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Re: wifi drivers (from Juergen Ulbts, 10:30:03) « ^ »

I know the guy who developed the GenPrism driver.
He isn't working on the drivers any more (to much work and there are no cards you can buy that use that driver). So it's only the date when the driver have been posted on that site.

GenMac on the other side is activly developed.
There are newer versions of the driver available but not public version yet....

The latest testrelease of GenMac 1.7 I know is from the 7th April 2006 but there may be newer versions.

You might want to look here:

The Netlabs Newsletter has also some information about GenMac:

Here is the *incomplete* (nForce5 missing,...) supported device list:
Device : 10b7:9200 "3Com 3C90xC PCI"
Device : 10b7:1700 "3Com/SKNet Gigabit"
Device : 11ab:4320 "3Com/SKNet Gigabit"
Device : 11ab:4362 "3Com/SKNet Gigabit"
Device : 1148:4320 "3Com/SKNet Gigabit"
Device : 1814:0101 "ASUS Wlan RT2400"
Device : 8086:4220 "Intel 2200 Wlan"
Device : 8086:4223 "Intel 2915 a/b/g"
Device : 8086:4224 "Intel 2915 a/b/g"
Device : 8086:1043 "Intel 2100 Wlan"
Device : 8086:1229 "Intel 10/100"
Device : 8086:1076 "Intel 10/100/1000"
Device : 8086:101e "Intel 10/100/1000"
Device : 168c:0012 "Atheros Wlan" ?
Device : 168c:0013 "Atheros Wlan" ?
Device : 168c:1014 "Atheros Wlan" ?
Device : 14e4:4320 "Broadcom B/G"
Device : 14e4:4324 "Broadcom A/B/G"
Device : 14e4:4318 "Broadcom B/G"
Device : 14e4:165d "Broadcom Gigabit"
Device : 14e4:167d "Broadcom Gigabit"
Device : 14e4:4401 "Broadcom 10/100"
Device : 14e4:170c "Broadcom 10/100"
Device : 104c:9066 "Dlink DWL-G520+"
Device : 10de:0066 "nForce 2 10/100"
Device : 10de:00d6 "nForce 3 10/100"
Device : 10de:0057 "nForce 4 10/100/1000"
Device : 10ec:8168 "Rtl 8168 GigaBit"
Device : 10ec:8169 "Rtl 8169 GigaBit"
Device : 10ec:8180 "Rtl 8180 Wlan"
Device : 14b9:a504 "CISCO mPCI"

Several people have had problems with the Atheros miniPCI device. It seems there are different versions available on the marked.

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