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Searching for beta testers for CDPlayer for WarpCenter V2.0 (from Frank Wochatz)
We are searching for beta testers for "CDPlayer for WarpCenter V2.0". As the title implies, this is a CD Player intergrated in WarpCenter. It is email-ware, req. Warp 4, REXX, and installed multimedia.
New in version 2.0
  • the code is optimized
  • eject bug is fixed (for users of cdaudio02 or higher)
  • graphical installation routine using SFX-installer
  • a little REXX tool to back up and restore your WarpCenter trays AND
  • intergrated display that indicates CD information

Send an email with the following information:
  • version of Warp
  • version of REXX
  • current resolution setting of your screen (for testing the display)
  • short info about your audio devices (CDROM, sound card)
  • your processor speed

-> URL: mailto:mail@subsys.de
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OS/2 at the HobbyTronic Caomputerschau 2000 (from Marcus Specht)
The TeamOS/2 Germany will be present at the HobbyTronic 2000 from February 16 - 20, 2000 in Dortmund, Germany. Further informations in the OS2.org CALENDAR.

-> URL: http://en.os2.org/news/calendar/index.php3?year=2000&month=2
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Netscape and 128-Bit-encryption (from Andreas Linde)
The german news sourceHeise-Newsticker reports, that the international version of Netscape 4.7 now also supports 128-Bit-encryption, but only the windows version!
OS/2 users still have to use Fortify Tool instead.
Lets see how long IBM needs to present a 128bit version for OS/2.

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Warpzilla Status (from Gerhard Arnecke)
Warpzilla, the OS/2 port of Mozilla or Netscape 5.0, is still alive. If you want to know more about the current status or take a look at some screenshots, then visit the listed URL.

-> URL: http://www.axess.com/users/sobotka/warpzilla/
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CNN Survey (from Sebastian Wittmeier)
CNN is looking for the best Network Operating System. Since OS/2 ist not mentioned, you have to choose "Other" if you want to vote for OS/2.

Upon a request why they didn't include OS/2 into the survey, CNN responded:
We've had a few comments about os/2. We'll definitely consider it for the next review. Thanks for the note!


-> URL: http://cnn.com/2000/TECH/computing/01/24/NOS.idg/index.html
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Netlabs update (from Adrian Gschwend)
I've got a lot of mails by people asking why the webpages at OS/2 Netlabs are still out of date. I'm really sorry about this, actually my studies consume much more time than I thought and because of this I can't invest as much time into OS/2 Netlabs as I would like to. Beside this I will move to a new appartement at the end of February so it will take a while until I've set up all my stuff again. I hope you understand this. The update *will* come, it's just a question of time.

-> URL: http://www.netlabs.org/news.html
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GIMP/2 mailinglist (from Adrian Gschwend)
As you may have realized the original GIMP/2 mailinglist is not working anymore, it looks like the domainname of the mailserver we used is cancelled.

I've created a new mailinglist at eGroups, you can subscribe to the list at http://www.egroups.com/group/gimp-os2/

If you have questions about the OS/2 port of GIMP you should ask them on this list. Announcements about the OS/2 port will also be done on this list.

For those of you who still don't know GIMP: GIMP is a very powerful image manipulation program originaly developed on Linux. It's very similar like Photoshop but it's free :-)

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Lotus Beefs Up Domino Client Support (from Tim Sipples)
Lotus has just announced a broad range of client support enhancements for its Domino family of software products. These enhancements have significant positive implications for OS/2 Warp and WorkSpace On-Demand Optimized Client users, among others. Here are some of the highlights:
  • Through Lotus iNotes, Domino users have access to a broader range of Domino services through a web browser than ever before. E-mail, calendaring, scheduling, personal contacts, and other facilities are accessible using Netscape Communicator for OS/2 Warp (or any other
    web browser)
  • Lotus has announced its plans to release Domino Off-Line Services for OS/2 Warp users. This plug-in will provide offline e-mail, calendaring, scheduling, personal contacts, and other Domino services, all from within the familiar Netscape Communicator for OS/2 Warp common interface for web applications.
Other previously announced improvements include:
  • Availability of the new Lotus Smartsuite Version 1.5 for OS/2 Warp, with improved capabilities for exchanging documents with other office suite users. See http://www.lotus.com/smartsuite/os2 for details.
  • Availability of Lotus Domino Server (for Warp Server for e-business), with features such as SMP exploitation and support for web-based clients. See http://www.lotus.com/domino for more information.
  • Continued availability of regular service updates for the Lotus Notes 4.5x series of OS/2 Warp clients (still supported with Domino 5). Updates can be obtained at http://notes.net on the Web.

-> URL: http://www.lotus.com/inotes
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Lotus now offer free trial Domino R5 Server (from Steve Chen)
If anyone is interested in this product, you can visit the liste Lotus url and to request a copy. US and Canada residents only.

-> URL: http://www.lotus.com/home.nsf/welcome/namnetobjectscd
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GammaTech Inc., Extends Millennium Celebration (from Judy McDermott)
Millennium Celebration pricing extended to January 25, 2000. Don't pass up the significant $avings offered by GammaTech, Inc., on its line of native OS/2 products, GammaTech Utilities, GTIRC, and the GammaTech Bundle.

GammaTech Utilities support both FAT and all HPFS versions, including HPFS versions 2.3, 2.4 and HPFS386. All the Utility features support long file names and extended attributes.

GammaTech Internet Relay Chat (GTIRC) is the first Presentation Manager (PM) IRC client application for OS/2. GTIRC is a multichannel chat program which allows users to engage in real time conversations with people all over the world using the Internet.

Contact: Benny Ormson

-> URL: http://www.gt-online.com/html/news.html
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Streaming Server for OS/2 (from Adrian Gschwend)
The past few month a lot of companies released sourcecode to the public. Apple Computers for example released the source to the Darwin Streaming Server which allows you to stream video over the internet. Until now there are almost no OS/2 ports of this applications available. OS/2 Netlabs got contacted by people which want to start working on this new applications but to to this we need more developers.

CVS Servers for the projects will be created as soon as there is code available. A webpage and ftp stuff will follow.

So, we are going to start the production of the "streaming server of Darwin/2... Darwin is a Quick Time Streaming Server (that means that is capable of produce realtime video for the internet), the code is free, but there's no port for OS/2. People that want to join the project should know (hopefully) something of the following capabilities:
  • Multimedia programing expertise ISP products programming
  • Server programing expertise
  • Composite video knowdlege
  • Linux programming expertise and EverBlue programming can be a must.

If you are interested to join us write to charlymati.net.mx (please do NOT contact Adrian Gschwend, I'm busy with my exams actually ;-)

We'll start as soon as possible.

Links to stuff which could be of interest regarding this project:
Thanks in advance for your support

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Joystick Device Driver Contest Winner Announced (from Jason Stefanovich)
The votes have come in and the winner of the Joystick device driver contest is:

Vesa J

for his enhaced version of gamedd.sys. Vesa's driver adds support for GrIP devices and CH Pro Compatable joysticks (most flight sticks are) with the ability to change joysticks w/o having to reboot. Vesa has said that he will continue to improve on the driver.

The runner up is:

J Da Silva

for his optimized version of gamprt.sys. J's driver adds advanced polling and speed optimizations.

Thank you to the individuals and companies who donated money to make this contest happen.

-> URL: http://home1.gte.net/stefanj/contest.htm
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Junk Spy Enters the Battle Against Spam (from Sundial PR)
January 10, 2000 - Sundial Systems is proud to announce the availability of Junk Spy, the first product that really tackles the problem of junk email.
As previously announced, Junk Spy is available effective today at a suggested price of $49. This includes one year of automatic updates to Junk Spy's junk detection database - a $24 value.
Junk Spy is unique. It does its job based on a combination of techniques that provide automatic identification and optional deletion of spam as it is retrieved from your mail server by your email program. And it does so without your intervention.
"Frustrated users no longer have to waste time sifting through junk email," said Rollin White, Junk Spy Product Manager. "This is truly a hands-off approach. Junk Spy examines your incoming mail to eliminate the junk messages before you see them." Junk Spy's initial junk detection database has been culled from thousands of junk messages and literally tens of thousands of
non-junk messages since a primary goal of the product is to not inadvertently misclassify "real" mail as junk. On-going analysis of new junk mail by Sundial will keep your copy of Junk Spy current as encrypted updates are automatically sent to and incorporated into Junk Spy as necessary.

-> URL: http://www.sundialsystems.com/junkspy
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Sponsor OS/2 Netlabs Through Mensys (from Roderick Klein)
I don't think that there is much discussion needed to come to the conclusion that Netlabs is important for OS/2. Projects like Everblue or ODIN are great. All the work is done by volunteers, but there are still things that need to be paid for.

Sponsoring Netlabs is now easy!

Netlabs is doing important work for the OS/2 community. Through Mensys you can sponsor Netlabs by purchasing one or more Sponsoring units of 10 Euro each. 100% of your donation will go to the Netlabs organization.

At the time of this message 10 Euro is about 10.37 U.S. dollars.

-> URL: http://shop.mensys.nl/cgi-bin/db2www/mns_art2.d2w/report?artname=NETLABS
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Papows to resign as Lotus CEO (from Mark Dodel)
IBM's general manager of networking software will replace Jeff Papows, who is credited with boosting company sales but also faced controversy over charges that he exaggerated his resume.

-> URL: http://www.computerworld.com/home/print.nsf/CWFlash/000106DA46
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Install Aurora over an existing OS/2 installation (from Gerhard Arnecke)
On the 'testcase'-server are three files OS2EDSK*, who are a 'HowTo' to install Aurora over an existing OS/2 installation.

-> URL: ftp://testcase.boulder.ibm.com/ps/fromibm/os2/
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VMware for OS/2 (from Robert McCarty)
I've been invited to evaluate the upcoming Pre-Beta OS/2 guest client software from VMware on a Linux host machine. According to VMware's web site, from a Linux or nt host machine you can have multiple virtual machines running at the same time on your desktop. No rebooting is necessary to switch between Linux, win??, or soon OS/2. They did not have a specific time frame for release of the OS/2 guest, but I'm sure that any interest in their product expressed by members of the OS/2 community would help spur them onward. If you are interested, you can register for evaluation software and product information.

-> URL: http://www5.vmware.com/forms/Register.cfm
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Writing device drivers almost as easy as ABC?!? (from Roderick Klein)
On the news corner of the OS/2 BBS I found this news:
Massimo Sangriso reports that KRFTech has a product line 'which automates and simplifies writing PCI / cPCI / USB / ISA / EISA device drivers for Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000, CE, Linux Solaris and OS/2.' It looks like their OS/2 version is in beta, and you must contact them for more info.

-> URL: http://www.krftech.com/
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EMSRV 6.24 without Auroa-problem (from Martin Iturbide)
I received this email from OTI (Object Techonology International Inc). The problem is that Emsrv.exe doesn't run under Aurora, but they are going to resolve this problem soon.
The following has been created for you:
1FNJDFR: EMSRV:OS2 - Would like EMSRV to work on OS/2 4.5 (Aurora)
This is a known problem and plans are that this will be fixed in the next release of EMSRV 6.24. The current plan is to have EMSRV 6.24 sometime during the first of 2000 (January).

EMSrv is the server of the code repository for some IBM VisualAge products, like VisualAge for Java 3 Enterprise Edition. It allows to work on a network for the VisualAge enterprise editions.

-> URL: http://dns.oti.com/
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Message about Warpstock 2000 from the chair (from Luc Van Bogaert)
Dear Warpstockers,
As chair of Warpstock, Inc. I wanted to inform everyone of the progress being made on Warpstock 2000. Originally, the Warpstock Board wanted to announce the location of Warpstock 2000 on January 1, 2000. Due to the fact we did not receive any satisfactory bids, this
announcement will be delayed until January 31, 2000.
The current plans for Warpstock 2000 have the board soliciting volunteers for the event team and being the actual sponsoring group. So if you're in the mood to make a difference for Warpstock 2000, please contact me (pethmon@hethmon.com). In the meantime, the board has narrowed down the location to three choices: Philadelphia, Pennsylvannia, Orlando, Florida and Los Angeles, California. We would like to ask you for your input in making this decision.
Please visit the Warpstock website and choose your favorite. Your input will be one of the factors in deciding where Warpstock 2000 will be held.
Paul Hethmon
Warpstock, Inc.

-> URL: http://www.warpstock.org/2000/location.html
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Source of ProNews/2 free (from Thomas Billert)
It seems to be that the source of ProNews/2 is free without licensed parts. [Attention: That are more than 10 MB!]

-> URL: http://members.xoom.com/pronews/PRONEWS.ZIP
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Mailing list for PMPDF (from Bart van Leeuwen)
I created a egroups mailing list for my PMPDF tool.

-> URL: http://www.egroups.com/group/pmpdf/
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Vote for Joystick Device Driver Contest Winner (from Jason Stefanovich)
The Joystick Device Driver Contest is now closed for submissions and open for voting. Once you've made a
choice, you can submit your vote.

-> URL: http://home1.gte.net/stefanj/submission.htm
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Collective order for PillarSoft Suite (from Reinhart Gruhn)
Joshua Communications starts with a new collective order in the millenium: PillarSoft, one oft the last pure OS/2-developer companies is selling all their Warptools in a collection.
  • WarpZip
  • DataShield
  • DeskTop Backup
  • Enhanced E Editors
  • SFX Installer
  • ShowTime/2
  • PSC - Status Center
  • WarpZip
  • BonusPak: Huey - a color select-Utility
  • Killer - a 'mini' processkiller
  • PCT
  • Code Template Tool
  • VP - a small video player
  • WarPaint - a 'pixel paint' program for OS/2.
You can get that tools for a special price. You can subscribe this collective order until 02/15/2000.

-> URL: http://www.joshua-com.de
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Happy New Year! (from Philipp Buehler)
besides some weird Date-Strings and Webcounters there was no big BANG. Nice :).

So we can continue our work on OS2.org and at this point we wish YOU a nice, new, successful Year 2000 !

We hope to get more productive criticism as feedback this year and to provide you even more services on this webserver.

Happy OS/2 Year!

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