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OS2.org News (www.OS2.org): 09/09/2005
Papyrus for eComStation Poll Closing Soon! (from http://www.os2news.com)
The OS2eCS Organization is working to help support a new version of Papyrus for eComStation. We have posted a poll to gather information to assist in this endevour. If you have not done so already, please take a few moments of your time to complete the following poll: http://www.os2ecs.org/papyrus.html This poll will be closing down on September 11th. 2005. We will be forwarding the results to R.O.M Logicware, Developers of Papyrus.
Even if your not able to support Papyrus at this time, please fill out as much as you can..your participation is much appreciated. Thankyou for your time and assistance! Regards, Jeramie Samphere President & Director of Operations OS2eCS Org. "Supporting the past OS/2 user and the future..eComStation!" Url: http://www.os2ecs.org/papyrus.html From: Jeramie Samphere (jksamphereNOSPAM@NOSPAMos2ecs.org)
Submitted with the form on http://www.os2world.com/submit_news.php

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