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Laserjet 1600 and eCS driver LS1600C? (from TomLeeM, 01:14:32) ^
Would the LaserJet 1600 work with the LaserJet 1600C driver for OS/2-eCS? I saw among the list at the download section of the eCS site. http://www.ecomstation.com . The list was part of the drivers zip file for laser printers. Any help would be appreciated.
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Re: Laserjet 1600 and eCS driver LS1600C? (from BigWarpGuy, 18:57:09)
I was told at the forum at OS/2 World that it is the same printer. It is very tempting to get it and try. The downside is that the color cartridges cost so much. Here in US, the printer costs $300USD. The color cartridges (probably) cost more than some inexpensive inkjet printers).

Re: Laserjet 1600 and eCS driver LS1600C? (from BigWarpGuy, 17:07:05)
I bought the HP color laserjet 1600. I could not find the driver for it for OS/2-eCS. I think I mistook the Deskjet 1600 for the color laserjet 1600 (I saw the 1600 part more than the deskjet part). I am trying different drivers but none seem to work, so far.

Win32Prn Project and HP CLJ 1600? (from BigWarpGuy, 17:10:33)
Would the Win32Prn project work with the HP CLJ 1600? I have a WinXP Gateway 200S notebook computer. If I install the drivers onto it and copy it to my eCS desktop, would it work? What other things would I need to do to get it to work? I have ODIN installed but the setup gives a DOS error when I run it (or try to).

Re: Laserjet 1600 and eCS driver LS1600C? (from BigWarpGuy, 14:35:32)
The Win32Prn project is being worked on by someone at Mensys.nl. They said the fee will be about $20. I think it would be worth it to be able to use any Win printer with eCS. They asked if I could beta test it. I said I would. If there is anyone else who would beta test it, let me know (just take out the nospam part of my e-mail address).

Re: Laserjet 1600 and eCS driver LS1600C? (from BigWarpGuy, 20:57:48)
I am hoping that the Win32Prn project will allow me to use my HP CLJ1600 with my eCS computer.

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