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OS2.org News (www.OS2.org): 23/07/2008
eComStation PC: PCMCIA/Cardbus/Expresscard (from Eugene Gorbunoff)
Are you interested in support of PCMCIA/Cardbus/Expresscard controllers?

APSoft company is able to update their drivers if users agree to purchase it:


-> CadWare -> Socket Services for OS/2

Aymeric Peyret is collecting users which are interested to

purchase the drivers.

Please post your contacts information to:


* Your name, email

* What to fix? Which problems do you see? Your adapter, problems, temporary solutions

* Are you going purchase the driver, purchase upgrade?

Main problems, example:

* APSoft drivers don\'t work with ACPI

(it\'s necessary patch? OEMHLP driver, pass the code to the developers of ACPI)

* Expresscard are not supported

* It\'s difficult to select switches

* no .wpi package

Other problems:

* Is it possible reduce price for eCS users? 70 EURO down to.. 35 EURO?

* Driver description -- http://www.tssc.de/download/docs/sspcic%20for%20os2.pdf

* List of adapters supported by APSoft -- http://os2warp.be/index2.php?name=pcmciaentry

* Reports from users regarding PCMCIA -- href=\'http://ecomstation.ru/hardware.php?action=category§ion=cards

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