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The success of OS/2 in the banking industry (from Andreas Linde)
The listed URL shows the success of OS/2 in the banking industry.

-> URL: http://www.techweb.com/se/directlink.cgi?IWK19990322S0032
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IBM "BodySlams" OS/2 (from Andreas Linde)
News in from "The Screen Savers", a computer help show on the ZDTV cable network. States that IBM does not want the show to promote OS/2 and has no future plans for OS/2 for another year.

-> URL: http://www.zdnet.com/zdtv/screensavers/answerstips/story/0,3656,2231067,00.html
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Future of OS/2 (from Adrian Gschwend)
This news arrived today:
Hello all,

This is a very important message about the future of Win32-OS/2 (aka PE2LX). I think most of you know the program, if not check http://www.os2ss.com/win32-os2/

Since the old project team closed developement of it, we at OS/2 Netlabs hope to provide an enhanced version of this program. Some *big* (and I mean big) OS/2 customers contacted me and they asked wheter it is possible to enhance it very soon. The goal is very big, it is to get Microsoft Office running on OS/2.

I think this is definitely not easy, also because it looks like OS/2 itself is not able to provide all we need (512MB memory limit).

If we are able to provide this we can reach that the last big OS/2 customers stay on OS/2 in the future, if it is not possbible they have to switch to NT...
I know they could also use other programs than MS Office, this is not my decission so don"t say they should use StarOffice or something like this. It looks like they can"t/don"t want use it. The only thing they need is a new version of PE2LX.

Actually there are some teams working on serveral stuff, for example EverBlue and I think there will also be a port of WINE for OS/2 in the near future. To do this we need a lot of manpower and know how.

=> If you are able to support this project, please join the new mailinglist about it. We have to decide *very* soon whether this is possible or not. Please join this list if you are able to support us or if you see problems we might have. I don"t want to say we will do it if it is not possible. Please *do not* subscribe to the list if you just want to see what happens, for sure we will keep you up to date through the web. OS advocacy is also *not* welcome on this list.

This would be one of the biggest OS/2 projects ever, but maybe this could really be a milestone in the future of OS/2.

Give it a try and join the list, we need every developer we can get!!!

The mailinglist is available at http://www.egroups.com/list/win32-os2/
Win32-OS/2: http://www.os2ss.com/win32-os2/
EverBlue: http://www.netlabs.org/everblue/
WINE: http://www.winehq.com/
OS/2 Netlabs: http://www.netlabs.org

More information about the whole project is available at the mailinglist. For sure you are welcome to send this message to all OS/2 users you know, we need every support we can get to do this.

Hope to see you there!

-> URL: http://www.netlabs.org/
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Future of Hobbes (from Adrian Gschwend)
I found this message on Hobbes, I think we really have to find a good solution for Hobbes, the OS/2 community really needs this server!

Regarding the future of Hobbes: After I graduate, Hobbes will have to go somewhere else. For now my boss (Dave Rocks) and I have a few ideas, but definitely nothing concrete. If you could drop us both a line with any suggestions you may have (i.e. sites you know of who would be happy to take over the maintenance of Hobbes, other ideas on how to keep Hobbes alive in some form, etc.), it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! And hopefully Hobbes won"t die when I leave. I"ve put too much work and time into it to want that to happen. :/

Joshua">archiver@hobbes.nmsu.edu">Joshua Shagam

-> URL: http://hobbes.nmsu.edu/
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Netscape 4.5 for OS/2 in development ! (from Arne Blankerts)
This info came in today:
... As a matter of fact, he (Mike) said we should be able to see a few hits on Browserwatch from Netscape 4.5 for OS/2 as it"s currently in Internal testing and development.
This version will hopefully be more stable and faster than the current Netscape 4.04!

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Re-scheduled PMView SpeakUp -- March 29 (from Andreas Linde)
VOICE is happy to say that it has re-scheduled our SpeakUp session with Peter Nielsen, author of the PMView graphics program for OS/2 and now Win32. The new date and time is Monday, March 29, 1999 at 7pm US Easter (00:00 GMT on Tuesday).

Everyone is welcome to join in on this SpeakUp session, so come and learn first-hand information about the forthcoming PMView 2.0 release for both OS/2 and Win32 systems.

VOICE SpeakUp sessions are held on the WEBBnet IRC network in the #voice channel. For complete details on how to attend, visit the Meeting Info page of the VOICE website at http://www.os2voice.org/. Remember, this meeting will begin at 7pm US Eastern rather than the usual 8pm.

-> URL: http://www.os2voice.org/
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SDD/2 Beta 2 Fixes (from Andreas Linde)
Scitech has found the main big problems in Beta 2 of SDD/2. They will provide a new Beta with the fixes included, but you all can also use a small workaround.
The problem is a broken setup.cmd file. It only copies graphics.bpd into x:os2drivers
ucleus, but it should copy ALL .bpd files !!
So all you need to do is copy those files manually, and try SDD/2 Beta 2 again.

-> URL: http://www.scitechsoft.com/
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Quicktime 3 codec for StarWars trailer (from Andreas Linde)
This is a news from quickmotion:
The Star Wars trailer is encoded using the Sorenson Video codec from Sorenson Vision, Inc. Currently they have produced binary versions of their codec only for the Mac and Windows.
Practice would be eager to work with Sorenson Vision to produce an OS/2 version of their codec. If you would like to see this happen, you can write to them at support@s-vision.com, or post a message to their discussion forum.

-> URL: http://www.quickmotion.com/
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Acrobat/2 4.0 rumours (from Andreas Linde)
There are CeBIT rumours around, about Adobe developing the new version 4.0 of Acrobat Reader for OS/2. It is planned to be released in may/june this year. But this version will also miss the search-engine, because it is licensed by another company, that gets its money per platform of usage.

-> URL: http://www.adobe.com/
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Notes-R5/2 client coming !? (from Andreas Linde)
The german c"t magazine reported, that some big customers of IBM from the financial sector want IBM to develop an OS/2 version of the new Notes-R5 client.

-> URL: http://www.heise.de/newsticker/data/jk-21.03.99-001/
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OS/2, Stardock, and more (from Michael Schneider)
Stardock got a definite refusal from IBM on selling Warp, said an IBM contributor, who is responsible for the CeBIT OS/2 stand.
But right now ONLY Stardock got an refusal - if another company is allowed to sell OS/2, wasn"t denied by this guy.
"It could also be that Stardock got a refusal, because their is another company already working on it." (O-Ton)

Asking if there will be an Warp5 Client, he said that their are no news on that - but in 4 weeks the new WarpServer will be released ... and at the latest then will be decided about that. And the chances are - in his opinion - really good. (that"s my interpretation)

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GNOME/2 Project Started (from Andreas Linde)
You can join a new international project called GNOME/2.
The project is aimed towards porting GNOME (http://www.gnome.orghttp://www.gnome.org">http://www.gnome.org>) applications to XFree86/2.

-> URL:
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Warpstock 99 Location Announced (from Andreas Linde)
The location for Warpstock 99 has been announced. After judging two very good bids from the Southern California OS/2 Users Group and the Atlanta Team, a very close vote by the Warpstock Board awarded the hosting to the Atlanta Team. See you in Atlanta!

-> URL: http://www.warpstock.org/
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Computer problems :( (from Andreas Linde)
We are very sorry about the massive computer problems we have the last 2 days.
Now the computer runs fine again, and hopefully a bit longer. But we will put the OS2.org pages on another computer, until we decided about the final place for the pages.
The speed will stay that "slow" until a new location is found, because we are connected to the internet via the DFN (the german university net).
We also will add some more actual news on sunday afternoon !!
Have fun with OS2.org

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Vmware (from Buntspecht.de)
Vmware is a virtual PC for Linux and Windows NT. The software emulates a complete PC under Linux and Windows NT and allows you to run Linux, DOS, Windows 9x, Windows NT 4 and Windows 2000 at the same time on the same machine. Right now the company says OS/2 is not supported at all, but they count the incoming requests for a OS/2 (compatible) version. So write them! In contrast to bochs is vmware much faster and also supports networking, sound, graphics and much more.
Writetech_info@vmware.com">Write> to them and request an OS/2 Version !! Some late news report that it is possible to run OS/2 on a Linux host of Vmware.

-> URL:
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Warpstock 99 Announcement (from Andreas Linde)
This news came in today:
Come to Warpstock" target="_new">http://www.warpstock.org/">Warpstock "99 - Date and Location to be Announced on Saturday, March 20, 1999.

With two excellent bids, the Warpstock, Inc. Board of Directors was faced with a very difficult decision, but after almost a week of debate, a host city for the Warpstock 99 conference has been selected.
The hotel and exhibit hall locations have been secured and we are now beginning to move forward on plans for Warpstock 99.

"VOICE has been extremely supportive of the Warpstock conference in the past, and we"re counting on their continued support," said Larry B. Finkelstein, President of Warpstock, Inc., "We decided to give them the honor of hosting an IRC Speakup session to publicly announce the Warpstock 99 host city."

The VOICE Speakup session has been scheduled for Saturday, March 20, 1999, at 1 P.M. EST. This time was selected to accommodate the interested parties in Europe and the rest of the world. The host city will be announced and members of the 1999 host team, along with members of the 1998 host team and the Warpstock, Inc. Board of Directors, will be available to announce the plans and field questions from the audience. So get your questions and suggestions ready. This continues to be an event "by and for" the OS/2 community, so your input and valuable suggestions are always welcome.

The Voice IRC sessions may be accessed on the following WEBBnet servers:

  • irc.webbnet.org (ports 6660 thru 6669)
  • irc.ca.webbnet.org:6667
  • irc.de.webbnet.org:6667
  • irc.se.webbnet.org:6667
  • irc.us.webbnet.org (ports 6660 thru 6669)
  • irc.calif2.webbnet.org:6667
  • irc.in2.webbnet.org:6667
  • irc.md2.webbnet.org:6667
  • irc.mi.webbnet.org:6667
  • irc.nc.webbnet.org:6667
  • irc.pa2.webbnet.org:6667
  • irc.tn.webbnet.org:6667
  • irc.tx.webbnet.org:6667
If further assistance is needed with IRC, please contact VOICE at help@os2voice.org.help@os2voice.org">help@os2voice.org.>

-> URL: http://www.warpstock.org/
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MainActor 2/3 (from Buntspecht.de)
buntspecht.de reports in a news, that there won"t be a version 2 of MainActor for OS/2. Instead they will develop and release the new upcoming version 3. The port to OS/2 will start after all bugs in the windows version are found and fixed.

-> URL: http://www.mainconcept.de/
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MP3 under OS/2 homepage (from Achim Hasenmueller)
If you"re interested in MP3 under OS/2, then be sure to visit the home page of Oleg Titiv. You will find a comprehensive collection of MP3 related software and links - only for OS/2!

-> URL: http://www.fis.cinvestav.mx/~titov/os2soft/mp3/
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OS2.org offline for some time (from Andreas Linde)
We are sorry, that OS2.org has been offline the last hours because of a full harddisk. But now it works again, and within some hours we are also updating the Projects area will go online. It will include IndOS2 and the start of a comprehensive list of worldwide projects around OS/2.

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Good News: PGP 6.0 (from Andreas Linde)
This news came in from the comp.os.os2.announce newsgroup:
Hello everyone,
I have some good news!!
NAI (Network Associates, Inc) has announced that they will shortly be comming out with a command line version of PGP 6.0 (hopefully next month). It will be another two or three months before the source code books are published and a PGP 6.0i version is available. Once this is done I can start work on an OS/2 port of 6.0 for everyone. Hopefully this will go much faster than the last one did. According to NAI they have returned to a PGP 2.6.x compatible command line and the old 5.0 command line will no longer be supported.
I am also working on developing my own independent implementation of the OpenPGP standard (RFC 2440) along with an OpenPGP SDK for software developers to integrate PGP into their applications.
That"s all for now, when I have more information I will let you know.

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"OS/2ers in sheep"s clothing?" (from Andreas Linde)
An interesting article comparing "Linuxites" to Team OS/2ers, with TONS of feedback from readers is online.

-> URL: http://www.zdnet.com/zdnn/stories/comment/0,5859,2214773,00.html
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CUSeeMe/2 development stop (from Andreas Linde)
Here is the some news regarding the future of CUSeeMe/2:

The development of the video conferencing software CUSeeMe for OS/2 has been shutdown per 26/2/1999. Please respect this decision and don"t email me about it. You will be wasting your own and my time.

And no

  • I won"t release the source code in the public domain
  • There won"t be a version , that doesn"t expire.
I am pretty sure, that some kind hearted Os/2 programmer will crack the program for you in no time, so you can continue to use it for free, so don"t worry.

Have fun
Kim Kruse Hansen

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