OS2.org News (www.OS2.org): 16/11/2014
Uno Fixpak 3 for eComStation 2.x (from Eugene Gorbunoff : eugenegorbunoff@mail.ruDESPAM)
The Fixpack contains fixes and useful utilities for eComStation operating system.

* Download ecs2-uno-fixpak3-xxxxxxxx.wpi package
* Start installation of .wpi package
* During installation select: Overwrite all, Unlock All

System requirements:
* eComStation 2.0, 2.1, 2.2
* Disk space: 10 Mb

Feedback from users:
* It\'s not easy to select what modules to include to the fixpak.
There is no need to install all files from hobbes. On the other side,
the fixpak should contain important apps and utils.
* We are collecting all suggestions what fixes/utils to include to the Fixpak.
(Send ideas via web-form: http://ecomstation.ru/support.php)


[1] -> URL: http://ecomstation.ru/support.php
[2] -> URL: http://ecomstation.ru/fixpak
-> URL: http://ecomstation.ru/fixpak

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