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WarpSeeMe/2 - OS/2 Coders wanted (from Vinicius Beltrao)
The WarpSeeMe/2 Team is looking for volunteer coders with skills in MMOS2/DART and TCPIP/2.

If you believe you can help please drop a note at: webmaster@warpseeme.com

-> URL: http://www.warpseeme.com/
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WarpTech 2000 In Three Months (from Craig Greenwood)
If you want to attend two OS/2 conferences this year, WarpTech 2000 should be both of them!

The three days of WarpTech will have enough OS/2 program content, exhibitors, product specials and OS/2 luminaries for two great conferences.

Sessions on OS/2 networks, beginning with home-based networks, then on to firewalls, TCP/IP configuration and moving all the way up to managing a large server-based network using the IBM Network Client Manager.

Programming? You'll benefit from sessions on the specific problem determination tools available in OS/2, along with others on XML terms, concepts and uses and seminars on languages such as Java, C/C++ and Rexx.

IBM will be at WarpTech 2000 in force. OS/2 makes them money, and they want to talk about the future.

You'll have your choice of sessions on much more, such as e-Business, project planning and management, even technology talks by the expert coders who write the OS/2 apps you use right now.

Don't forget the exhibitors - lots of exhibitors - filling WarpTech with new software releases and special WarpTech pricing for their products.

Plus the fun. See the people you've been meeting on the mail lists and newsgroups. Join the vendors and other OS/2 users at the free luncheons every day. Come to the very special Saturday evening dinner and party.

Get these benefits and much, much more at the three days of WarpTech 2000. Click over to http://www.WarpTech.org for a more complete list of offerings.

This landmark OS/2 technical powwow will be held Friday, Saturday and Sunday of Memorial Day Weekend, May 26-28 at the luxurious Wigwam Resort just outside Phoenix, Arizona.

Register now to get the early-bird savings. The online registration form, complete with all the rates, is at http://www.warptech.org/WTRegistration.html

And remember that the low registration rate is for all three full days, and includes lunch each day. You'll kick yourself if you miss WarpTech 2000 - make plans to attend today.

I look forward to seeing you at WarpTech 2000!

-> URL: http://www.warptech.org/
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Met@box 500: Product of the year (from Achim Hasenmueller)
The German online computer magazine www.computer-tip.de elected the Met@box 500, an internet set top box based on OS/2, as product of the year 1999!

-> URL: http://www.computer-tip.de
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OS/2 7-year-plan of IBM (from Thomas Dierig)
Thomas Dierig was told by an IBM employee, that IBM will publish a "7-year-plan" for OS/2 on it's webpage at www.ibm.com/emea on 29th February 2000. That plan should include some "nice suprises".

-> URL: http://www.ibm.com/emea
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First Automatic Junk Spy Update (from Sundial PR)
Sundial's new anti-spam product has taken another leap forward. The first Junk Spy database update has been issued, and users everywhere have had it automatically incorporated into their Junk Spy without any necessary intervention.

Junk Spy examines your incoming mail to eliminate the junk messages before you see them. To keep it up-do-date, Sundial Systems is continually analyzing junk mail and, as necessary, encrypted updates are sent as email for automatic processing by Junk Spy.

"It was slick!" said user and reviewer Tony Butka. "I watched as Junk Spy did all the work for me."

-> URL: http://www.sundialsystems.com
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Co-StandbyServer für OS/2 als Beta verfügbar (from Oliver Mark)
After more than a year of development, Legato Systems (formerly Vinca) released a controlled Beta of Co-Standby Server for OS/2 Warp to IBM Global Services. IBM will use this product in their "Rapid Recovery for PC Servers" Offering. Product-announcement can be found on: www.legato.com/os2/. Beta is only available to IBM Global Services, contact Oliver Mark at o.mark@de.ibm.com to get more information.

-> URL: http://www.legato.com/os2/
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CeBIT StarOffice 5.2 NOT for OS/2 (from Andreas Linde)
The german Heise Newsticker reports today, that Sun presents a pre-version of StarOffice 5.2 for Windows, Solaris and Linux on their CeBIT booth. A MacOS-Version is planned, but not a OS/2 version! Börries says, the reason for this are not enough OS/2 installations in companies and home offices around the world. The low download amount of the OS/2 downloads prooves that. The current version 5.1 for OS72 will be supported three more years with patches.

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CeBIT Notes-R5-Client under OS/2 (from Andreas Linde)
IBM presents the Notes-Client Version 5 under OS/2 on its Thin Clients, working with Workspace on Demand. This is not a native OS/2 port from Lotus, it is the normal Windows Version running under OS/2 with Odin. Also RealPlayer 7 for Windows is running this way under OS/2.

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Inprise should release their OS/2 compiler for free (from Rene Pawlitzek)
Rene Pawlitzek wants Inprise to release the Borland C++ OS/2 compiler for free:
"There has been a lot of change at Borland/Inprise recently. The company has merged with Corel and has done a few surprising moves in the past. They open-sourced the Interbase database, announced Linux products and offer a Windows C++ Compiler for free.
As a former R&D engineer of the Delphi team, I would like to convince Borland's CEO Dale Fuller to open-source the OS/2 C++ compiler that the company offered years ago. Please write to me if you support my idea. Every e-mail counts to convince Borland to make another bold move. I am looking forward to hear from you."

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OS/2 developer position (from Kendall Bennett)
SciTech Software Inc, is currently looking to fill a fulltime OS/2 developer position within the company. The responsibilities of the position would include development of SciTech Display Doctor for OS/2 high level OS/2 specific components as well as low level graphics device driver development. The high level compoents would include work on the SDD GRADD device driver components, the SDD/2 professional installer and SDD/2 user interface components.

The position would require a graduate degree in Computer Science or equivalent Software Engineering degree. The position will also require relocation to our offices in Chico, California (about 1.5 hours north of Sacramento). We are not looking for developers wishing to work remotely.

If you are interested in this position, please mail/fax your resume to my attention at:
Kendall Bennett
505 Wall Street
Chico, CA 95928
Fax: (530) 894 9069
If you are not interested in this position, please pass this message onto friends who may be interested in applying.

-> URL: http://www.scitechsoft.com/
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Warpstock 2000 Hotel announced (from David Ameiss)
The bells of operating system freedom will be ringing this September as Warpstock 2000 rolls into Philadelphia. But unlike the American revolutionaries, you'll have a comfy place to stay.

The Board of Directors of Warpstock, Inc. is pleased to announced that the Holiday Inn at Independence Hall in Philadelphia has been selected as the official hotel for Warpstock 2000. Come celebrate your favorite computing platform with hundreds of other OS/2 users in downtown Philadelphia, and enjoy such amenities as cable TV and an outdoor pool.

Details can be found at the hotel's web site.

The 4th annual Warpstock conference will be held September 9-10, 2000, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and is produced by Warpstock, Inc., a North Carolina non-profit corporation. The Warpstock annual conference is a gathering of OS/2 users and vendors from around the world for the purpose of education and advocacy.

-> URL: http://www.warpstock.org
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MySQL/2 Mailinglists (from John Martin)
If your have interest in the OS/2 version of MySQL database, please join the new user or developer mailinglist.

-> URL: http://www.egroups.com/list/mysql2/info.html
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MAMERun Developer Contest - Vote for new contest (from Jason Stefanovich)
I have compiled togeather some ideas for a second developer contest.
Please take a moment and vote for the idea that you think would make the best contest.

What is it:
The MAMERun Developer Contests are designed to encourage freeware developers producing new OS/2 software.
The first successful contest, an enhaced joystick driver, ended in January and earned the winner nearly $400 in cash and prizes.
Sponsors are always greatly appreciated. More information on contest sponsorship can be found at: http://home1.gte.net/stefanj/sponsor.htm

-> URL: http://home1.gte.net/stefanj/idea.htm
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Online ordering system for CD-ROM 'Team Trier Collection' (from Sascha Weber)
Ordering our "Team Trier Collection" CDs is now as easy as possible with our new online ordering system. This is probably not that interesting at the moment but surely will be at the beginning of April when we release the TTC Vol. 6.

Included on the TTC-CDROMs are the most recent share- and freeware programs, infos, demos and beta-versions of commercial software as well as the latest FixPaks for OS/2.

Two comfortable menu-systems, an HTML interface that can be used with any web browser and a PM program, developed specially for the TTC, support you at selecting and installing the programs.

-> URL: http://www.teamos2.ipcon.de/
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KDE/2 project started (from Christoph Vogelbusch)
Alex A. Galkin, the guy who ported LICQ, has done the impossible: he ported the KDE libs and the base apps.
KDE is a popular Xfree86 Desktopenvironment with a big bunch of software, like it's own Koffice browser, filemanager with Internet browser etc ...

But now he hasn't any time left to continue the work.

SO KDE/2 NEEDS A NEW PORTER. Please mail either Alex A. Galkin or Christoph Vogelbusch if your interrested.

Everyone can find the source and the BINARIES on the listed URL.

-> URL: http://birdy.hpage.net
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OS/2 Warp 4 Fixpak #13 without memory limit (from Andreas Linde)
OS2.org was told, that the current beta of fixpak #13, which final version also will be used in the upcoming update for OS/2 Warp 4, has a memory limit of 1024MByte. The final version will be extented to be able to address the same address area as Aurora does, 3GB.
With this feature Project Odin will be able to start Microsoft Office programs under OS/2.

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Gnome & Enlightenment (from Christoph Vogelbusch)
There is now an extended Installation walkthrough for EMX - Xfree86OS/2 - Enlightenment/2 - GNOME/2 - Gimp/2 available.
Hopefully more people around the world get easier access to GNOME/2 and
Enlightenment now.

Everyone can support this section, by sending an email with ones own HowTos or any comments to Christoph Vogelbusch.

-> URL: http://birdy.hpage.net
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Warp 4 FP12 surpasses Windows 2000 Pro (from C. A. Marcier)
During the year 1999 as a beta tester I tested exhaustive Windows 2000 Professional, the workstation of the a.k.a. NT 5.0. Yesterday I upgraded my OS/2 Warp Client 4.0 to FP12 and TCPIP 4.1 (fixed) with Java 1.1.8 (the most recent runtime). By the first time since 1997 I reinstalled this OS/2 Client where runs just fine 450 applications. I expended 1 hour 45 minutes with this update. Finally I compared the performances of Win 2000 Pro and Warp 4 FP12 on the same machine, a Pentium 200 + 128MB RAM and I verified that Warp is much, much more efficient, fast and have absolute stability. OS/2 Warp Client 4.0 FP12 surpasses Windows 2000 Pro. I just started on my web site an extense illustrated report about this upgrade and about this comparative test. Check it!

-> URL: http://macarlo.com
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Contest: Create an icon for SafeFire PPP (from Head of PPP development group)
Today LGS invites everyone to take part in the new contest. In the process of readying the SafeFire PPP 1.0 release, Link Guard Solutions started a contest for the best icon for the SafeFire PPP. Any person can submit it's own icon (or multiple icons) to the contest. Three winners will get SafeFire PPP licences. Also anyone can take part in scoring sumbitted works. [Russian page]

-> URL: http://www.os2.ru/votes/lgs/en_us/
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WarpUP January is ready (finally) (from WarpUP! helpline)
After an handfull of delays, I've finally finished the January edition of WarpUP! Client...
It is shipping now! The January Server version should be available within two weeks.
Changes from the previous version:
  • newer Java fixes (2/1/2000
  • TCP/IP 4.0 (Warp4 TCP/IP) fixpak
  • TCP/IP 4.1 fixpak
  • MPTS 5.12 fixpak (WR08425)
  • various driver updates
  • improvments to the WarpUP! engine.

-> URL: http://service.indelible-blue.com/warpup
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Updates at PillarSoft (from Wayne Swanson)
We have added a couple of new skins for Data Shield and another new application for registered users of the PillarSoft Suite. We also have some upcoming plans that I know will excite at least a "few" users of WarpZip.
For Data Shield, we've added a rich Walnut skin and one called "Habu" (nickname for the SR-71 Blackbird). Habu was borne out of a sale to the Air Force and we wanted to do a skin that would be "fitting" in their environment. "Walnut" is... what can I say? It is a "very rich" looking interface. See them both at http://www.pillarsoft.net/dshieldshots.html.
Registered users of the PillarSoft Suite may want to take a peek at the Suite pages for a new app that is now available to them as part of their previous purchase. (read: No extra charge!)
On the WarpZip front... I am finally working on the most requested feature for the program. Adding support for other archivers. No time frame is set yet as we are still researching all the archive formats and paring down a list of what will be included. Let us know if there is an important format that we may be missing. So far we are looking at rar, arj, and the gzip/tar formats, possibly others.

-> URL: http://www.pillarsoft.net
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IBM Open Source poll (from Mark Dodel)
There is a survey at http://www.networking.ibm.com/developer/ratings.nsf/os_strategy.
Among the questions asked is whether Developer Works should feature Open Source besides just Linux code. There is a comment area as well. I'm telling them they should open source OS/2.

-> URL: http://www.networking.ibm.com/developer/ratings.nsf/os_strategy
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Warpstock 2000: Celebrate Freedom in Philly! (from David Ameiss)
The Board of Directors of Warpstock, Inc. is pleased to announce Philadelphia, Pennsylvania has been selected as the site for Warpstock 2000, the fourth annual Warpstock event, during the weekend of September 9-10, 2000.

OS/2 users from around the world are invited to Philadelphia, the birthplace of American freedom, to "celebrate their freedom to make OS/2 their operating system of choice", according to Paul Hethmon, President of Warpstock, Inc.

Final details are still being arranged, but "a walk-through of the Warpstock 2000 site has already been completed, and it looks good," said Stan Sidlov, Treasurer of Warpstock, Inc. Once the final arrangements are in place, another announcement will be made, and details will be posted on the Warpstock Web Site.

The 4th annual Warpstock conference is produced by Warpstock, Inc., a North Carolina non-profit corporation.

-> URL: http://www.warpstock.org
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IBM: JFS is Open Source (GPL) (from Andreas Linde)
IBM released the Journaling Filesystem JFS, which is also used in the current OS/2 Warp Server, under the GPL to Open Source. Citation from IBMs Website:
IBM's journaled file system technology, currently used in IBM enterprise servers, is designed for high-throughput server environments, key to running intranet and other high-performance e-business file servers. IBM is contributing this technology to the Linux open source community with the hope that some or all of it will be useful in bringing the best of journaling capabilities to the Linux operating system. Work is currently underway to complete the port of this technology to Linux.

-> URL: http://oss.software.ibm.com/developerworks/opensource/jfs/
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Announcement: Network Trace TM for OS/2 (from Roger F. Borrello, Jr.)
Network Packet Capture Software Lowers TCO of OS/2 and WorkSpace On-Demand Environments
Orlando, Florida, February 1, 2000 -- Golden Code Development Corporation today announced Network Trace for OS/2, its network packet capture software for OS/2. With Network Trace, network administrators can turn every OS/2 machine on their network into a network probe. Easily accessible via existing remote management technologies, such as telnet, it enables trace data to be gathered on any segment of the network from a centralized location, in minutes. Since Network Trace is a software-only implementation, there is no need for dedicated hardware.
"Typically, a large proportion of the time spent analyzing a network problem is wasted sending a network engineer to a remote site to gather trace data.", said Greg Shah, president and co-founder of Golden Code. "With Network Trace, this cost is eliminated; network engineers can focus their time on analyzing traces, rather than
generating them."
An invaluable aid in problem analysis, client-server application development, performance tuning, preventative maintenance, and profiling, Network Trace for OS/2 offers:
  • Hardware-independence. Network Trace can be used with a wide range of network hardware - for example: 16/4 Token Ring, 10/100 Ethernet, wireless LANs, infrared, FDDI, and ATM. Because it is a software-only implementation, it will work with any speed adapter, including 100 Mbps Ethernet. This is achieved by interfacing with any NDIS 2.01 compliant MAC driver.
  • Reliability. Network Trace works reliably in stressful environments, tracing WorkSpace On-Demand/RIPL boot storms of 40+ machines without dropping frames!
  • Power. Network Trace forms the basis of a powerful, portable tracing solution when installed on a single, network-enabled notebook computer. However, its true benefits are realized when the software is deployed throughout the enterprise. In such an integrated configuration, any remote OS/2 machine can produce traces, when accessed from a central location using existing remote management technologies.
  • Versatility. In order to support the widest range of customer environments, Network Trace has a command line interface. This implifies remote use and enables automation via REXX. The trace files generated are Sniffer*-compatible, making them readable by most existing network analyzer tools and with the forthcoming Golden Code Trace AnalyzerTM.
  • Low Overhead. Network Trace has minimal impact on system resources when it is dormant: 0% CPU utilization and less than 15KB RAM utilization.
  • Convenience. Since it is an NDIS 2.01 protocol, Network Trace requires neither dedicated hardware nor a hardware key. In its standard mode of operation, it does not interfere with the normal network activity of the installed machine.
Product sales and demonstration versions of Network Trace for OS/2 will be available directly from Golden Code Development, beginning February 14, 2000. For additional information, e-mail, call 678-352-2301, or write to the address below.
About Network Trace for OS/2
Network Trace is the only network packet capture software commercially available today for the OS/2 platform. It is designed to reduce the cost of ownership of OS/2 and WorkSpace On-Demand environments by providing IT managers with a simple and
cost-effective mechanism to gather network trace data across the enterprise. Network Trace is part of the growing family of systems management technologies developed by Golden Code Development.
About Golden Code Development
Golden Code Development Corporation is a consulting company and an independent software developer, focused on minimizing the cost of ownership of its customers' technology systems. The company's consulting operation develops highly-managed, low-cost systems for its clients. Its software development business builds commercial
tools to help its customers more effectively manage their systems. Golden Code is an IBM Business Partner. Additional information on Golden Code is available at www.goldencode.com. Contact Information: Golden Code Development, Suite 135, 1455 Old Alabama Rd, Roswell, GA 30076, U.S.A., 678-352-2301

-> URL: http://www.goldencode.com
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