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[VOICE] Speakup with Sundial Systems (from Dan Casey)
On Monday evening, August 2nd, 1999 at 8:00 PM EDT (0:00 GMT) VOICE will host a Speakup (Live Chat Session) with Sundial Systems in WEBBnet IRC, #voice channel.

The topic of this Speakup will be "Kiwi", the codename for a new application from Sundial Systems to help you deal with the growing amount of junk e-mail (aka SPAM) in your Inbox.

Information on IRC, including links to Freeware/Shareware/Demo versions of native OS/2 IRC clients and a complete lisiting of WEBBnet IRC servers can be found by visiting the VOICE Website and clicking on the link to Meeting Info.

VOICE and Sundial Systems will be at Warpstock 99 in Atlanta on October 16th and 17th, 1999. Stop by and visit us!

-> URL: http://www.os2voice.org
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VMWare OS/2 support... (from Eirik Overby)
I recently sent a mail to VMWare, asking them for OS/2 support, either as host OS, or at least as "client" OS. The reply from them was that I should follow their web pages in the future, since they were planning on expanding the number of platforms supported. They also said they had received a number of requests for OS/2 support. Now I was afraid that this was another "automated reply", so I replied to the mail and asked if this was so. One minute later I got the reply: "I must be getting good at this if my emails seem auto-response like. There is a good chance that OS/2 will be supported but I do not have a firm date. My take would be by the end of the year at the latest."

So.. I urge everyone to send a mail to sales@vmware.com, letting them know of your interest in VMWare supporting OS/2.

For those who do not know: VMWare is a piece of software that (currently) lets you run DOS, Windows95/98/NT, Linux, and FreeBSD in an emulated x86 virtual machine, all at the same time, using either Linux or Windows NT as the "host" operating system. My hope is that they also start supporting OS/2 as at least a "client", but preferably as host os, since that's the most logical thing to do, considering OS/2's superior stability and multitasking.

-> URL: http://www.vmware.com/
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Warp Expo West announces Vendor100 Plan (from Peter Skye)
Warp Expo West announces Vendor100 Plan for OS/2 Software Developers

Warp Expo West has announced a very special plan for OS/2 software developers and vendors.

"We're calling it our Vendor100 plan," said Warp Expo West Chairman Rollin White, "and it is free, absolutely free, no strings attached of any type. We want to make sure that OS/2 software developers and vendors everywhere, whether they make use of one of our free exhibitor tables or not, have a presence at Warp Expo West."

The Vendor100 plan, as explained by White, is quite simple. Any OS/2 software developer of any size can have their software displayed at Warp Expo West, and any other OS/2 offering can likewise be promoted. If the developer or vendor cannot attend, the Warp Expo West staff will fill in.

"If you have an existing OS/2 software product," said White, "you can sign up for free for Vendor100. If you offer an OS/2 service of any kind, you can sign up for free for Vendor100. If you've published an OS/2 book, or you host an OS/2 oriented web site, or if you have any other product or service related to OS/2, you can sign up for free for Vendor100."

The benefits of being a part of Vendor100 are striking. "For starters, you get your product or service onto the Warp Expo West web site as soon as you sign up, so right away you're getting additional exposure," explained Carla Hanzlik, the Warp Expo West webmistress. "Then, you'll get front line exposure at Warp Expo West even if you haven't reserved one of our free exhibit tables. We'll make sure your product materials get into the hands of the Warp Expo West attendees." Hanzlik described the Vendor100 plan while she was busily designing new web pages for Warp Expo West. "If you have brochures, or a printout of your web site, or demo CDs or diskettes, or promotional items of any kind, we'll make sure those items are received by our guests and available on our special Vendor100 tables. And our staff will be at these tables to direct guests to the particular types of products they're looking for, so not a single Vendor100 product will be overlooked by any attendee."

Signing up for Vendor100 is easy. "Email me," said White, "and we'll get you signed up for free. Every attendee who comes to Warp Expo West wants to see OS/2 products and services. They want to know the large offerings, the shareware and freeware, the books and websites that will give them the tools they need and solve the problems they have."

To join Vendor100 for free, email Rollin White.

"Vendor100 will give your product or service a free presence at Warp Expo West," continued White, "and we want every single OS/2 developer and vendor to be represented there."

Steve Schiffman, the Warp Expo West facilities manager, was especially pleased with the planning he's having done for the exhibit hall and the Vendor100 displays. "We've carefully measured the rooms and located every electrical outlet and network connection," said Schiffman, "and we're making complete floor diagrams showing lighting, tables, aisles and doorways. Every exhibitor will be included in the high-traffic area, and the Vendor100 tables will be specially located to maximize their impact and to move guests past all of the exhibitors who have taken one of our free exhibitor tables."

Warp Expo West, "A Warpfest of OS/2 Excitement", is free for guests and exhibitors alike. The show takes place on September 18 in sunny Southern California.

"Vendor100 is another means for promoting OS/2 products," concluded White. "With the product literature and samples in front of the attendees and the vendors' online ordering systems in place, we hope to connect a lot of OS/2 users with the programs and services they need."

Sponsored by The Southern California OS/2 User Group.

-> URL: http://www.scoug.com/warpexpowest
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Warpstock 99 Announcement (from Gordon T. Roland)
Warpstock 99 Announces Official Hotel and Airline

The Warpstock Board of Directors and Warpstock 99 Committee are pleased to announce the designation of the Sheraton Gateway Hotel, Atlanta Airport as the official hotel, and Delta Airlines as the official airline of Warpstock 99.
The recently renovated Sheraton Gateway Hotel is a beautiful property immediately adjacent to the Georgia International Convention Center. Warpstock attendees will not have to leave the building to travel between their rooms and the conference space. The Warpstock committee was able to negotiate a very attractive rate structure starting at US$89.00 per night single or double occupancy!
For extra savings attendees can triple up for US$99.00 per night and even share a room among four people for only US$109.00 per night. Children under 18 may share their parent's room free of charge. "We can't emphasize enough" said a spokesperson for Warpstock, "that this represents not just a great room rate, but a great place to stay." The Warpstock spokesperson went on to note that the committee had visited the hotel and spent two nights there before making the decision to designate the Sheraton as Warpstock's official hotel. "Make sure you try the Southern Fried Catfish before you leave." Added the spokesperson. The special room rates will be in effect from October 13, 1999 through October 20, 1999.

For those traveling by air the Warpstock 99 Committee has arranged a special rate with Delta Air Lines, one of the worlds great air carriers. Depending on how and when you make your reservations discounts of 5%, 10% and 15% will be available. Details of the discounts will be posted on the Warpstock website.

The Warpstock 99 Committee is expecting to receive the registration codes for both the Sheraton and Delta by Tuesday, July 27. So visit the Warpstock website for the codes and additional details.

-> URL: http://www.warpstock.org
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Warpstock Europe update (from Andreas Linde)
The Warpstock Europe web site has been updated for the page listing the workshop and sessions, that are being held at the

Warpstock Europe Conference 1999

at the Ruhr-University of Bochum, Germany from Friday, 1st October 1999 to 4th October 1999.

Note: Warpstock Europe needs YOU !

We still have free appointments for workshops and sessions, so if you know a special field of OS/2 or an OS/2 application particularly well and want to hold a workshop or a session about it, then please don't hesitate and contact our workshop coordinator, so that he can take your contribution into account.

Especially sessions about OS/2 related internet themes and end user application demos are greatly welcomed !

Please contact the Warpstock Europe workshop coordinator by sending an email to: workshop@warpstock.de.

-> URL: http://www.warpstock.de/index_en.html
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SafeFire news (from Head of Development Division)
Link Guard Solutions pleased to inform users of cable modems and ADSL services that price of the SafeFire Firewall is reduced for more than 25%.

SafeFire Firewall 1.0 is a Network Address Translation (NAT)/Firewall solution for OS/2.
It is designed to work with any type of LAN-to-LAN
  • xDSL
  • Cable modems
  • Ordinary LAN
SafeFire Firewall provides following features:
  • Easy installation
  • Flexible configuration
  • Network Address Translation
  • Full support for FTP and IRC connections, including builtin IDENT server
  • Port Mapping
  • Packet Filter/Firewall
Unlimited number of supported users/connections, high performance, robustness, 'on-the-fly' configuration and now reduced price makes SafeFire Firewall the best Firewall/NAT solution for OS/2.

Very soon (planned at the next week) LGS will start public beta testing of version 1.1 with many new and improved features.

-> URL: http://www.lgs.kiev.ua/
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Head Development Manager At Warp Expo West (from Peter Skye)
IBM Sending Head Development Manager To Speak At Warp Expo West

Steven King, Development Manager for IBM's OS/2 Warp Server For e-Business and WorkSpace On-Demand products, is now a scheduled lecturer at Warp Expo West.

King is leading the IBM team that will showcase their new and existing e-Business products, all based on the OS/2 platform. The team will both present seminars on these products and demonstrate the products in the exhibit area of the show.

"OS/2 Warp Server For e-Business and WorkSpace On-Demand are very key elements of the overall e-business solutions for our customers," said King during a phone conversation from his office in Austin, Texas. "With that base platform in place, we can then build a very robust e-business solution by adding additional IBM products such as our Lotus Domino server family, IBM WebSphere for web-based applications, our extremely powerful DB2 database products, our security offerings, IBM's advanced Java technology and, of course, network computing. I'll be showing all of this in the presentations."

Rollin White, Chairman of Warp Expo West, called IBM's presence "a perfect fit" with the show's audience. "Warp Expo West guests want and need business solutions that will do exactly what IBM can deliver," said White, "and at Warp Expo West they'll be able to see these products in action, learn how to get them installed and running, and ask questions and discuss solutions directly with members of the IBM development team."

"We're developing a fully-featured web site right now for fourth-quarter rollout," said one southern California entrepreneur in the finance industry. "We're using several IBM VisualAge products plus their DB2 database, and Warp Expo will hit at a perfect time for us because our developers will be ready at that point to put all the pieces together. Having IBM right there in front of you and giving you the direct answers you need will probably save us several weeks of development time."

And Terry Warren, President of The Southern California OS/2 User Group which sponsors Warp Expo West, was also pleased that show attendees would have this opportunity to meet and speak with King. "IBM continues to add value to the OS/2 platform, the platform we have all found to be the most stable, flexible and robust of anything in the marketplace," said Warren. "With Steven's and IBM's presence at Warp Expo West, our guests will now be able to see the IBM e-business solutions that run on top of OS/2."

Warp Expo West is the free international OS/2 expo being held on September 18 in southern California.

Sponsored by The Southern California OS/2 User Group.

-> URL: http://www.scoug.com/warpexpowest
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Java 1.2 (from Steve Wendt)
According to IBM's Java Porting Plan Java 1.2 (Java 2) for OS/2 will be in preview in 4Q99, and GA in "Early 2000".

-> URL: http://www.ibm.com/java/jdk/other/portingplans.html
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Warpstock99 Speakup (from VOICE Secretary)
The Warpstock99 Board of Directors and the Atlanta Warpstock Team will be our guests on Saturday, 24 July at 1 PM EDT for a specially scheduled OS/2 Voice Speakup taking place on Webbnet via IRC.

Our guests tell us that they are planning to use the occasion for quite a few announcements regarding finalization of plans, hotel booking and travel arrangements.

VOICE members only will be eligible to compete for the prize of 1 Event Pass, 1 night in the Official Warpstock Hotel and 1 Ticket to the Saturday Evening Social Event (party) during this meeting.

Everyone planning on attending Warpstock99 or following the event online is enthusiastically invited to attend.

-> URL: http://www.os2voice.org/
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Win95 emulator exists ?! (from Gerhard Arnecke)
There appeared a screenshot of a Win95 emulator for OS/2 at a russian OS/2 webpage, which could be more than two years old.
Is this a fake or real ???

-> URL: http://www.os2.spb.ru/view/o0034_e.html
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New WarpUP! CD available (from WarpUP! helpline)
WarpUP! Client Volume 1 Issue 2 is now available.

The release was delayed in hope that a new Netscape would be available.
Since that turned out to be a new beta, WarpUP! still uses Communicator 4.04 as the recommended Netscape client. (Comm. 4.61 is included on the CD as an "extra")

This release of the WarpUP! CD has added ...
  • newer IBM fixpaks (Fixpak 11, Peer 8412, etc)
  • automatic application of some, previously, manual fixes.
  • Updated OS/2 installation diskettes
  • various device drivers
Check out the full list of what's included.

The Server CD will be available in two weeks.

-> URL: http://www.indelible-blue.com/product/IBI202
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IBM Joins Warp Expo West !! (from Peter Skye)
IBM Joins Warp Expo West !!

"We are extremely pleased to announce that IBM will be both a presenter and an exhibitor at Warp Expo West," said Rollin White, Warp Expo West Chairman, to a delighted OS/2 crowd of businessmen, network engineers, software vendors and other OS/2 enthusiasts attending the recent general meeting of the Southern California OS/2 User Group.

"IBM will be sending members of their national team to give our Warp Expo West guests more information on both new and existing IBM products for the OS/2 platform," continued White, "and we shall do everything we can to make sure that these OS/2 products and IBM's representatives are an integral part of Warp Expo West."

The Southern California OS/2 User Group (SCOUG) is the sponsoring organization for this September's "A Warpfest Of OS/2 Excitement - Warp Expo West".

Following the announcement, the audience was elated that IBM would be present in such force. "This shows IBM's commitment to OS/2," said Paul Wirtz, Vice President of SCOUG. "I am personally very excited."

"I've installed OS/2 on so many office machines and networks over the years that I can do it in my sleep," said one audience member during a break. "It simply never fails. It's Y2K compliant. There's a brand new version out. And IBM will be there with their OS/2 people. I'm going to suggest very strongly that my entire department attend this show."

Steve Schiffman, Facilities Coordinator for Warp Expo West, was also thrilled. "IBM's presence will certainly attract both more attendees and more vendors," said Schiffman, "and we will add as many additional rooms as necessary to ensure that all guests and exhibitors are accommodated in a comfortable, professional manner."

Warp Expo West is the free international OS/2 expo being held near Disneyland in southern California.

"This is our third annual OS/2 show," said Terry Warren, President of SCOUG, "and we've expanded it every year to keep pace with new developments in OS/2 software products, including the many new offerings from IBM. Each time IBM adds OS/2 products or increases the functionality of existing ones, we get technologically farther and farther ahead of the competition. We have the Y2K readiness that other platforms don't; we have IBM's outstanding development tools; we have their robust server and database products. The stability of OS/2 and its associated products has shown time and again that it's both a better solution and less costly to maintain, and we look forward to seeing OS/2 users and IBM join together this September for a view of the future, an OS/2 and IBM future, at Warp Expo West."

Sponsored by The Southern California OS/2 User Group.

-> URL: http://www.scoug.com/warpexpowest
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List of all OS/2 software from IBM (from Timur Tabi)
While searching through IBM's web site, I came across this very interesting URL.

I can't guarantee this, but it appears to be a list of all IBM software (or at least, all software categories), listed by platform. The first platform is, amazingly enough, OS/2.
There are about 180 links. A few of them are links to pages about a whole category of products, like the Rexx page or the Tivoli page. A few links don't exist (like the one for "NTune"), and many are outdated or don't point to software that's no longer available for OS/2. The rest, however, appear to be links to OS/2 products that IBM sells.

At the very least, it's worth exploring.

-> URL: http://servicepac.mainz.ibm.com/cd1root/TAINFO/NEWSACT/EASYALL.HTM
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Scitech Display Doctor Survey (from Richard Price)
Scitech is doing a survey to find out what chipsets and features should be a priority for their display drivers.

-> URL: http://www.scitechsoft.com/survey_features.html
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No Notes R5 Client for OS/2 (from Andreas Linde)
Nick Shelness, Chief Technology Office of Lotus, gave the following statement in an interview with the german c't magazine regarding the question, if there will be a Notes 5 Client for OS/2:
The brutal and clear answer is: We won't do it. OS/2 a too complex platform, to port Notes R5 to it, and the market is too small to justify these investments.

-> URL: http://www.heise.de/ct/
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Third Weekly Newsletter Update Released by Warp Ex (from Peter Skye)
Warp Expo West, the free international OS/2 expo to be held this September, has just emailed its third weekly newsletter to all those who've registered for the event.
(The url to register and receive the newsletter is below.)

"It's important to give our future guests a steady flow of information," said Rollin White, Chairman of the Warp Expo West planning committee as well as a significant player in Warpstock 97 and the 1997 and 1998 versions of Warp Expo West. "Back in 1997, one of the things we didn't have time to do was a newsletter. Putting on two years of OS/2 shows has given us a lot of experience, and the Warp Expo West newsletter is one result."

Warp Expo West is free for guests and exhibitors alike, and everyone who registers for Warp Expo West receives the weekly newsletter.

"The newsletter isn't a huge weekly writeup," explained Carla Hanzlik, who edits the monthly OS/2 For You publication for Warp Expo West's sponsoring organization. "It's in an easy-to-read format with headlines and a quick paragraph for each, so people know we're on top of all the details and that they'll have the experience of their life once they get here."

In fact, the show's byline -- "A Warpfest Of OS/2 Excitement" -- says it all. "That's why we chose the Chapman Conference Facilities near Disneyland," said Steve Schiffman, the Warp Expo West facilities planner. "It's big enough for us to do anything we want. Did you see the picture on our web page? It's huge. We're not using the entire building, but we've already expanded the show size once and it's certainly nice to have all that space available."

The Warp Expo West web pages, complete with the free registration form and pictures of the conference facilities.

"The Southern California OS/2 User Group (SCOUG) is sponsoring this event because we care about OS/2," said Terry Warren, President of SCOUG. "We've made the show free so more people can attend the seminars and lectures, talk with the exhibitors, see the new software and meet the other OS/2 users of the world. Warp Expo West is something special, something that is for the people, the users, the vendors, the proponents, the *community* that uses OS/2."

Sponsored by The Southern California OS/2 User Group.

-> URL: http://www.scoug.com/warpexpowest/
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ICQ/2 Screenshots (from Andreas Linde)
A OS/2 PM version of the ICQ textclients available since a few months is also in development. Now you can take a first look at some screenshots.

-> URL: http://members.home.com/momotek/icq2/
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Deja results (from Andreas Linde)
After OS/2 won the client operation system survey of deja.com, now OS/2 got second in the network operation system survey, only Linux bet OS/2 there.

-> URL: http://www.deja.com/[ST_cam=search.yahoo.none.slot]/rate/list_items.xp?CID=11997&PCID=11846
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OS/2 Netlabs update (from Adrian Gschwend)
I see that there are some rumours about OS/2 Netlabs projects out there, including Win32-OS/2, Opera and Mame. I think it is important to let you know what is going on actually.

As you can see most of the OS/2 Netlabs pages are really out of date, this is mainly because I started studying computer science one year ago and also because OS/2 Netlabs is growing incredible.

We have a lot of new projects at OS/2 Netlabs, a lot of them are still behind the scene and because of this offical announcements are missing until now.
Currently I am working together with the guys at http://www.os2.org, they are supporting me in providing up to date webpages which will be generated with PHP3 and MySQL.

I am sure I will find the time to finish the work with the new design this summer vacation. Please understand that I can't do everything, OS/2 Netlabs is simply too big to maintain it alone and because of this I have to change some things actually. I am sure you will like the result!

Beside this I have to work to get some money, live is expensive in Switzerland :-) (If there are some very rich people out there which can support me, let me know ;-))

Now some updates:

For those of you who don't know it yet: Win32-OS/2 got a new name, it is now called Project Odin.

The XLib port (aka EverBlue) still needs more developers, if you are interested, let us know! The (out of date) Homepage of the project is located at http://www.netlabs.org/everblue/

As Marty already wrote in another message, MAME got an update. Maybe I will find some time to update the pages at OS/2 Netlabs, until then you can find the new version at Hobbes.

Some of you already know it: OS/2 Netlabs is currently working on an OS/2 port of the well known Opera Webbrowser. We use our new Odin Project to do the OS/2 port and because of this we hope to have a working version of Opera for OS/2 in the near future. More information about Opera can be found at http://www.operasoftware.com.
Please *don't* register the Windows version if you want to use the OS/2 port in the future, there will be *no* crossgrade from Windows to OS/2.

Stay tuned and enjoy the work we did, more will come soon!

-> URL: http://www.netlabs.org/
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New Chinese Keyboard Support (from Tim Sipples)
The Warp family of software products is used all over the world. So it's especially good news that IBM and its partners have steadily improved their national language capabilities.

For example, if you need to create or view Chinese language documents, there are some new utilities available which may help: Chinese Editor and ChinER. Both let you enter Chinese characters from a standard 101-key keyboard (or similar) while using any version (including the U.S. English version) of OS/2 Warp, Warp Server, or WorkSpace On-Demand.

Get the details by downloading Chinese Editor and/or
ChinER. Visit http://ftp-os2.nmsu.edu and search on the keyword "Chinese" for links to these utilities.

-> URL: http://ftp-os2.nmsu.edu
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OS/2 Chat (from Dave Watson)
Last Saturday we had Warpheads from Georgia, California, Germany and Australia online at the same time! We hope to continue to grow the participation in this exciting forum for connecting the Warped World.

Please join us Saturday, 1300 GMT, on Webbnet, #SCOUG channel. We'll continue our focus on OS/2 Systems, discussing kernals, evolution, Warpicity, and other advanced topics. Hope you can join us, and bring a friend!

-> URL: http://www.scoug.com/chat
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Opera for OS/2 update (from Timur Tabi)
Opera is a web browser that is in the process of being ported to many platforms, via its "Project Magic" initiative. The OS/2 port has been on-again, off-again for well over a year. On July 5th, Opera posted this update:
Negotiations went well and the leader of the teams submits his first update as follows:

"We hope to get the Windows Source code this week, then we will use our Odin32-APIs on OS/2 to do a quick port. Our first goal is to fix the missing items in Odin32 that we can port the binary version of Opera for Windows to OS/2, then we have everything we need to recompile the Windows source on OS/2 with just a few changes. OS/2 specific enhancements will also be included in the future."
So it looks like we're not any closer to an OS/2 port, but it does mean that Project Odin (aka Win32-OS/2) is more important than ever.

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FixPack 11 and MIDI.SYS (from Christopher Hodges)
For anyone who is using an application that uses the RTMIDI system beware!! If you have installed FixPack 11 or above then you've inadvertently installed a buggy version of MIDI.SYS and your RTMIDI applications will probably no longer work correctly.

You can fix this one of two ways:
  1. Look in your archive directory and pull out the previous version of your MIDI.SYS file and copy it to your x:\MMOS2 directory
  2. Download MIDI Station Sequencer and use the version of the driver included in the package.

-> URL: http://www.geocities.com/SiliconValley/Horizon/6780
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Demand for a QT/2? (from Detlef Schaebel)
I aked Haarvard Nord from Troll if it is possible to port the QT class library to OS/2, his answer:

"We would need to sell around 250 Qt Professional licenses for OS/2 to cover development costs, marketing and general expenses related to this. I think this would be very difficult, because the OS/2 development community is much smaller than for e.g. Linux, Windows or Macintosh."

One professional license cost $1,550. I cannot say anything about the quality of QT, developers told me that it is great.

The question is: is there a demand for the OS/2 community? If you need QT, write to qt@buntspecht.de, with your address and number of licenses (please be serious). We (TeamOS/2 Deutschland eV) collect this and will contact Troll.

-> URL: http://www.troll.no
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Crystal Space (from Timur Tabi)
On July 2nd, Crystal Space 0.13r012, a 3D library, was released, and apparently (although I haven't verified this myself) it compiles for OS/2. A screenshot of the OS/2 version is available.

A description from the webpage:
Crystal Space is a free (LGPL) and portable 3D engine written in C++. It supports true 6DOF, colored lights, mipmapping, portals, mirrors, alpha transparency, reflecting surfaces, 3D sprites, scripting, 8-bit, 16-bit, and 32-bit display support, Direct3D hardware acceleration on Windows, Glide and OpenGL hardware acceleration on Windows and Linux.

Crystal Space currently compiles and runs on Linux, general Unix, Windows, Windows NT, OS/2, BeOS, NextStep, OpenStep, Rhapsody, DOS, Amiga, and Macintosh. It can optionally use Direct3D (Windows), GGI (Linux), Allegro (DOS), X11 (Unix/Linux) and SVGALIB (Linux). It can also optionally use assembler routines (GCC/DJGPP, Visual C++ and Intel only currently) and MMX if the processor supports it.

-> URL: http://crystal.linuxgames.com/
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Interview at 32BitsOnline.com (from Adrian Gschwend)
Some month ago 32BitsOnline.com made an interview with me regarding our new EverBlue Project (a port of XLib to OS/2 PM). Now, the article is finaly online, even if it is already out of date regarding some statements.

I think it is important that they published an OS/2 article in 32BitsOnline, I hope this will not be the last one. You can find it at http://www.32bitsonline.com (they made a nice image on top of the page).

BTW: The Win32-OS/2 Project got a new name, it is now known as Project Odin.

-> URL: http://www.32bitsonline.com/article.php3?file=issues/199907/everblue&page=1
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Bad News for Warp 3 Users (from Dirk Terrell)
I received this from Dick Kurtz at IBM:
XR_W041 will be the publicly available Warp 3 fixpak. Like Fp11, it has had most of the device drivers removed. It will apply to Warp Server and Warp Server SMPO only.

XR_R041 is identical to XR_W041 except it will be a
controlled release fixpak that will apply to all versions of Warp 3. This will be available to customers who call service and are give the correct userid/password to use to gain access from the testcase server in Boulder. This is being done because all versions of Warp 3 except Server and Server SMP have been dropped from support. Customers will need a service offering of some kind (Service extension or TCO) to continue to receive support for those products so it seemed logical to no longer support them with free fixpaks.

Remember, I'm just the messenger!!!

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OS/2: Simply the Best (from Andreas Linde)
The german newsticker of the famous computer magazine c't now also discovered the deja survey. Anyway the newstitle (same title as here) surprises us a bit... but it's GGOOOODDD :-)

-> URL: http://www.heise.de/newsticker/data/jk-05.07.99-000/
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wxWindows (from Adrian Gschwend)
I just found this in comp.os.os2.programmer.*

There are already some guys from OS/2 Netlabs supporting SciTech with SDD/2 so anyone else should support SciTech in doing this:
Hi all,

I wanted to let the OS/2 developer community know how they can foster the development of new, native OS/2 applications, including SciTech Display Doctor for OS/2.

wxWindows is a free, open source, cross platform C++ GUI framework. wxWindows currently supports Windows 3.1/95/98/NT, Unix with GTK/Motif/Lesstif, with Mac, OS/2 and SciTech MGL versions underway.

SciTech Display Doctor's existing hard-coded Windows 9x user interface is now being re-written using wxWindows. This will enable users of OS/2 and
other alternative operating systems to have the exact same, full featured user interface that SciTech offers its Windows customers.

Here is where you can help. In order to get the OS/2 support completed in a reasonable time frame, we need some OS/2 gurus to help out with the wxWindows OS/2 port. If you want to participate, please contact the lead developer of the wxWindows OS/2 port, David Webster.

wxWindows will make it a piece of cake for developers to support OS/2. wxWindows enables developers who favor OS/2 to support and develop in their favorite OS, while at the same time targeting other OSs to maximize their revenue potential.

The time is right for a solution like wxWindows because many developers

are looking for ways to target Linux, Mac and other alternative operating systems to complement their Windows-based products. wxWindows allows developers not only to support all those operating systems, but OS/2 and others as well.

Thanks for your help!!


Tom Ryan

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OS2.org team says "Thank you" (from Andreas Linde)
The OS2.org team wants to thank everybody supporting us in the last months. We are thankful for any help and comment we get, and of course for every visit you make at our pages.

OS2.org has reached the 100,000 pageviews mark in June 1999. This was possible by adding more and more features, you all requested. But we won't stop - no, we will enhance the pages more and more to fit your needs and wishes.

The latest enhancement is part of the news area. Now you can add a comment to any news.

We are looking forward to pass the next magic mark :-)

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SecureDesktop GA (from Jurgen Dankoweit)
Hello to the whole OS/2-Group.

A few months ago I made a beta-test for SecureDesktop. The GA will be available in 4 weeks (german version), the english version will follow a week later.

SecureDesktop is modular security system which is based on IBMs SES-API-Framework (Securitiy Enabling Services) and therefore it will run with Warp3 + FP17 or Warp4.

What is SecureDesktop (SD):
SD contains six modules:
  1. Multi-User Desktop: every user has his own desktop with folders, programs, icons, shadows, backgounds, ...
    Easy administration, 32 groups, password protection for each desktop
  2. ClientLogon: Every user is - dependend on his rights - logged on the network
  3. DistributedWPS: "The WPS goes with the User". For a user it is uninteresting where he will logon, he has always HIS WPS.
  4. File/Directory-Protection: This module is under development. The reason is that I have to develop a filesystem but IBM did not send me any information about KPI until now.
  5. TCP/IP-Package: WPS will distributed over TCP/IP, user dependend web-filters (like web-washer from Siemens)
  6. RemoteLogon: Security on remote logon users
Licence fees (all prices in German Marks):

  • For private users (up to 3 users ) it will be costfree (you will get a key for installing the package)
  • For private users who need more:
    10 user: DM 50,- (the whole package)
    20 user: DM 100,- (the whole package)
  • For commercial users:
    10 user: DM 70,- (the whole package)
    30 user: DM 210,- (the whole package)
    no limit: DM 560,- (the whole package)
Where can you get it?

The package is delivered only on demand! Please send an email, postcard or what ever.

-> URL: http://www.geocities.com/SiliconValley/Way/3792/index.html
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Another Deja Rating (from Charles Christacopoulos)
There is also a server operation system rating at deja.com.
OS/2 Warp server is rated as the 2nd best NOS after Linux.
Btw.: OS/2 is still in the lead in the client rating !!

-> URL: http://www.deja.com/rate/list_items.xp?CID=11997&PCID=11846&N=10
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OS2.org survey (from Andreas Linde)
The June survey "Which Office Suite do you use ?" has finished.
OS2.org asked you which Office Suite you are using, and 402 users took part. Thank you very much.
The majority of 58% is using StarOffice and and as second 27% are using Lotus Smartsuite. All others are far behind. You can take a look at the whole result in the Survey Archive.

Today we started a new survey, asking you "How long are you using OS/2 ?".
We ask all of you to take part, and let this survey be as accurate as possible.

-> URL: http://en.OS2.org/forum/survey/
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