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OS2.org News (www.OS2.org): 15/05/2009
ACPI, Uniaud, shareware-products (from Eugene Gorbunoff)
Collecting additional information:

1) Post new reports to ACPI database (ACPI DB):

how to fill report -- http://ecomstation.ru/commentnews.php?id=1619

current version contains information about 50 computers -- http://ecomstation.ru/acpitools

2) Uniaud database:

If you have tested uniaud then

fill UNIAUD form -- http://ecomstation.ru/projects/uniaud/uniaud-db-form.txt

and send it via web-form: http://ecomstation.ru/support.php

3) BMT Micro and Mensys catalogues are selling not all software

created for eComStation.

For example, DrWeb, Communigate Pro, Golden Code Java VM

are distributed via other catalogues.

Help us to find all shareware/commercial applications for eComStation,

send links via web-form: http://ecomstation.ru/support.php

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