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Warpstock Europe 2002, Eating and Drinking (from Bart van Leeuwen)
Hi all,

The catering this year is organized by the Youth Hostel so the team did not have to worry about it.
  • Your entrance fee includes a FREE lunch, which consist of a sandwich buffet with soup or a snack.
  • The hostel bar is open from 9:00 till the last person is gone ( aprox 01:00 at night) drinks are available from 1.15 till 2.
  • At night you can take a simple 3 course dinner for really low prices. This has to be announced to the hostel staff before 14:00 on the day you want the meal. The menu can be found on the info board in the lobby.

-> URL: http://warpstock.os2.org
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Warpstock Europe 2002 lodging (from Bart van Leeuwen)
Hi all,
Here is some information for all the people who want to attend warpstock europe. We hope you booked the youth hostel already since there are only 8 beds left ! so if you still have to please hurry !
Also the online booking is closing soon! please help the organisation a bit with prebooking !
Thanks on behalf of the Warpstock Europe Team

-> URL: http://warpstock.os2.org
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Announcement: Back Again/2000 ver. 4 (from Alan Beagley)
CDS, Inc. has announced that Back Again/2000 ver. 4 is to be available early in Q1, 2003.

October 21, 2002
CDS announces continued support for the OS/2 platform with new releases of Back Again/2000 in early Q1, 2003.

CDS, Inc. the leader in backup and disaster recovery software for the IBM OS/2 platform is pleased to announce that new versions of Back Again/2000 Workstation and Back Again II Server for OS/2 are planned for release during Q1, 2003. Back Again/2000 version 4.0 for OS/2 will be functionally equivalent to version 4.0 products for the Windows platform. In addition, CDS will also release cross platform remote filesystem agents for Back Again/2000 version 4.0. The remote filesystem agents will enable Back Again/2000 Server Edition version 4.0 to protect remote file servers and workstations running either Microsoft Windows or IBM OS/2 operating systems over a TCP/IP network.
Customers under a current maintenance contract or who have purchased Back Again/2000 Workstation or Back Again/2000 Server version 3.0 after Oct. 1st, 2002 will be entitled to a free upgrade (minus shipping and handling charges).
An upgrade offer with price details will be announced for current users of Back Again/2000 Workstation and Server version 3.x editions who wish to upgrade to the version 4.0 release.

-> URL: http://www.cds-inc.com/new/ba2kv4.html
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Warpstock US 2002: Warpstock 2002 Presentation Disk as archive (from Walter Metcalf)
I have completed a CD containing all available presentations from Warpstock 2002, including a few from Warpstock Europe provided by Jan Van Wijk. I have made a zipped copy of this CD and uploaded it to Warpdoctor. It includes instructions for use and acknowledgements. The file is 15,763 kilobytes in length.

-> URL: http://www.warpdoctor.org/walter.metcalf/
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Warpstock Europe 2002: ARtem Wireless LAN components at reduced rates (from Christian Langanke)
The german hardware vendor for Wireless LAN components, ARtem, offers its components at reduced rates during this years Warpstock Europe event. As to mention only some hilights here:

See the booth of ARtem on Warpstock Europe 2002 to see more offers !

All pricing information supplied with no liablility!

-> URL: http://warpstock.os2.org
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Warpstock Europe 2002: Lookout/2 (from Henk Pol)
Lookout/2 is our try to create a native PIM (Personal Information Manager) for our preferred OS. The whole sourcecode will be available via netlabs.org cvs after the first public beta is released. Our plans are to release the first public version at Warpstock Europe 2002.
It is plugin based and all data is stored in a MySQL database. (other
SQL-Servers like Postgres will follow). The following plugins will be in the first public beta:
  • Mail (an mailer like PMMail)
  • Contact (contacts-management)
  • Notes
  • Calendar (to organize your appointments)
  • Today (a today screen like in Outlook)
The whole application is using REXX as scripting language to extend functionality and to customize. Some things we're working on for a future release are:
  • Newsreader plugin
  • Media plugin to organize your mp3/DVD/VHS/SVCD/etc.
  • a syncing application as a separate project (GSync) to synchronize cell-phones/handhelds

-> URL: http://lookout.netlabs.org/
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Warpstock Europe 2002: The session schedule is online now (from Gerrit Schoenmaker, Chairman Dutch OS/2 usergroup.)
The session schedule for Warpstock Europe is online now! Follow the link PLAN below the PROGRAM category on http://warsptock.os2.org for details.
Please note that the schedule can still change, as new sessions can and will still be added. So please keep checking the schedule up to the event!
If you intend to visit Warpstock Europe 2002 in the Netherlands you still have the opportunity to do your registration online. The cut-off date for online registration is November 1, 2002. Of course it's possible to obtain tickets during the event, however 5 EUR will be add to all prices.
One of the nice features of Warpstock Europe 2002 is you can enjoy the event without spending an awfull lot of money. The admittance fee is low and if you like you can stay overnight at the Warpstock location and talk all night long with a variety of enthusiastic OS/2 users. You will be surprised to find unexpected sessions or workshops with a touch of entertainement during the night. Do not hesitate to book at one of the beautiful hotels in and around the city of Arnhem if you prefer a hotel room instead of the rather sportive hostel environment.
Warpstock Europe 2002 is getting to start within 3 weeks from now.
The event is nothing without you! See you there!

-> URL: http://warpstock.os2.org
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The Netlabs EPM Distribution Project launches its website (from Christian Langanke)
The new project of netlabs.org, named the Netlabs EPM Distribution (NEPMD), hast just launched its new website at http://nepmd.netlabs.org.

The project team invites you to visit the site and learn about the benfits and new functionality, that this distribution provides to users of OS/2 and eComStation. All efforts target the developers as well as plain endusers - if you don't know, how EPM can do for you, you have missed a lot!

In opposite to the EPM normally shipped with OS/2 and eComStation, the Netlabs EPM Distribution intends to make installation, configuration and usage of additions to the EPM so easy that every average user can perform all these tasks without any problems. The first version of the Netlabs EPM Distribution may not achieve these goals in all aspects already, but it is already a huge step forward and an important first milestone on the road ahead.

See also the two sessions on the Netlabs EPM Distribution at Warpstock Europe 2002!

-> URL: http://nepmd.netlabs.org
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eCS-Demo in german PC Magazine (from Alexander Beyrer)
The german Magazine "PC Magazin Kreativ" is about to publish it's issue No. 11 with the subject Operationgsystems and Emulators. The magazine comes with a DVD that contains eCS and VirtulPC 5 (both demos). Original german message:
Das PC Magazin KREATIV Heft Nummer 11 beschäftigt sich mit Alternativen zu Windows. Der Artikel zur eCS auf 4 Seiten ist durchweg OS/2-freundlich gehalten. Ein kurzer Auszug: "OS/2 bietet ..... Stabilität. Das Betriebssystem enthält einen hervorragenden Hardware-Manager, ein excellentes Speichermanagement, ein ausgereiftes Multitasking und ..... eine hochskalierbare Multi-Threading-Implementierung."

Inhalt der beiliegenden DVD:
Eine ISO-Datei für eine Spezial-Edition von eComStation, die nur von CD startet (und gebrannt werden muß), und eine Trial-Version von eComStation für Virtual-PC 5.0 (für die man ein Windows braucht).

Anm. der Red.: Besonders beeindruckend ist der Titel der Zeitschrift: Betriebsysteme und Emulgatoren. Hoffentlich wurde die Zeitschrift nicht ausschließlich von Ernährungswissenschaftlern zusammengestellt ;-)

-> URL: http://www.pc-magazin.de/common/shop/shop_artikel.php3?svArtikelArt=PC+Magazin+Sonderheft&VID=&svAktion=0&svValue=&btnSuche=Anzeigen&tab=shop_artikel_weka
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Warpstock Europe 2002: ARtem supplies Warpstock Europe 2002 with Wireless LAN (from Christian Langanke)
The German hardware vendor for Wireless LAN components, ARtem, is exhibitor on the Warpstock Europe event again. As such, ARtem also provides wireless communication points to the local area network of the event, giving all guests the opportunity to use our internet gateway and surf the internet during the whole event.
In order to take advantage of this facility, you bring your notebook with you, which is eqquipped either with on-board or additional Wireless LAN hardware, and configure it for access of the provided communication points. The configuration values required for this will be published soon.

-> URL: http://warpstock.os2.org/
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OS2.org Backend updated (from )
Hello everybody,

we updated the backend of OS2.org today as a first step of the move to DB2. The forum system also got some changes and hopefully works better now and is more reliable than before. We are also working on a complete redesign of the backend and of the layout of OS2.org which will come up some day in future :-)

Enjoy browsing OS2.org
WebTeam OS2.org

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Warpstock Europr: C&L writes in FreeX magazine about the event (from Joerg Sievers)
I was suprised to read something about the Warpstock Europe 2002 in a German UNIX magazine FreeX. C&L, the publisher of the magazine, will be at Warpstock Europe 2002.

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New pricing for UPS Monitor for OS/2 and eCS (from Lone Peak Automation)
New pricing options are now in effect for UPS Monitor. While all three versions were available for the single price of $15.00, individual versions are now available at $6.50 each. UPS Monitor is available in three different versions and supports APC smart signaling, APC simple signaling and generic contact closure UPSes. Over 20 UPS models from various vendors are supported and UPS Monitor is verified to work properly with these uninterruptible power supplies.
The new individual purchasing option is only available through Paypal. The regular UPS Monitor purchasing option for all three programs will continue to be available through Paypal and BMT Micro.
We would like to thank the OS/2 and eCS community for their continued support. Registrations are making it possible to continue UPS Monitor development to support and verify new UPS models appearing on the market.

-> URL: http://home.att.net/~ASchw/upsmonitor.html
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