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Warp 4, DHCP & The internet help needed. (from Bil, 02:54:02) ^ »
Hi all. After about 9 years, I pulled my old OS/2 4.0 disks out & installed version 4 on an old P4 I've got kicking around. Last time I ran OS/2 was on an AMD DX4 133. MBFH was almost non-exsistant!

ANYway. I've a couple questions.

I'm trying to get TCP/IP networking to work on this old beast. I managed to install the Intel PRO/100 drivers & setup DHCP. The DHCP monitor does see my router info & it has assigned an IP number of with all the other important numbers.

However, I can't get onto the internet. From the IBM browser (the only one I currently have access to) says "can't access file:www.ibm.net" or something like that.

Is there a step by step procedure that I should be following? Are there specific things I need to add elsewhere to the browser settings? I feel that I'm VERY close..

I tried installing Firefox for OS/2, but it needs TCP/IP 4.1 & MPTS 5.3 or newer OR convenience pack 2. My problem is I can't get any of those from anywhere. Does anyone know where I can get them? I did manage to install Fix Pack 15, but it didn't solve all my issued.


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 Warp 4, DHCP & The internet help needed.
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 Re: Warp 4, DHCP & The internet help needed.

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