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OS2.org News (www.OS2.org): 27/12/2009
eComStation PC: Week of 3G/4G modems (from Eugene Gorbunoff)
Help us collect information about supported 4G modems and 3G mobile phones (modems).

Here is the list of tested models:

* 19 models -- http://ecomstation.ru/hardware.php?action=category§ion=modem

* 25 models -- http://ecomstation.ru/hardware.php?action=category§ion=pda

Add new reports or comment reports posted by other users.

How to setup device? Which dialer to use?

Do you use USB_ModeSwitch utility to enable the modem? http://ecomstation.ru/apecs.php?action=item&id=1109

Homepage of eComStation PC: http://ecomstation.ru/ecspc

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