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PassPhrase for WPA? (from BigWarpGuy, 23:27:54) ^
I have a D-Link WBR1310 wireless router. To setup WPA, it asks for a 'passphrase'. At the risk of sounding dumb, what is a 'passphrase'? Is it a phrase used as a password? Is it something else?
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Re: PassPhrase for WPA? (from Ingo, 13:27:27)
seems they mean 'password'.

Usually it is set to something very simple by default in factory and should be mentioned somewhere in the manual.


Re: PassPhrase for WPA? (from BigWarpGuy, 21:01:36)
Thank you for the information. The printed manual is small but there is one on the cdrom that is more detailed. Thank you for the reply.

Re: PassPhrase for WPA? (from Ingo, 22:02:42)
Me just came up:

some routers also have a sticker on it where such information (default settings) is given, like

Preshared Key (may be they name it pass phrase)

But as far as I remember, OS/2 does not support WPA/WPA2, only the (no longer considered safe) WEP encryption.


Re: PassPhrase for WPA? (from BigWarpGuy, 13:51:31)
There was mention of WPA/WPA2 at the WarpStock Windsor lecture on Wifi. I will check with the site; they have a forum at http://www.warpstock.org . Thank you for the information.

Re: PassPhrase for WPA? (from BigWarpGuy, 00:47:18)
I set it. Thanks for the information. My wireless network is now secure (I hope :) ).

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