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DB2 Scholars Member Special Promotion (from Emily Yih)
IDUG & IBM have teamed to offer an incredible registration discount rate for - "IDUG 2001 - North America" Conference in Orlando, Florida - May 13 -17, 2001
This offer is only available to eligible full time faculty members and students of the DB2 Scholars Program, that are using DB2 in teaching or research activities at registered universities or colleges.
If you are a registered member of the DB2 Scholars Program, you are eligible to register for $599.00 (USD) vs the current registration rate of $1,595(USD) !
All registrations must be received by May 4,2001 to receive the discount. (See note below for registration details)
To register, link to the IDUG registration URL - https://safe.sba.com/idug/forms/db2_scholars/scholars_na_reg.cfm
All registrations must be received online through this secure URL. After a registration is submitted, IDUG will validate through IBM that the registrant is eligible as a DB2 Scholar Program member/affiliate. From there, the registration and payment information will be processed through IDUG's registration company with theconference registrant.
IDUG 2001- North America, the premier user-run event dedicated to IBM's industry-leading DB2 Universal Database, is the place to gain valuable information on IBM Data Management technology both from IBM and from user experience.
The $599 rate applies only to the conference registration fee, and does not cover guest fees, optional educational seminars, lodging, or other costs affiliated with the conference. The conference registration fee includes all scheduled meals and social functions, conference program materials, one set of Conference Proceedings (on CD-ROM), and access to all technical presentations, panels, Special Interest Group discussions, the product & services exhibition, vendor hospitality suites, and reception rooms, as well as a one-year IDUG membership.
Thank you.
Emily Yih
IBM DB2 Scholars Program
Email: db2schol@ca.ibm.com Tel: (416) 448-3380 Fax : 448-4414
DB2 Tech Asst, : Les King at lking@ca.ibm.com

-> URL: http://www.idug.org
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DivX Player/2 in the works (from M. Dodel)
good news for the OS/2, Warp, Merlin, WSeB, Aurora, eCS, MCP, ACP users! a "DivX ;-)" player is in the works! Screenshot and link to the program at http://dink.org/z/ (i'm not affiliated with the program in any way) its really super alpha and the
documentation is in russian... but sooner or later (in a few weeks) it'll support most win32 codecs and play audio instead of just video and be less buggy.

-> URL: http://dink.org/z/
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ODIN: Weekly builds (from Knut Stange)
As many of you have noticed we are changing the build pattern for Odin32. Every Thursday a weekly build is uploaded to the ftp sites. The weekly build is only distributed as WarpIn packages. (Like it or not!) If there are build problems the build might be delayed, but it will get there as soon as we've solve the problems. The users should use the weekly builds.We want bugreports on weekly builds.
The other days we will upload .zip packages to the ftp sites. These are only for testing bugfix(es) you know have been done after the latest weekly build. Read the ChangeLog before downloading a daily .ZIP build. The ChangeLog is found in the same directory as the daily zip files. The daily builds are found at: ftp://ftp.os2.org/odin/daily/
To the developers:
Be very careful testing anything you commit on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. We don't want build breakers and non-functioning 'Weeklies'.
P.S. Yes, bugzilla is coming sooooon! Then problem is that some of us have just much to do right now. Please be patient.

-> URL: ftp://ftp.os2.org/odin/Weekly/
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Warpstock Committee Is Accepting Bids for Warpstock 2002 (from Luc Van Bogaert)
Warpstock Committee Is Accepting Bids for Warpstock 2002
With the recent announcement of the location of Warpstock 2001 (Toronto, Canada), the Board of Directors of Warpstock, Inc. is currently soliciting bids for the following conference, Warpstock 2002, which will be held sometime around October, 2002.
By accepting bids so early (14 months in advance), the Warpstock Committee is hoping to announce the location and date of Warpstock 2002 during the Warpstock 2001 conference. It is expected that such early announcements will become the norm for all future Warpstock conferences and will have a number of benefits.
The location of each Warpstock conference is chosen by the Warpstock Committee. The selection is made from bids that are submitted by interested parties who want to host the next conference.
Groups wishing to host Warpstock 2002 should indiciate their intent to bid by sending an email to bids@warpstock.org by June 1, 2001. The email should include the location (i.e. which city), the names of the individuals involved (they would then become the Event Team), and any other information available at that time (e.g. possible locations for the conference).
After submitting the bid intent, the group should work on submitting a completed bid form by August 15, 2001. The bid form, and all other relevant information, can be found at http://www.warpstock.org/2002/bid_form.html, in RTF, PDF, and WordPro formats. Any questions should also be directed to bids@warpstock.org.
Attendees and conference planners will have a full year to prepare for the next conference. For planners, this time frame could even allow them to select otherwise unavailable sites that need significant advanced reservation. But most importantly, announcing at each conference the dates and location of the following conference will demonstrate that the annual Warpstock Conferences are a well-planned, ongoing tradition, and not haphazard events that get cobbled together six months in advance.
The 5th annual Warpstock conference will be held October 6-8, 2001, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and is produced by Warpstock, Inc., a North Carolina non-profit corporation. The Warpstock annual conference is a gathering of OS/2 users, developers, and vendors from around the world for the purpose of education and advocacy. More information is available at the Warpstock 2001 web site: http://www.warpstock.org or its mirror site: http://www.ibmforum.com/warpstock/

Board of Directors
Warpstock, Inc.

-> URL: http://www.warpstock.org
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April Back Again/2000 Special Discount Offer (from sales@cds-inc.com)
For a limited time only, CDS is offering selected customers who have downloaded the evaluation edition of Back Again/2000 for OS/2 the opportunity to purchase the award winning backup and disaster recovery product at a substantial discount. Available only until 04/22/01, you many now purchase electronically delivered versions of Back Again/2000 Workstation for only $39.00 (regularly priced $99.00) and Back Again/2000 Server for only $79.00 (regularly priced $199.00). By taking advantage of this special offer you not only save well over 50% off the regular price, shipping costs, import taxes, etc... You will also be able to start using the full unrestricted product within 24/48 hrs! This special offer expires on April 22nd, and is only available for
purchase via the link below.
To learn more about Back Again/2000 OS/2 visit the CDS web site at http://www.cds-inc.com or contact CDS, Inc. by email at sales@cds-inc.com. Limit 1 license per customer/company.

-> URL: http://www.cds-inc.com/prodinfo/ba2koffer.html
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Lotus Domino Rnext - No Server For OS/2? (from Chris Hodgkins)
IBM / Lotus have released a Beta drop of what will be the next feature release of Lotus Domino R5 called "Rnext". Ominously OS/2 is not included in the supported platforms, not even for the server code. Details are available from http://www.notes.net/rnext. Snipped from the web page:
The Beta 1 build of Notes/Domino Rnext is available for download on the following platforms: Win32 (Client, Designer, Administrator, Server), Macintosh (Client) and the AIX (Server), Solaris/SPARC(Server) and Linux (Server.)
If you use Domino on the OS/2 platform and were hoping to continue using future releases of Domino on OS/2 or eCS letting Lotus know that there is still demand at this early stage of the game might be a good idea.

-> URL: http://www.notes.net/rnext
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Who want Blender (a 3D render-suit) for OS/2? (from Kai Uwe Pel)
Many of you may already know blender (http://www.blender.nl), a professional render suit, that can also create 3D animations and games, which is already available for a lot of operating systems, excluding OS/2. One and a half year ago a port for OS/2 was planed, but skipped due to time problems. Now I've met with programmers and with Netlabs so we're able to get that project work under OS/2. The big problem is that blender is not OpenSource and the programmers want let us port any more as they're WORRIED ABOUT THE FUTURE OF OS/2.
So we want everyone to drop me (Kai Uwe Pel ) a mail who even things of using this program or will play a game that was created using blender. If we get enough mails we will try to use it to convince Ton Rosendahl, the main programmer of Blender, to let us port blender to OS/2.

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Farewell Focus on OS/2 (from Walter Metcalf)
Hello everyone,
Some of you may have noticed that the Focus on OS/2 site
(http://os2.about.com) has disappeared from About.com. I want you to know that I had no part in this decision, although I do understand it.
Focus on OS/2 most closely resembled a magazine. All existing OS/2 magazines are currently run on a volunteer basis as a labour of love. About.com, of course, was being run as a business, so the present hitech/dot.com climate caused About.com's executives to look carefully at sites they felt weren't generating enough revenue to justify their continued existence. Unfortunately, Focus on OS/2 was deemed one such
site. However it was not the only such site. 84 other sites--approximately 10% of About.com's total number--also suffered the same fate, including the sites of the "alternative" operating systems BSD and BEOS.
During my almost three years at About.com, I was very well treated, even though I frequently complained about the "Windows-ization" of the Guide tools, and insisted I be allowed to do my work with Netscape for OS/2 despite the fact that I was only Guide out of 850 using OS/2! Invariably they made some accommodation for me. I have many good memories of my editors and others I worked with.
However, the most treasured experiences were countless notes of appreciation from you my readers that start coming from Day 1 that I went online right up to the end. They meant more than you will ever know.
About also gave me a unique opportunity to talk, help, and be helped by people all over the world that I will never forget. I will also never forget some of those I met at Warpstock--the volunteers, the people in IBM who still manage to keep plugging away at OS/2 often in spite of their employer, and many others.
What will I do now? I have always been interesting in writing, and there are still OS/2 magazines seeking both articles and contributors. I will start there. It will be a relaxing change from having to crank out an article each week. It will also give me a chance to work on some software projects I could never seem to find the time for before. In any
case, don't expect to see my byline to disappear; it will just appear a little less frequently.
Walter Metcalf

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Win OS/2.cz CD-ROM (from Filip Molcan)
Register at OS/2.cz, say what do you think about our server and you can win OS/2.cz CD-ROM. Disc full of shareware/freeware/demos for OS/2 + fixpacks and some other interesting stuff... All is for free!

-> URL: http://www.os2.cz/index.php3?lang=en&v=reg_e
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Qu-Player/2 project closed (from Anton Malykh)
Qu-Player/2 project, a nice and small MP3-player, is closed.

-> URL: http://www.chat.ru/~qu_player
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Junk Spy Version 2 Pricing Announced (from Sundial PR)
March 30, 2001 - Junk Spy Version 2 will be released in just a few weeks with a special
introductory price of $39. The introductory special is $20 off the suggested retail price and includes one full year of updates to Junk Spy's spam detection database (a $24 value). Registered users of Version 1 get an extra $10 discount - making the upgrade price a mere $29. The introductory pricing will run through July 31st. Details about upgrading will be sent to users soon. Junk Spy monitors your email to identify and remove the junk mail you don't want. For more information about Junk Spy and to download the preview of Version 2, visit Sundial's homepage.

-> URL: http://www.sundialsystems.com/junkspy
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VOICE Meeting, Nominations and other VOICE News (from Mark Dodel)
First off, there is a VOICE General meeting on IRC on Monday April 2nd at 8PM EDT (00:00GMT). The main topic is VOICE server services, particularly providing our own secure server for membership payments. Please try to attend if you can. We need more participation in the affairs of our growing organization. For more on VOICE meetings and IRC please see the VOICE Meeting Information page at http://www.os2voice.org/meetinginfo.html or send me an email at madodel@ptd.net and I will try to help you.
  • Speaking of participation, we have a great opportunity for members to help the OS/2 community by nominating themselves for the positions of President and Secretary of VOICE. If you are interested in helping us continue to grow and serve the OS/2 community, and you have the time to help, please give this serious consideration. We need your help, as it is difficult to continue to expand ourservices when we are short-handed. VOICE is an all volunteer organization, dedicated to the education and support of the OS/2 user community. If you are intersted please send a short bio to nominate@os2voice.org along with the position you are nominating yourself for.
  • The VOICE mail lists have been extremely slow in processing since yesterday due to an inadvertent DOS attack on our mail server caused by a looping bounce message from an invalid email address subscribed to the news list. We are proud of the fact that VOICE1, running Warp Server eBusiness, remained functional despite the problem. We have contacted the ISP involved, but they have yet to fix their problem, and they keep sending the post, hundreds of them every hour. We finally fixed the problem on our end by blocking the loop at our router. The mail lists remained up throughout the ordeal, just running slow. The websites hosted on the same machine continued to be available as well. Another big thank you to our SysAdmin, Abel McClendon, who has been devoting large amounts of his time to keeping our server running and adding new features and services as well. If you subscribe to a VOICE list, be aware that unless you explicitly subscribe an address in the body of the post, our Mailing list server uses the From address in your post. If that is incorrect or mangled to prevent SPAM, you will be subscribed with an invalid address and any list posts will just bounce. Most only cause a minor headache for the list moderators. This one happened to cause a bigger then usual one. :-( To subscribe a specific address to the VOICE News List send the following text to majormajor@os2voice.org
    SUBSCRIBE NEWS my@email.address
  • The VOICE Newsletter will be 3 days late this month. We plan to go live on April 4th. This is due to several hardware problems on the part of the editorial staff, as well as the couple of days lost when our server was in transit to it's new location. The April issue will have articles on:
    • OS/2 Warp 4 Merlin Convenience Pack
    • Emacs 20.6.1 under OS/2 - Part II - Additional Setup
    • Using the Toshiba PDR-M4 Digital Camera with OS/2 via USB
    • Snakes and Hammers: Ogg Vorbis
    • Networking FixPaks under OS/2 Warp
    • The Free Files - Vol. 6 We make Music - Part 2
  • Finally, I received a very nice note of thanks from Dan Casey's parents today.
    Thank you very much for remembering our son Dan with your generous gifts to the Edelweis House. Though I don't know you, I feel a closeness through Dan, for he spoke often of his friends at VOICE. He was committed to that organization, and from the outpouring of email and condolences, he treasured your friendships. We feel the sorrow you have with us, but please know that we are truly comforted by your thoughtfulness. Should "Warpers" ever convene in Indianapolis, we would love to welcome you to our family.
    Most Sincerely,
    Marguerite and Dan Casey

    -> URL: http://www.os2voice.org
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