru/showarticle.php?id=152
[2] -> URL: http://ecomstation.ru/showarticle.php?id=151
[3] -> URL: http://ru.ecomstation.ru/showarticle.php?id=150
[4] -> URL: http://ecomstation.ru/solutions/?action=solutions

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