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OS2.org News (www.OS2.org): 23/11/2013
Zippy (new generation) (from Eugene Gorbunoff)
Zippy is the most advanced archive manager for IBM OS/2 and eComStation

operating systems. It allows browse and extract files from any

archive (all popular formats are supported). It helps you create

standard Zip and 7z archives.

Zippy Homepage: http://ecomstation.ru/zippy

New version 0.06.01 of Zippy is available.

The functionality of command line was extended significantly.

Start \"zippy /?\" to see help.

You can manipulate archive files from REXX scripts now,

use Zippy library for REXX (name of library: eZip).

Don\'t forget install the latest version of

eCo Software runtime (includes important fixes)


P.S. Tricks&tips:

File Commander/2, add to User menu (F9->Commands->Edit User Menu) this lines:

A: Create Zippy archive

zippy /C !x !f

Now select files and directory, press F2 -> A to archive selected files.

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