OS2.org News (www.OS2.org): 24/12/2011
DFSee 11.0 availability from the webshop (from http://news.warpevents.eu/)

FYI about DFSee 11.0 availability

DFSee version 11.0 has been released yesterday, and is
available for download from the DFSee website as anounced.

Unfortunately, the webshop at mensys is not quite ready
for that yet, it still lists the version 10.x products.

However, ALL keys sold since July 2011 heve been VALID 11.x
keys already, and so are all keys sold now.

So with THE EXCEPTION OF CDROM PRODUCTS, there is no problem
getting a version 11.x key now, either new or as an upgrade.

For the CDROM, there is a chance that the 10.9 version would
be delivered, so I would hold off with getting those until
the Mensys site is properly updated.

Regards, JvW

DFSee Home: http://class='extlink'http://www.dfsee.com; Jan van Wijk; Author of DFSee - http://class='mailtolink'info@dfsee.com>

[1] -> URL: http://class='extlink'http://www.dfsee.com
[2] -> URL: http://class='mailtolink'info@dfsee.com

-> URL: http://news.warpevents.eu/en/home/news_archive/newsdetails/archive/2011/december/article/dfsee_110_availability_from_the_webshop.html

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