OS2.org News (www.OS2.org): 14/06/2011
Warpstock Europe 2011 - the flag of the conference, the speakers (from http://news.warpevents.eu/)

Warpstock Europe 2011 is not finished:

(it would be nice to..) the visitors should publish reviews / reports about the conference, upload the files with presentations and (maybe) extend the presentations and publish as articles.


One more video from Warpstock Europe 2011:

Warpstock Europe 2011: Final day - http://www.youtube.com/watch

(eComStation Flag, Certificates of Merrit).


See also:

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[1] -> URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch

[2] -> URL: http://ecomstation.ru/community/

[3] -> URL: http://ecomstation.tv

-> URL: http://news.warpevents.eu/en/home/news_archive/newsdetails/archive/2011/june/article/warpstock_europe_2011_the_flag_of_the_conference_the_speakers.html

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