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Sourcecode from Creative Labs SB Live-driver will be free (from Achim Hasenmueller)
As you can read at 'slashdot' Creative Labs will make the sourcecode for the SB Live-device driver for Linux public. Then it will be possible to port it to OS/2!

-> URL: http://www.slashdot.org
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VRML viewer source code from Web3D consortium (from Yoshibumi Fukuda)
Web3D consortium released source code of the VRML viewer offered by Blaxxun. Though I'm not for sure if the source can build the executable for OS/2 platform, it should be a great contribution to open source community. See the following page for detail.

-> URL: http://www.web3d.org/TaskGroups/source/index.html
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Development on SecureDesktop not halted (from Joerg Sievers)
After the announcement that the development of SecureDesktop has been halted the author got the help he needed - not by IBM - and the development will go on.

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56K PCI Call Waiting Modem with OS/2-driver (from Gerhard Arnecke)
Actiontec has a 56K Internal PCI Call Waiting Modem with a driver for OS/2.

-> URL: http://www.actiontec.com/support/modems/cwi.html
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PMView 2.0 and Beyond (from Gerhard Arnecke)
On that site you will find the prices since december 1999. It is the last announcement for the PMView version 2.0. Attention: You can only get a 'lifelong-license' with versions under 2.0. After the release of 2.0 you would have to pay for each version!

-> URL: http://www.pmview.com/us/future.html
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SecureDesktop development halted (from Jürgen Dankoweit)
The author of SecureDesktop has stopped the development on it. Just read his arguments why he did it:

  • Unresolvable problems in creating and killing the WPS

  • Lack of information on the side of IBM - I'm waiting now about nine months on documentation about file access control
I'm frustrated about this situation, but what should I do? Thanks to all who tried SecureDesktop. Sorry to all who had great expectations in my product.

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ODIN still alive (from Roderick Klein)
For the people who did have the time to follow the ODIN
project (old WIN32 OS/2 project), here is an short update. We have not seen a lot of it on the net in the last few months, the homepage was very silent. This is because the people of the ODIN project almost did a complete re-write. The loading of programs is also different now.
From the win32 os/2 mailing list:
Just an update regarding the project: Last week the team got WinZip running on OS/2, including standart installation! Opera/2 is doing very well, still some bugs in it but we hope to fix them within the next two month. So thinks are getting bether and bether and a binary release will be ready in the next few weeks!
(mail from Adrian Gschwend @ netlabs)

-> URL: http://www.netlabs.org
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'Aurora' client announcement (from Oliver Mark, IBM Germany)
During a trip to IBM in Austin, I had a chance to speak to Steven King (well known to all OS/2-guys) and fresh from the source, here's his announcement:
There IS a service offering from IBM for installation and support of an official Aurora Client to be officially announced within the next couple of days.
This includes fee-based onsite installation based on a modified version of the Server to install Warp 4.5 Client including MPTS, TCPIP, LAN Requester, Syst. Mgmt. comp., Netscape, Java and so on; as well as a supportline contract for reporting problems to IBM. Once again, this is a fee-based service-offering, it's NOT a shrinkwrap CD for endusers. If you are a IBM-Business-customer, contact either Steven King (for North and South Amerika) or me (for Europe) for more

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No Oracle8 available for OS/2 (from Joerg Sievers)
Here is the Answer why you can not buy through the Oracle-shop an OS/2-release of Oracle8 (The answer was in German): They have received the availability for the OS/2-platform from the US-site and there is no Oracle8. The actual release is the

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Which GNOME apps do you want? (from Christoph Vogelbusch)
Platon asked me to make a survey, about what GNOME apps should be ported to OS/2. So take a look at the GNOME Software-Map and mail me whatever you'd like to see on OS/2.

In a few days you can see the first results on my GNOME pages.

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Giving to the Community: 'OS/2 Around the World' (from Charles Jefferson II)
I wanted to contribute to the OS/2 community, and since I don't program to the class that I could release a public product, and I don't do much except keep LAN systems operational, and maintain communications, I thought I would host an idea: "OS/2 Around the World".

I frequently run across OS/2 users that don't know some of the good sites for info, games, config help, etc. I thought I could post on BAOS/2 a few sites a week to help spread the word.

Give me some feed back. Send email to: cjeffii@home.com

If you are an OS/2 enthusiast, or know of a few good OS/2 sites, send me an email titled "OS/2 Around the World" with the links to the sites.

If there is a good response, I will post the first series in a week. Let's support our OS/2 community!

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AMP 1.0 for OS/2 (from Samuel Audet)
I may have the possibility to make an OS/2 port of the very extraordinarily good MP3 decoder known as AMP 1.0. Unfortunately, Brian Litman, president of PlayMedia needs to know if "there are serious, "industrial" applications for an OS/2 MP3 port [of AMP 1.0]".

AMP 0.76 was used in many MP3 players before it became commercial. AMP 1.0 is even better than XAudio. It sounds great and uses little CPU time.

If anyone knows anybody interested in using OS/2 AMP in a profitable product, please let me know.

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Warpstock Europe 2000 (from Joerg Sievers)
After the great success for the OS/2-consumers at the Warpstock Europe event the Team OS/2 Deutschland e.V. want to manage it also in the year 2000. You can send your suggestions on their updated webpages.

-> URL: http://www.warpstock.de
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Pictures from Warpstock in Atlanta (from Joerg Sievers)
The first pictures from the Warpstock are on the VOICE-websites.

-> URL: http://www.os2voice.org/warpstock99/ws99pictures01.html
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Blueprint Software Works Inc. acquires PMMail (from Blueprint Software Works)

New Version of Product Line Available October 15, 1999

Wilmington, NC - October 15, 1999, - Blueprint Software Works, Inc., a newly formed software development and publishing firm, recently acquired the PMMail software package from Southsoft, Inc. Both companies made the
announcement today. An updated version of PMMail, one of the most powerful email clients available, will be released on October 15th, 1999 immediately following this press release distribution. The latest OS/2 version (2.10) is available on Hobbes or at http://www.blueprintsoftwareworks.com

The PMMail product line is one of the most versatile email software packages available. This powerful and flexible email application provides extensive support for emerging Internet standards along with a user-friendly interface.
PMMail is a multi-platform application supporting OS/2 as well as Windows NT/95/98/2000..PMMail offers users a way to manage unlimited email accounts, providing a cost-effective, timesaving communication tool.

'We are excited about the acquisition of the PMMail product line. Southsoft has developed an email application that is in a class by itself,' said Thomas Bradford, President, Blueprint Software Works. 'The PMMail feature set is packed with everything a customer needs to manage email and the interface is displayed in a logical and intuitive manner. The program is designed for easy navigation, setting PMMail apart from other email programs.'

'We created PMMail over four years ago,' said Robert Novitskey, lead developer and President of Southsoft, Inc. 'Yet even today, no product has come close to PMMail's power and feature set.'

'In the past six months it became apparent that Southsoft could no longer provide the level of quality in service, support, breadth of features and timeliness of upgrades that our customers deserve,' said Novitskey. 'As such, we searched far and wide to fine someone to take over the reins and continue in the tradition that we have set forth. We are pleased to have found a partner (in Blueprint Software Works) who shares the same desire to see PMMail continue to grow and astonish customers.'

Blueprint Software Works is a privately held firm located in Wilmington, NC specializing in software development, as well as publishing and marketing services for independent developers. The aquisition and launch of PMMail announces Blueprint Software Works' official entrance into the software development and publishing market. Negotiations with leading developers in the Internet and multimedia market are currently under way as well and Blueprint Software Works will be announcing these agreements as they are finalized."

Contact: James S.McCorquodale
Voice: 800-603-5684 (USA-Canada)
Voice: 001-910-452-4787 (Outside USA & Canada)
Fax: 910-452-9734

Blueprint Software Works, Inc.
5019 Carolina Beach Rd. Ste. 102
Wilmington, NC 28412

-> URL: http://www.blueprintsoftwareworks.com
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Pillarsoft with two new programs at Warpstock (from Wayne Swanson)
"The big news for Warpstock 99? We will be releasing TWO new solutions for OS/2 users!

Our newest application should be of interest to personal and business users alike. It is tentatively called 'Data Shield' and provides secure deletion of all sensitive data. It is important to know that merely deleting data does not actually remove the information from your hard drive. It can still be recovered and your sensitive information may be compromised.

Data Shield offers to overwrite selected data before deletion so prying eyes will not see what you don't want
them to see. It offers a choice of overwriting X number of times before deletion or delete to DOD specification. Data Shield will handle all freespace on a drive, a complete drive, TMP & TEMP directories, \DELETE directories, individual files, individual directories, directory trees, as well as cleanup of the Netscape cache and its history trails. Screenshots of Data Shield and some of its skins are available.

As is the norm for most PillarSoft applications, much of
Data Shield's work is point and click, saving you the
drudgery of locating your "TMP" directory or Netscape.hst", for example, manually. As much work as possible is ferreted out by Data Shield automatically when the user asks for it.

Data Shield will be available for $25 for personal use and will be discounted at Warpstock ($20). Site licenses will also be available.

PillarSoft Status Center (PSC) was originally an 'in-house' tool to track dll's loaded for each running process. As needs arose, the application gelled to provide most info pstat gives in an easily browsed format as well as adding a switch list, process killer, swapfile size, free RAM, total available virtual memory, machine uptime, zombie processes, the list goes on... Because of the important utility it has shown here, we are making it available to you. A "squished" screenshot is viewable.

PSC will be priced at a moderate $15 for personal use and we will be offering a discounted $10 price at Warpstock. Site licenses will also be available."

-> URL: http://www.pillarsoft.net/
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Developers: EGCS/EMX-bugfix needed! (from Adrian Gschwend)
If you are a developer an think you can help - DO IT!

"I talked to some people from StarOffice at Warpstock Europe and they told me, that they have a serious problem with the OS/2 port of it. Until now they used to compile the code with VAcpp 3.65 on OS/2 but now
they use "namespaces" in the code and because VAcpp 4.0 does not support commandline compiling, they can't compile it on OS/2 anymore (the project is simply too big for the VAcpp 4.0 workframe). On Linux they use the Pentium optimized version of the GNU compiler and they
tried the same on OS/2. But unfortunately there is a problem in the OS/2 port:

(Taken from)

'Known bugs:

emxomf now traps (sometimes?) when compiling with -g (debug) switch. This is due to new format of debugging info (DWARF2). I do not know how to fix this. Use A.OUT format (no -Zomf) for debugging and pmgdb.

Solution: This happens because pgcc uses new stabs format (-gstabs+) while emxomf understands only the standard stabs debugging info. I've partialy fixed this by adding a tiny command-line preprocessor to gcc.
It scans argv[] and looks for both -Zomf and -g# where # is a number. If it finds one, it replaces -g# by -gstabs#. This doesn't always help, however.

As you can see this is a limitation in EMX, we now have to find people who are able to fix this (which will not be an easy task I think). We are already in contact with Eberhard Mattes but we need more support. If you think you are able to fix this, please get in contact with
Oliver Braun.

Please JUST reply if you really think you can help StarOffice.

A StarOffice without debug informations can not be tested and if noone can fix this limitation, Sun can not provide a new version for OS/2 ! So you see this is important for the future of StarOffice on OS/2."

-> URL: http://www.netlabs.org
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Change Netscape´s animation (Throbbers) (from Stefan Gombar)
Hi! Tired of the comets from Netscape? You can change them! The Throbbers archive is now online.

We have converted the animations of the famous
WebExplorer animations (150+) and are awaiting your
creations. You can find it http://www.os2forum.or.at/TeamOS2/English/Special/Throbbers/
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Atlanta awaits Warpstock '99 (from Dan Casey)
Atlanta, GA has been the site of many spectacular events: the '96 Summer Olympics, the Super Bowl, political and business conventions, and occasions with world leaders. Now, however, the city seems to be holding its breath, waiting for the event that will once again set the city on fire: Warpstock '99.

This is the event that we have all be waiting for. No other event will attract more OS/2 users to this city. No other event will celebrate a full weekend of Peace, Love, and OS/2. Yes, this is the event of a lifetime, and Atlanta is proud to be hosting it.

Fall brings a stillness to this town, a quietness to the metropolis whose roots are southern, but whose reach is international. And in that quietness, we wait with great anticipation for our chance to say "Welcome to the city of Atlanta". So come, be a part of this place, this time, this show. Warpstock '99 and Atlanta welcomes you.

Don't miss the premier OS/2 event of the century, Warpstock '99 Atlanta.

OS/2 users from around the world will meet October 16-17 in Atlanta.

-> URL: http://www.warpstock.org
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VOICE October 1999 available (from madodel@ptdprolog.net)
The October issue of the VOICE Newsletter is now online
The Newsletter is available as online HTML,
Downloadable HTML and downloadable in OS/2 INF format.

"In this month's issue you will find:

The Editor of VOICE speaks out: Through the Looking Glass Yet Again
The Revised Young Person's Guide to Hacking the Stardock
bject Desktop 2.0 Windows 95 LNF, 2nd Edition, By: The Rev. Andrew Graham
'Back side of the Moon', By: Timur Kazimirov
One Man And One Step At A Time: Worldwide Communication
At Warp Expo West, By: Peter Skye
Warpstock Europe 99 - A Review, By: Christian Hennecke
Installing Warp on a Toshiba 2545XCDT Laptop, By: Mark Dodel
And of course letters, addendums, Tips and the compiled monthly OS/2 news!"

-> URL: http://www.os2voice.org
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Call Waiting Modem supports OS/2 (from Armin Schwarz)
"Actiontec Electronics is offering internal (PCI) and external 56k modems that support call waiting. These models support DOS, Win 3.1, 95, 98, NT, OS/2 and Linux. Call Waiting Modems let you answer incoming calls while maintaining internet connection to your PC. Th same company also offers an internal PC Card reader with OS/2 drivers."

-> URL: http://www.actiontec.com/
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Handouts online (from Frank Meilinger)
The handouts for my Warpstock Europe 1999 workshops WSP01 (OS/2 Problem Determination and Analysis) and WSP02 (OS/2 Physical Device Driver Programming) are now online available.

-> URL: http://rover.wiesbaden.netsurf.de/~meile/index.html
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WarpUP! Client October '99 (from WarpUP! helpline)
WarpUP! Client October '99, Vol. 1 Issue 3, is complete!

After testing and adding last minute new stuff, the WarpUP! Client CD for October '99 is ready to go!

New to this issue, Java 118+fixes, Communicator 4.61 + Plugin Pak, Fixpak 12, Device Driver fixpak 1, SmartSuite 1.1 updates, and MORE!

Please visit the WarpUP! homepage for information on pricing and contents.

The WarpUP! Server CD should follow in two weeks or less.

Thanks for your support.

-> URL: http://service.indelible-blue.com/WarpUP
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IBM Licenses SciTech Software's Graphics Technology (from Kendall Bennett)
SciTech's Universal Display Driver to Be Bundled with IBM's E-Business Solutions

Chico, California - October 11, 1999 -- SciTech Software, Inc. today announced that IBM has licensed a special version of SciTech Display Doctor, which will be distributed by IBM as the primary display driver for all of IBM's OS/2 Warp based operating systems, including the Warp Client, Workspace On Demand and Warp Server for e-business.

This marks the first time that any common PC operating system, either desktop or server, will include a hardware accelerated, universal display driver as part of the base operating system. Until now, operating system vendors have had to rely on overtaxed graphics hardware vendors to provide software driver support, resulting in inconsistent driver quality and infrequent or non-existent updates for the installed base of graphics hardware.

"We're proud to partner with SciTech Software, because they are a leader in graphics device drivers," said Cheng-Fong Shih, IBM Business Line Manager for OS/2. "OS/2, with SciTech's universal display driver technology, will provide our customers with a timely and stable platform for their mission critical applications, regardless of the display hardware they choose to use."

SciTech Display Doctor provides true plug and play capability by detecting the graphics hardware installed and configuring itself automatically. It is not necessary for a user to determine what type of graphics hardware they have, locate the correct driver, fumble with install disks or use configuration utilities - it is all handled automatically by SciTech Display Doctor. The user can even swap out a graphics card or monitor and SciTech Display Doctor will dynamically configure itself for the newly installed hardware. These features make supporting IBM systems in the field much easier for IBM customers.

"As an IBM customer we are pleased that they are working with SciTech to provide a universal plug and play solution for graphics hardware.", said Andy Finkel, VP of Software at German computer manufacturer Met@box AG, "It shows that IBM is really supporting their customers."

As part of this agreement, SciTech and IBM are working together to improve the OS/2 Warp platform's core "GRADD" display driver architecture to increase graphics performance and compatibility. The IBM PC Company, which manufactures IBM's personal computer hardware, is also closely involved in this effort to ensure maximum compatibility with IBM branded hardware.

"The SciTech driver technology licensed by IBM is the culmination of years of work by SciTech. We used all of our experience with driver development to create an architecture that is fast, scalable, and extremely compatible," said Kendall Bennett, SciTech's Director of Engineering.

IBM will offer SciTech Display Doctor/se for OS/2 Warp free of charge, directly to its customers. It will be available for downloaded from the IBM's web site and will be bundled with future operating system updates. SciTech also markets SciTech Display Doctor Professional for OS/2 Warp as an upgrade for users who need more advanced display features. Fully functional trial versions of SciTech Display Doctor Professional for OS/2 Warp and other SciTech products are available for download at http://www.scitechsoft.com. SciTech products are available directly from SciTech Software by calling (800) 486-4823 (in the U.S. and Canada) or (530) 894-8400.

-> URL: http://www.scitechsoft.com
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Outstanding Software and Specials At Warpstock '99 Atlanta (from Dan Casey)
Warpstock is THE place to find the latest OS/2 Software. You'll find both new and updated software from a large assortment of vendors, and be ready to buy because you won't believe the "show specials" that will be available for Warpstock attendees!

For example, Hethmon Brothers will be offering their first class Inet.Mail Pro 1.5 for $399, a full $100 off the normal retail price! Version 1.3 will be also available at discounted prices. Inet.Mail Pro for OS/2 is a full featured SMTP and POP3 server for OS/2.

Sundial Systems, the Warped Jeopardy! sponsor and major OS/2 software house ("Sundial has the Answers"), will show their full product line. Look for outstanding savings on their Mesa 2 spreadsheet; DBExpert relational database and application builder; Relish, RelishNet, and RelishWeb, all for time management; the Clearlook word processor; and Rover Pack desktop enhancements. Plus, get a sneak preview of a new anti-spam product, code-named Kiwi.

Perfect Niche Software will offer an incredible discount on SMACK!, the easy to use label printing program. The retail price of SMACK! is $69.95, but Warpstock attendees can license SMACK! for only $44.95, a $25.00 savings!

Serenity Systems will be supporting a pavilion where more than a dozen ISVs will demonstrate their applications on Managed Clients supported by Serenity's amazing WiseManager system. Serenity will also demonstrate their new WiseTalker Database Server, and will preview their Building Automation and Security Software, including the "security camera" application. User and prospective channel partners can look for some "show specials" as well.

And Theta Band software, with Julienne Pierre at the helm, has planned special discounts on their WarpCharge and MMPack software for Warpstock attendees. WarpCharge lets your web site take credit card orders online, and MMPack is a top-of-the-line multimedia package.

You'll also see IBM's latest products including OS/2 Warp Server for e-business, and Workspace On-Demand. IBM is giving over a dozen presentations, and it's a perfect opportunity for you to see the future through IBM's eyes.

JPC Software Development will offer a fantastic 30% discount on their HomePage Publisher and GpfRexx products. HomePage Publisher is the most powerful OS/2 web page editor on the market. GpfRexx is a visual application generator that combines the ease of a WYSIWYG visual programming environment with the power of Rexx.

Also, Armin Schwarz of the Warped Code Cellar has announced discounted pricing for his powerful House/2, House/290, and UPS Monitor products. Get all three programs at Warpstock for only $34.00, and Warp your whole house! HOUSE/2 is designed for easy operation of X10 home control devices, and UPS Monitor is a utility program to monitor most American Power Conversion (APC) Uninterruptible Power Sources (UPS) for power line status.

Aviar will showcase several unique OS/2 products including KidStuff for OS/2, KidStuff for OS/2 Plus Pack, Oz of Prevention System, and "Object Rexx by Example". The KidStuff titles are edutainment packages for little children, while "Object Rexx by Example" is a book which teaches Object Rexx. The Oz of Prevention System is the world's only OS/2 native speech-aware Computerized Maintenance Management System for Plant Engineers, Maintenance Managers, and Operations Personnel.

Uwe Schlenter has made special arrangements to provide drastically reduced prices on his WarpNote, BioGraph/2, and PM Checksum programs. Plus you can see Phoenix Software's Think Tool Pro desktop database alternative and CrossTec's NetOp Remote Control for OS/2 remote control software.

With Software and Specials like these, you know you don't want to miss the premier OS/2 event of the century, Warpstock '99 Atlanta!

OS/2 users from around the world will meet October 16-17
in Atlanta. Visit http://www.warpstock.org for the complete information about this very special OS/2 event.

-> URL: http://www.warpstock.org/
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Status of Opera/2-development (from Frederic Genest)
There is some fresh news about Opera/2. Here is a clip from their web pages:

Current status: Progress +2
Latest Update: 05 October

We got the Windows sourcecode from version 4.0 (which is not yet released) and one of the developers, was able to compile it without SSL and mailsupport under OS/2 with Odin32-APIs. The executable is not yet working and there are still bugs in Odin32; this is what we must fix now.

A third developer has been added to the team and we think that the OS/2 version is not that far away! Of course, we cannot say how long it will take until it is working but progress is better than ever before.

Opera/2 is part of Project Magic from Opera Software, who are porting their (10 Mb) web browser from Windows to OS/2, MacOS and other operating systems. For more information about Project Magic, Opera/2 and Opera Software, go to:

Odin32, now under the administration of The OS/2 Netlabs, is a project that aims to convert Win32-apps to native OS/2 code. For more information on Odin32 and The OS/2 Netlabs, go to:

-> URL: http://www.opera.com/
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Warpstock Europe 1999 on German TV (from Buntspecht.de)
There will be a report about Warpstock Europe 1999 on (German) TV. The Show is called "NEUES.....Die Computershow". The language is german only.

The dates for the transmission are:
Monday, 11th October 1999, 21:30pm in 3sat.

Repetition on
Tuesday, 12th October, 2:25am in the ZDF
Saturday, 16th October 1999, 14pm in 3sat

-> URL: http://www.3sat.de/neues/sendungen/show/01204/index.html
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Volunteers Needed (from Judy McDermott)
We still have an IMMEDIATE NEED for volunteers to step forward and take a leadership role in this year's Warpstock '99 in Atlanta. The following positions still need to be filled:

Audio/Visual Coordinator - Most of the preliminary work has already been done in this area, but we need someone to take responsibility for coordinating this on site. This means making sure that the right equipment is in the right rooms at the right time, and working properly. You will also be responsible for making sure that all equipment is collected at the end of the event and returned to the vendor.

Physical Setup/Breakdown Coordinator - This is another on-site task. We need someone with leadership capabilities that can direct the efforts of the other volunteers on this committee to make sure that all exhibitors that need assistance setting up their booth, transporting equipment, etc. has the help that they need. Most of the physical booth setup and network cabling will be provided by outside vendors.

Registration Coordinator - We need someone to oversee this area (ideally 2 people) to handle schedule shifts for the registration committee volunteers, and handle any problems that might arise. This is also an on-site task and requires a minimum amount of time before October 15.

Conference Room Hosts - We still need more volunteers to help out as conference room hosts. If you're going to be attending the sessions anyway, why not help us out and serve as a room host. Responsibilities include making sure that the speaker is in the correct room at the correct time, and handling out and collecting session evaluations.

If you're interested in helping out, please notify Luc Van Bogaert.

-> URL: http://www.warpstock.org/
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Standreport Warpstock Europe 1999 (from Philipp Buehler)

a bit later, but traffic jam and ordering all the stuff needed some time.

First, all who couldn't attend it: You have really MISSED something!
But to give you an overview about the presenters first this report (detailled information to all workshops and PHOTOS will be in here while this week, I am back to regular work already .. if anyone has further photos and want them to be presented here, send me an email please).
  • TeamOS/2 Köln/Bonn, http://www.teamos2kb.de/
    OS/2 Computer Museum; from v1.3 (on a PS/2-565X!), through v2.0, v3.0 connect, v4.0 up to v4.5 (WSeB) all on own hardware has been shown. Additional informationen about Y2K (Millenium Bug) and scanning under OS/2 was shown also.
  • OS2.org / Netlabs
    Well, anything can be looked up 'here' of course. Also we presented our admin-tool for the webserver. All about the future of OS2.org and Netlabs will get an extra article.
  • Information/Registration (TeamOS/2 Deutschland) http://www.teamos2.de/
    You could find information about the exhibition itself, buy a handout-cdrom (most of the presentations are saved on it). T-Shirts, buttons etc. At the registration desk you could register yourself of course :-) and attended at the raffles on Sat and Sun.
  • Coffee bar
    no comment :-)
  • EPSON Deutschland http://www.epson.de/
    Presentation of the actual inkjet-printers, scanner, digicam and beamer. All presentated under OS/2 of course. Just they used for now inoffcial drivers. but EPSON Deutschland is very engaged to support all (even actual) products with OS/2 drivers.
  • HelpDesk (TeamOS/2 Deutschland)
    At several boxes there were direct help for people. Also they showed just some possibilities on OS/2 like CD burning and XFree86/OS2. The stand was always crowed, so I cannot tell more, if I missed something to report here, please send me an email.
  • TeamOS/2 Trier http://www.teamos2.ipcon.de/
    Team Trier finished their Team Trier Collection Vol. 5 just on the last second. But it is BRANDnew now! :). FixPak 12 for v4 and FixPak 42 for v3, Netscape 4.61, XFree86/OS2 3.3.5 and MUCH more on it. Striking fact: the FP and XFree is direct installable from CD! Great job!
  • Computer & Literatur http://www.cul.de/
    Especially the book 'Warp Server for e-business' was sold very often for a special price. At some time I thought it was for free, cause anybody carried it :). Oliver Mark also did a very interesting presentation about Aurora - as said, there will be a seperate article about the presentations.
  • Mensys http://www.mensys.nl/
    presented a LOT of software for buying, and sold a lot too. Always happy faces there :)
    At least the pre-orders for a possible OS/2 Aurora client were pushed up to 9390! Mensys liked the event very muched and had an overwhelmed response to their expectation.
  • Norman Data Defense http://www.norman.de/
    Norman showed an online virus scanner for OS/2. There were free demo versions, many discussion and even anough sale.
  • S&T Systemtechnik http://www.s-t.de/
    presented a network capable radio clock with (of course) OS/2 support and had also enough traffic and sales.
  • Deckarm & Co. http://www.dco.net/
    DCO showed their actual sales program and LOTS of older software which was sold for crazy prices (LAN Server for v1.3 and later for ONE deutschmark) and even gave away some stuff for free in the end. It was always very funny there :-).
  • R.O.M. logicware http://www.rom-logicware.com/
    R.O.M., well, Papyrus should be known by anyone :). The office package and the seperated ones were sold at special offer (Office 222,-DM). Unfortunatly I was not able to ask R.O.M. about their sales but the traffic at their stand could really result in enough sales.
  • C.-E.-Fischer http://www.cefischer.de/
    was not able to come to the exhibition, but left some informational papers and some 'OS/2 Only!' at the registration desk. So also no news about Xelia.
  • WSoD
    short timed there were some people from IBM USA at our stand and showed Workspace on Demand, this will result in a special report also.

That's it for now. Summarized all presenters were happy and had lots of fun while the exhibition, and I think they would come back to a new event - hopefully some more!

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Warpstock Europe Reports (from Philipp Buehler)
Due to lack of time we decided to bring up a completed report on monday evening.
Also photos will be available while this week,

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IBM licenses SDD/2! (from Kendall Bennett)
Today is the first day of an official agreement between IBM and SciTech for licensing SciTech Display Doctor for OS/2. IBM has licensed a special edition of our SciTech Display Doctor for OS/2 product, to be made publicly available via their drivers online pages, and in upcoming fixpacks for OS/2 Warp Client, OS/2 Warp Server for e-Business and Workspace On Demand. In essence SciTech Display Doctor will become the official display driver technology included in all OS/2 products for IBM.

The IBM Special Edition of SciTech Display Doctor contains a subset of the features contained in the full product, as outlined below:
  • Resolutions of 640x480, 800x600, 1024x768, 1280x1024, 1600x1200
  • Support for all color depths
  • Refresh rates from 60Hz to 85Hz
  • DDC Plug and Play monitor detection
  • Full hardware 2D acceleration
  • Hardware cursor

The IBM Special Edition will be made available by IBM after it passes IBMs acceptance requirements. More information on this announcement will be forthcoming when we do our official press release on the matter.

-> URL: http://www.scitechsoft.com/
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The next morning on Warpstock Europe 1999 (from Philipp Buehler)
(Sorry I forgot the first report yesterday for the english news)

Already in the very morning there are more people around than in Friday afternoon.

Detailled reports about all present stands will follow after I visited them all ;-).

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First voice from Warpstock Europe 1999 (from Philipp Buehler)
After a slow start and bad weather conditions all stands
are up and the exhibition is filled up with people (ok, at least TeamOS/2 Trier is missing).

First presentations are done and we will be back in the afternoon.

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