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OS2.org News (www.OS2.org): 24/03/2014
SeaMonkey 2.14 , Thunderbird 17.0.11 (from Rolf)
SeaMonkey and Thunderbird has been updated and is available

in zip and wpi packages


Thanks Dave !


also of Doug Bissett :

WarpIn installers for Firefox 17.0.5 beta 2, Seamonkey 2.14 and Thunderbird 17.0.11




If you don\'t already have it, you also need:


It is also suggested that you install the EXCEPTQ user package:


which is used by other programs as well. Be sure to remove ALL other

copies of those files, that may have collected on your system.

NOTE that these are all available as either WarpIn packages, or as ZIP

files, so you do NOT need to mess with RPM/YUM. The WarpIn installer

will also create folders, and icons for you.

Thanks !!

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