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Re: Warp 4, DHCP & The internet help needed. (from RosinCore, 16:57:51) « ^ »
Ah, the IBM browser - the built in IBM Web browser that comes with OS/2? Or the IBM Web browser based on Mozilla?

IF it is the stock web browser in OS/2 then you need to put: http://www.ibm.com . The built in web browser will not try to guess what www.ibm.com is. It may be an ftp://, or some other server type.

So try it again with http://www.ibm.com ... not just www.ibm.com . I'm guessing that is the problem because of hte error "can't acces FILE:www.ibm.net".

Also, if your DNS server is set up wrong, it wont be able to resolve ibm.net - but that should give a message like 'unknown host', or 'unable to resolve name'... if you see anything like that let me know.
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 Warp 4, DHCP & The internet help needed.
 Re: Warp 4, DHCP & The internet help needed.
 Re: Warp 4, DHCP & The internet help needed.

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