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Attributs - FTP (from Alexandre Mota, 13:54:43) ^
I want to delete a file using FTP. But I receive the message: "550 You are not authorized to delete files from c:\daten directory."
How I change the directory attributes. I already tried "attrib -r c:\daten"
Thank you.
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Re: Attributs - FTP (from Falko Eickel, 00:31:44)
You're not telling us, which FTP server (and in which version) you are using.

For OS/2, directory attributes are rather meaningless.

So the 550 message is most likely correct - the FTP user you are using has not been allowed to delete files (from that directory), while he is probably allowed to read and even create files there.

If the file you're trying to delete is in use, then the file can't be deleted - in this case, the 550 message text might be misleading.

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